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How Does LED Light Whiten Teeth?

Does LED Light Whiten Teeth
Yellowing of teeth is an unfortunate fact of aging, sped up by a number of different lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking. Many people are now turning to teeth whitening methods to restore their pearly whites. In-office teeth whitening and the dentist and cosmetic laser teeth whitening have great results but can be very expensive. Continue reading

How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth?

How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth
Your teeth are delicate, and it is important not to overuse teeth whitening products as this can cause considerable damage. However, all products have been developed slightly differently, with different treatment times and plans advisable for each. You should always refer to instructions to find out how to achieve the best results from your teeth whitening product and prevent damaging your teeth. Continue reading

10 Teeth Whitening Myths (Busted)

10 teeth whitening myths
So you are wanting to make your teeth whiter – but did you realise that many of the methods people use are myths and can actually damage your teeth permanently? We are going to talk you through the top teeth whitening myths so you don’t fall victim to them! Continue reading