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About Amy Tribe

My career started out with a first-class degree in Medical Imaging from the University Of Exeter, during which I quickly discovered I have a passion for research. My degree naturally lead onto working as a qualified radiographer. This enabled me to work in the UK in the NHS, during which I was a member of the hospital’s gastrointestinal imaging research team, as well as overseas in beautiful New Zealand as a Medical Radiation Technologist.

Outside of work, I have always enjoyed learning about new technologies, and how they work. My medical background gives me a greater understanding of how they can affect your body.

The world of health and beauty is an exciting industry that is always evolving, with new innovative creations being developed regularly. I decided to utilise my passion for the field and compile information about different elements of health and beauty in one place.

OGLF aims to provide our readers with relevant discussions, unbiased reviews and useful, interesting information that makes purchasing and using the right products an easier experience. I know the importance of getting it right the first time, so I want to save you time, effort and money by helping you to choose the right products and routines for you. I also want to help you to achieve more with the tools you have, so that your purchases are cost effective.

My research-based background has helped me to determine useful sources and I regularly read through journal articles to find studies relating to the techniques and products we discuss.

Have a topic you would like me to cover? Have a question? You can reach out to me here: [email protected]