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Best Microdermabrasion Machine For At Home Use In 2023

Best Microdermabrasion Machine

If you are looking for a new at-home microdermabrasion machine to restore your skin’s vitality and claim back that healthy glow, you’re not short of choice. A search for “microdermabrasion” in Amazon returns over 1000 results, so it can be overwhelming to know which model suits your needs best.

That’s where we come in!

Why trust us? We have put in over 60 hours, combing scientific journal articles, researching, testing and reviewing the best at-home microdermabrasion machines on the market to ensure we give you the best advice. We now present our honest, impartial reviews of the best microdermabrasion machines around.

Best Microdermabrasion Machines Comparison Table

#1 Editor’s Choice

Trophy Skin MicrodermMD
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Microderm GLO MINI
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Silk’n Revit
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Nuvederm Microderm GLO
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Trophy Skin MiniMD
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Kelley West
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At Home Microdermabrasion Machine Reviews

We spent many hours testing these products and more in our testing facility. We considered the vacuum power, quality, usability, results and range of accessories among other factors. Here is what we thought of the best microdermabrasion machines around:

1. Trophy Skin MicrodermMD Sensitive

Trophy Skin Microderm MD Sensitive
Amy Tribe

Editor’s choice: This kit gives you everything you need to get the best results from doing your microdermabrasion at home. The clam-style case encloses the tips, a mirror, a vacuum stylus and an LCD screen, which guides your treatments. If you want the best microdermabrasion machine, Trophy Skin’s MicrodermMD is highly recommended.

Great Selection Of Attachments

The MicrodermMd Sensitive kit includes the best range of heads for your skin treatments:
  • Standard medium diamond exfoliation tip
  • Pore extraction tip
  • Infusion tip
If that’s not enough, you can buy more separately.
Trophy Skin Attachments

We tested them both independently and in combination, and our favorite was the unique infusion tip which greatly improved the absorption of our topical serums. The Trophy Skin MicrodermMD is a fantastic diamond microdermabrasion system that is great for exfoliating away dead cells and anti-aging. The set also includes 100 filters and a wand cleaner.

8 Levels Of Suction

The MicrodermMD had the best range of all the devices we tested. There is great distinction between the settings, and they are easy to control using Manual or Auto Mode.

This updated version also brings you Sensitive Mode, which like Auto Mode has pre-set power for each skin area, but uses lower strengths.

Levels Of Suction

Ergonomic Design

It is straightforward to change the attachments and the wand is lightweight.

The rose gold design of the MicrodermMD looks attractive and is simple to clean. We found it a little fiddly to fit everything in, but with practice, everything packs away into the case.



2. Microderm GLO MINI

Microderm GLO MINI
Amy Tribe

Editor’s choice: If you want a little diamond microdermabrasion machine that you can take away with you, look no further than the Microderm GLO Mini. It is small but powerful, tactile and clinically proven to give you spa results. From our tests, we believe it is the best portable microdermabrasion machine.

Tactile Design

Unlike some other machines we tested, the Microderm GLO MINI fits comfortably in your hand and its soft, waterproof finish is pleasant to grip.

A single button controls the suction power and switches it on and off, so you can easily adapt it without looking as you move across your skin.

Microderm GLO Design

While it doesn’t have an LCD screen like its larger counterpart, in this case, we think less is more. The slimmer machine design is easier to hold and the extra heads are a better addition to the kit. The handset neatly fits in the charger dock and doesn’t take up much room.

4 Tips

The Microderm GLO MINI includes the second-best range of treatment heads:

  • Premium diamond tip
  • Finer diamond tip
  • Regular suction tip
  • Finer suction tip

This excellent selection treats all areas of your skin. The regular suction head is the largest suction head we tested, and is ideal for using on larger areas such as your décolletage, while the finer diamond microdermabrasion head is perfect for tricky areas.

Perfect For Travel

The GLO MINI is small, lightweight and dual-voltage, so you can easily take it on vacation. It also comes with a travel bag, but we found it a bit flimsy, and it doesn’t fit the charger in.

Perfect For Travel

The charger base is dual-voltage, meaning you can take it on vacation.



3. Silk’n Revit

Silk'n Revit Review

The Silk’n Revit is another mains-powered, handset-style microdermabrasion machine that you can use for sensitive skin. It is lightweight and comfortable to handle.

Silk’n has been manufacturing at-home beauty devices for ten years now and ten million of their beauty tools are being used today. Silk’n products can offer professional-grade results, and we were pleased with the results we saw when testing the Revit out.

3 Diamond Tips

There are three heads for different grades of exfoliation included:

  • Precision diamond
  • Fine diamond
  • Coarse diamond

These high-quality caps are easy to change using a simple twist-to-release mechanism.

3 Diamond Tips

2 Suction Settings

The Silk’n Revit has two strength settings, which you select from the back of the machine. We found the lower setting quite weak, making it a good choice for sensitive skin or delicate areas. However, if you want a bit more oomph to clear your pores and kickstart your collagen production, the higher setting is far stronger.

