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About Brooke Ressell

My journey as a writer began in elementary school when I’d write funny short stories that poked fun at my family members. They proudly hung on several people’s refrigerators during the years I was growing up. And even though I moved on to writing poetry and academic papers in college, my love for storytelling never ended.

Nowadays, I continue to channel this talent when writing digital content and copy as a blogger and a writer for OGLF.

It was during my 15 year period as a teacher and homeschooler that I became passionate about healthy living topics.

I believe it’s important for consumers to know what’s in the products they purchase and how those products actually work instead of just looking at the name brand. Now that I’ve left the classroom, contributing to OGLF allows me to continue educating people on which products will best meet their current needs before making a decision.

Another passion I’ve developed over time is completing home renovations. My husband and I have flipped three homes together, and we are currently remodeling our new home from top to bottom. There is something about taking an outdated, well-loved home and making it beautiful again that I really enjoy. Plus, I get excited learning new things that once seemed scary but now seem easy once I try it out for myself.

When I’m not writing or doing home renovations, my life is completely focused on my family, my pets, and living a healthy, intentional lifestyle. I get a lot of joy from hiking, biking, yoga, kayaking, boating, and stand-up paddleboarding. Lastly, making healthy meals, getting fresh air, and spending quality time with my family are my top priorities.