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Permanent Hair Removal Options

Permanent Hair Removal Options

Permanent hair removal is becoming increasingly popular – razors just don’t cut it anymore. If you have dark or coarse body hair, in particular, you will understand the struggle with unwanted body hair, which of course goes for both women and men. Shaving may be easy to do and will temporarily remove surface hair, but because hair grows so quickly, within just two days, you already have thick stubble. If you want to enjoy having a smooth hairless body without the hassle, then permanent hair removal is just for you.

There are various forms of permanent hair removal available. They are all safe and quick procedures that leave your skin smooth for months or even longer. Permanent hair removal can be a bit expensive, but it is also an expense you will be willing to make when you see the results! There is a lot you need to know about your different hair removal options, how it works, and its benefits you.

Why Permanent Hair Removal?

Permanent hair removal involves a non-invasive procedure that will kill the hair follicle and keep it from growing back from anywhere between 6-12 months or at all. However, it is not an instant result – you do have to keep up with hair removal appointments about every 4 to 5 weeks for several months. This will ensure the hair follicle is completely dead leaving you with baby-soft skin for a very long time.

Why Permanent Hair Removal?

Permanent hair removal can be used for any part of the body such as the legs, underarms, back, arms, bikini lines, chins, necks, and more. Wherever you don’t want hair, light-based hair removal methods can kill off the hair almost anywhere on the body. Be prepared to spend a decent amount of money, permanent hair removal is not cheap, but it is completely worth it, plus think of the money you will save by not buying razors, shaving cream or paying for waxing over the years!

You’re one step closer to having smooth and hairless skin! Discover the different hair removal services available.

Most Popular Permanent Hair Removal Options

The two most popular forms of permanent hair removal options are Laser and IPL, which is intense pulsed light therapy. These two forms of hair removal are in fact not the same procedure, but they are very similar. They both use light to heat the hairs, destroying them at the root. Both can be used to treat the same areas, which include:

  • Bikini Line
  • Brazilian
  • Underarms and arms
  • Upper lip and chin
  • Legs

You can choose which option suits you based on what sounds more appealing to you.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal involves pulses of a laser light that will destroy the hair follicle. A Laser device emits one single focused wavelength of light, which is optimized for follicle absorption. Patients usually put on a pair of protection glasses before zapping the hairs by moving the device methodically over the skin. The size of the area you are treating will evidently affect the time each session will take. For example, treating the underarms can take as little as ten minutes, while legs could take an hour.


Laser hair removal can be uncomfortable but is not usually painful. This will obviously depend on your pain tolerance, but it was developed to be a fairly painless procedure. However, some people are sensitive to the laser and experience some pain.

How It Works

It doesn’t matter how much hair you need to be zapped; laser hair removal can help! In just a few minutes your hair follicles will be destroyed, and within weeks you can experience baby-soft skin. Laser hair removal uses a concentrated energy that is directed straight towards the pigment of the hair. The laser works best with those who have darker or course hair. It was tested for 20 years before the laser hair removal technology was released to the public. Once the hair is zapped by the laser, it can take a few weeks for all the hair to fall out on its own. You will not experience 100% hairless skin until all the hair has fallen out on its own.

Laser Benefits

  • It is precise
  • Long-lasting results
  • It is a quick process
  • More suited to darker skin tones

IPL Hair Removal

IPL uses a similar technology as laser treatments, but instead of emitting a focused laser beam, IPL uses a broad spectrum high-intensity light that emits light at multiple wavelengths. Because the beam from an IPL device spreads out unlike a laser source, IPL covers larger spots of hair rather than individual hairs.

It can be a cheaper alternative to laser hair removal, but as it is less focused, you may need to have more treatments to achieve the same results.


IPL creates similar benefits to the laser treatment. It reduces and slows hair growth very effectively, giving people smoother skin with less day-to-day hassle. IPL can achieve the same results as laser hair removal, but it might take longer to get there. It is a very similar procedure. Therefore, you will receive similar results. Below are the benefits of IPL.

IPL Benefits

  • Some can also help with acne
  • Precise
  • Quick
  • More affordable than laser
  • Smooth hairless skin

At Home Hair Removal Machine

In recent years, special hair removal devices have been developed to be used at home. They are safe to use, and they do not require training before using them. They use the same technology as the doctors and salons do, although it may take slightly more treatment sessions to get the same results as a salon because the strength of the lasers has been lowered to make them safe to use untrained, but you can achieve great results. This is also a cheaper alternative to salon prices, and you can fit your treatment sessions in around your busy schedule in the privacy of your home.

Both laser and IPL hair removal devices can be bought for use at home. To find out more and take a look at our reviews of the top products available.

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