Great For Travel

Silk'n Revit Great For Travel

The Revit microdermabrasion machine gives you the best carry case of all the kits we tested. It is lightweight and perfectly sculpted to hold the spare heads, replacement filters and power supply. It is also dual voltage, so it is designed for travel, but it may be too bulky for your suitcase. However, we love that it ensures the entire set stays clean and protected.



4. Nuvederm Microderm GLO Diamond Microdermabrasion

Nuvederm Microderm GLO

The Nuvederm Microderm GLO is a more sophisticated version of the GLO MINI microdermabrasion kit. This dermatologist-recommended machine can enhance the absorption of topical products by up to 50%, therefore improving the results.

It is designed to fit in the palm of your hand perfectly but we found it quite bulky, however the buttons are still easily accessible.

2 Diamond Tips

You get 2 premium diamond heads in this set. The larger one is for general use, removing dead skin cells from over your face, neck and décolletage, while the smaller one is for sensitive or delicate skin, such as around your eyes.

LCD Screen

Microdermabrasion LCD Screen

The Microderm GLO has an LCD screen, which sets it apart from other handsets.

The screen displays the mode, vacuum setting, the battery life, treatment area and timer. We feel it’s a great addition to the machine if you are new to microdermabrasion, as it helps you treat your skin for the optimum time in each area.

Short Treatment Times

With this handheld machine, you can treat your whole face in just 4 minutes!

There are two modes to choose between, Manual and Auto. On Manual mode, you control the suction power, while Auto mode chooses for you. It has three strengths, and there is vast variation between them, so always use the lowest setting, and increase it only if necessary!



5. Trophy Skin MiniMD

Trophy Skin Mini MD

The MiniMd by Trophy Skin is a handheld alternative to the MicrodermMD, for people who want a smaller microdermabrasion machine. Again, we loved the rose gold and white design, but as it is so lightweight, it feels a little plasticky. Nevertheless, it performs very well, with a considerable difference between the two power settings.

1 Tip

Unlike the other microdermabrasion devices, it includes just one standard diamond head, but we found that it gives effective exfoliation in all areas, even the creases of your nose.

It is simple to attach and comes with a protective cap to keep it clean between uses. If you do want more variety, you can buy other heads separately.

At Home Microdermabrasion


Unlike some of the other microdermabrasion machines we looked at, the MiniMD is mains-powered, which we didn’t find as convenient. However, it does mean you get consistent power, and the cable is relatively long so it isn’t too restricting. Plus, it is still small and lightweight enough to take on vacation.



6. PMD Personal Microderm

PMD Personal Microderm

The PMD Personal Microderm is a microdermabrasion machine with a difference. Instead of the conventional diamond-tipped-style handset, the design features spinning disks and we love the great choice of colors!

Spinning Disc Design

The PMD uses spinning discs to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. The suction draws your skin down to the spinning disc, and although that sounds quite severe, it is gentle, and of all the microdermabrasion machines we tested, this felt the most like a cat licking our skin; typical of in-office microdermabrasion.

Spinning Disc Design

Wide Range Of Discs

The great range of fine, medium and coarse tips are embedded with aluminum oxide crystals:

  • 1 ultra-sensitive training disc
  • 2 very sensitive discs
  • 2 sensitive discs
  • 2 moderate discs
  • 2 very course discs

We love this design because you can start by using the finer discs and work up through the scale gradually so that your skin can get used to it. Or you can treat different areas of your face with different discs. We found the crystal discs are very effective at buffing away dead skin cells. They do wear down faster than diamond tips, but they are very easily replaced.

Other than the training disc, you get one large and one small crystal disc of each color .

Wide Range Of Attachments

Designed For Face And Body

There are two caps; one designed for facials and a larger one for your body. They work in combination with the differently-sized discs. Just like changing the heads, swapping between the two caps is also very simple – twist the cap off to release it.



7. Kelley West

Kelley West Microdermabrasion Machine

The Kelley West Microderm 360° is a handheld microdermabrasion machine that offers 2 diamond caps and a 360° swiveling head, to help you get to hard-to-reach areas. The device itself is lightweight and while it feels a little plasticky, the tips are very good quality stainless steel. The two intensity levels are demonstrated visually by LEDs and both settings give you decent suction power.

Designed For Face And Body

The Kelley West gives you total body exfoliation and skin rejuvenation. The attachments are both diamond tips. There is a finer one for your face, and a larger, coarser one for your body.

The coarser tip is even strong enough to use to remove calluses from your feet!

360° Turn

360 Rotating Head

To help you to treat hard-to-reach areas, you can rotate the head 360°. While this doesn’t affect your facial treatments much, it makes treating areas on your body, such as the backs of your arms or thighs, much easier.

It includes a thin travel pouch, replacement filters and a set of beauty tweezers, as well as comprehensive instructions and very good aftercare advice.



Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose The Best Microdermabrasion Machine

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to microdermabrasion at home, and what may be the best machine for you, may not be the best for your friend. To help you decide and get the maximum benefits from your new beauty device, these are the features we think you should consider when choosing a microdermabrasion machine:

Suction Power

We recommend choosing a microdermabrasion machine with at least two suction settings, as some areas require gentler treatment, such as around your eyes, while others may need a bit more oomph, for example your nose. Therefore, a machine with only one setting may not be suitable for every area of your skin.

