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How To Use A Straightening Brush

How To Use A Straightening Brush
If you like to straighten your hair regularly, but want to cut down the time you spend doing it and the risk of damage, all without compromising on the quality of your style, then you have found your new best friend – the hairbrush straightener! Continue reading

How To Fix And Prevent Heat Damaged Hair

Heat Damaged Hair
If you enjoy styling your hair and often find you are heat treating your hair, be it with a blow dryer, straightening iron or any other tool, you will probably be concerned about heat damage. It is a very common problem with hair styling, and unfortunately, if you are not careful, it can happen very quickly. Continue reading

How Do Hair Straightening Brushes Work?

Do Straightening Brushes Work?
If you are a keen straightener, yet you are tired of spending an hour in front of the mirror each morning, then you will welcome a faster alternative. Well, we may just have the answer you are looking for, and it is about to become your new best friend! Continue reading