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Benefits Of Steaming Your Face

Benefits Of Steaming Your Face

The concept of steaming as a health and beauty routine goes back as far as Roman times, and possibly even further. Surprisingly, though, it isn’t one that many modern people incorporate into their regular routine. Facial steaming brings you many advantages though, and is extremely affordable, quick, and relaxing.

Traditional facial steaming involves a basin of steaming water and a towel draped over your head, but now you can get purpose-built facial steamers which bring you even more benefits.

Many modern facial steamers release nano steam, which can penetrate your skin up to 10 times more effectively as regular steam. This brings many more benefits to your skin than regular steam from your shower or boiling pan.

We are going to show you the benefits so that you see why steaming your face, and in particular using a facial steamer, should be a regular part of your skincare routine, whether you are old or young, male or female.

Cleansing Your Skin

Your pores naturally open when exposed to warmth. This is part of a natural reaction to help your body stay at the optimum internal temperature and is part of a process is called thermoregulation. As well as the pore opening, your skin produces sweat, which helps remove impurities from the pores. The steam also softens blockages and blackheads in your pores.

All of these processes combined mean that the steam promotes your body’s natural cleansing processes. This helps you eliminate dirt and impurities from deep within your pores which can lead to spots and blackheads, as well as established blackheads which can be hard to remove.

Facial steaming is a great option for those who have acne, as it promotes the skins natural processes and cleanses your skin, without the need for harsh chemicals. Plus, you can even add tea tree oil to an aromatherapy steamer. With regular, hygienic use in combination with a healthy diet and skincare routine, you can see your acne greatly improve.

Hydrating Your Skin

As we mentioned before, many modern facial steamers produce nano steam, which can penetrate your skin 10 more effectively than regular steam. This is because the nano steam particles are much smaller than regular steam particles. As they are able to penetrate your skin, these steam particles can hydrate your skin from within, rather than just sit on the surface of your skin like regular steam does.

Encouraging Healthy Circulation

Another element of thermoregulation which we mentioned earlier, is the way that blood vessels dilate when they are under warmer conditions. Facial steaming warms your body, so it causes blood vessels to dilate. This means it can increase your circulation, and as your circulation increases, your blood pressure lowers.

Promoting Natural Cell Processes

By encouraging healthy circulation, facial steaming can also improve cell functions within your skin. Improving the blood flow to your skin means that you improve the rate at which oxygen and nutrients are brought to the cells, so they can respire and carry out their cell processes more efficiently. This also means that the waste products from the cell functions are removed more efficiently. By improving the efficiency of these functions, you are increasing the overall health of your skin.

One cell function that is particularly beneficial to you is the enhanced collagen production. Collagen is a structural protein which is found in the connective tissue within your skin. It enables your skin to stay elastic and therefore prevent wrinkles. By enhancing the production of collagen, you can slow and even sometimes reduce the visible signs of aging!

Enhances Results Of Topical Treatments

By cleansing your skin, increasing the efficiency of cell processes and your circulation, facial steaming can also enhance the results you can achieve from applying topical products. This is because the products are able to penetrate further down into the deeper layers of your skin, and are more efficiently metabolized. Therefore, you can get better results from the products of you use your facial steamer first than if you only applied the product.


Relaxing Steam

Facial steaming is a very relaxing and enjoyable activity. Modern facial steamers are very quiet, so you can either sit back and relax quietly or even put on some gentle music during a steaming session. It is a good idea to have a steam session before you go to bed. This can help you wind down and relax before you climb into bed and can help you get a better night’s sleep.

If you choose an aromatherapy facial steamer, you can also add aromatherapy fragrances to your steaming session. Certain essential oils are well-known to help soothe and promote good sleep. Lavender, for example, has even been found in clinical studies to promote sleep and reduce anxiety. Other essential oils you can try and ylang-ylang, wild orange and frankincense.

Even aside from trying to promote sleep, facial steaming is a great way to relax. A session in the morning can help you to reduce your anxiety or stress levels, meaning you can tackle your day calmly and with more positivity.

Soothing Blocked Sinuses

I’m sure you already know the benefits of a hot, steamy shower or bath when you have a cold! A steaming session is an excellent way to soothe the symptoms of a blocked nose and sinuses, and can greatly improve how you are feeling.

Soothing blocked sinuses is another great opportunity to add essential oils to your aromatherapy steamer. There are three in particular which are excellent for soothing blocked noses: menthol, eucalyptus and camphor.


With all these benefits, it is hard to understand why more people aren’t regularly using facial steamers! From fighting acne and the signs of aging to helping you get a good night’s sleep, facial steaming can help you in many different ways. If you are interested in buying a facial steamer, click here to look at our reviews, where we have compared what we think are the best facial steamers around.


  1. Ms.D

    Thanks to this website, after steaming my face for severeral weeks no one can guess my age. I’m 53 and everyone says I look 35 seriously.

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