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How Long Does It Take To See Results From IPL Hair Removal?

How Long To See Results From IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal procedures are a great way to say goodbye forever to shaving or waxing your unwanted body hair. So if you would love to get rid of your body hair, you might be planning to get an IPL hair removal treatment or have already done a session. In that case, you might want to find out more and are searching the following query on search engines: how long does it take to see results from IPL hair removal?

And that is completely understandable. After finding out about the wonderful benefits of IPL hair removal, you’d like to know how long you have to wait to see desired results. So, how long does it take to see them? Here’s what you need to know about it.

What You Need to Know About IPL Hair Removal Procedure

If you don’t know how IPL hair removal works, here’s a brief explanation of this treatment. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. In this procedure, a flashgun device is used and it is held over your skin. The device casts light, targeting the melanin in your skin.

The light is directed to your skin and it then penetrates your skin reaching the root of the unwanted body hair that contains the largest amount of melanin. Melanin in your hair root absorbs the light and heats up upon being exposed to it. Upon heating up, the follicle gets damaged and becomes incapable of growing new hair.

If you decide to undergo the procedure, you must ensure to properly prepare your skin for IPL hair removal. You can have the process performed by a professional hair removal service. Alternatively, you can purchase safe-to-use at-home IPL hair removal devices.

If you opt for the latter alternative, you don’t need to worry because you can use many approved at-home hair removal devices on your own. So rest assured that you can achieve great results even if you use at-home devices. Whether you want professional or at-home IPL hair removal, the choice is all yours. And if you’re trying to get hair to grow in parts where you need it like your scalp, you can also invest in amazing hair growth devices.

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How Long Do You Have To Wait To See Results From IPL Hair Removals?

How Long You Have To Wait To See Results From IPL Hair Removals

Now that you know how IPL hair removal works, it’s time to answer the following question: how long do you have to wait to see results from IPL hair removal? You should know that the hair won’t immediately be removed after your first IPL hair removal session.  Even if the IPL hair removal session may have already destroyed the hair follicles, you might notice that the shaft still hadn’t been shed.

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You will have to wait for around two weeks for the hair shafts to start shedding. Furthermore, you will have to have a few more sessions to get the best results. The number of sessions you will have to do very much depends on the heat that is required during the treatment and it depends on your hair color and skin type.

On average, it usually takes at least one or two months before you see results from professional IPL hair removal sessions. Most importantly, the results are guaranteed to last if you use professional services for your hair removal. Professional IPL treatment results in up to 90% hair reduction in just one year.

On the other hand, you will need three to six sessions before you begin to notice any significant changes if you are performing at-home IPL laser hair removal procedures. But even though more sessions are required, you can still expect to see the difference in just one to two months. You can expect 50% to 80% of hair reduction in a year using at-home devices.

Why Choose IPL Hair Removal?

Why Choose IPL Hair Removal

Shaving your unwanted body hairs can be very time-consuming. And with waxing, you have to wait for hair to grow to a particular length before removing it with wax again. The advantage of the IPL laser hair removal procedures is that you don’t have to grow your hair to get the procedure. What is more, you are even advised to shave the hair in the areas to be treated twelve hours prior to your upcoming session. Wondering What Happens If You Use Retinol Before IPL? Click to discover.

If you’re looking to permanently get rid of your unwanted body hair, you’ll notice that the most recommended solutions are IPL hair removal and laser hair removal procedures. But if you are wondering which is better, laser hair removal vs. IPL hair removal treatments, you will discover that the IPL laser hair removal procedure is far more affordable than laser hair removal treatments.

Although there are some laser hair removal side effects, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Furthermore, the side effects are minimal and usually don’t last long. However, if the side effects persist, it’s recommended that you see a specialist.


So how long do you need to wait to see results from the IPL hair removal treatment? Typically, results depend on the type of IPL hair removal treatment you receive. Overall, both at-home and professional sessions can help you achieve amazing final results. However, if you want a quick solution after just a few sessions, it’s definitely recommended to opt for professional services. If you’re not in a rush, you can try investing in excellent at-home IPL hair removal devices instead.