Suction Power

Tip Material

Diamond microdermabrasion heads are the most popular tip design. Diamond is resilient and is straightforward to clean, while giving you gentle exfoliation. Diamond is considered the best, however some types of crystal, for example aluminum oxide crystals, can also give you extremely effective exfoliation.

It is worth having more than one tip size for different areas or a selection of different tips which you can use for different requirements, for example diamond microdermabrasion vs. suction massage.

Different Types Of Tips

Quality & Durability

You want your microdermabrasion machine to last, so consider the materials it is made from. Would it travel well? Would you prefer a hard case to protect it? Are the treatment caps made from durable stainless steel, or are they plastic and cheaper to replace?

Microdermabrasion Quality


All the machines we have discussed are user-friendly, and we thoroughly recommend going for a user-friendly model. Do you want a chunky handheld device or would you prefer a pen-sized wand with a tabletop microdermabrasion machine?

Is It User Friendly


Do you want your microdermabrasion machine to guide you through the procedure? Or are you happy setting your own treatment plan? Microdermabrasion machines with LCD screens may be bigger and bulkier than those without, but they can help you to get the best results.



Finally, before buying a machine for your microdermabrasion at home, realistically consider the results you desire. It can greatly improve your complexion and tone up your skin, but even the best microdermabrasion machine won’t eliminate wrinkles and scars overnight!

Amy Tribe

Top Tip: If you are new to microdermabrasion, make sure you choose a machine that is designed for home use. A professional diamond microdermabrasion machine may not be suitable, as it will be designed for use by trained beauticians, and you can risk damaging your skin if you use it incorrectly.

Microdermabrasion machines that are intended for home use are suitable for most skin types, are simpler to use and are less likely to cause skin damage with sub-optimal techniques.

How Much Does Microdermabrasion Cost?

The cost of microdermabrasion depends on where you get your procedure from. The price of professional microdermabrasion adds up quickly. A popular New York salon offers one diamond microdermabrasion treatment for $80, while a set of 6 is $400!

Microdermabrasion offers the best improvements when performed regularly, so it makes more sense to choose the package, unfortunately for your wallet!

A much more cost-effective solution is to buy your own microdermabrasion machine to use at home. At-home microdermabrasion machines can still give professional-grade improvements, and the initial outlay is often less than one dermatologist treatment , and certainly cheaper than a package!

You then only need to consider the minimal running costs (its power, replacement filters and replacement tips).

Why You Should Consider Microdermabrasion At Home

Whether it is for anti-aging or acne, microdermabrasion is not a one-off procedure. Although you may see improvements immediately or soon after a treatment, to maintain them you will need to have regular sessions, for example, once a week for 6 weeks, then a top-up session once a month.

If you were to have this many sessions at a dermatologist’s office or beauty salon, the cost would

At-home microdermabrasion may be a reasonable upfront outlay to buy the machine, but then the price of each treatment is minimal and running charges are negligible.

At-home microdermabrasion is a much more cost-effective and time-efficient option for your beauty sessions!

The best thing about treating yourself at home is that unlike in-office microdermabrasion, home microdermabrasion systems give you access whenever it suits you and you can be sure that only you are using it. There is no need to worry about hygiene because you can clean it yourself and ensure you have sterile diamond heads each time.

Benefits Of Microdermabrasion

Benefits Of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion can form an important part of your skin care routine. It exfoliates the top layer of skin, the dead skin cells, and vacuums away debris. It can soothe many skin complaints and can bring great improvements for all skin types.

  • Suitable For All Skin Types – no matter whether you have an oily complexion prone to spots and blemishes or your skin is showing the first signs of wrinkles and age spots, microdermabrasion can work wonders for your skin tone. The exfoliation buffs away dead skin cells and vacuums away debris, improving your skin’s health.
  • Improves Your Circulation – microdermabrasion encourages circulation in your skin, and can improve lymphatic drainage, meaning skin cells can function better. This is part of your skin’s healing response, which also involves increasing elastin and collagen production, therefore reducing fine lines, wrinkles and scars, working wonders for aging skin!
  • Enhances Product Efficacy – thanks to the increased circulation and the removal of dead skin cells, your skin will absorb topical products better as they can penetrate deeper, giving better results. Therefore, it is good to apply topical acne or anti-aging treatments to your skin after your microdermabrasion.
  • Improves Pore Health – blockages and inflammation can cause enlarged pores. Microdermabrasion can both clear out blockages in your pores and reduce inflammation by improving circulation, therefore restoring and enhancing your skin’s natural hygiene mechanisms.
  • Safe – providing you follow your instructions carefully, microdermabrasion machines have minimal side effects and fast recovery times. Your skin may be a little pink and sensitive for a while after treatment, but often this passes after a few hours. Your skin will probably be dry and sensitive to the sun, so make sure you wear moisturizer and sun protection afterward.
  • Range Of Uses – microdermabrasion has a HUGE range of uses and many benefits! It can improve acne, prevent and reduce the appearance of acne scars, blemishes, stretchmarks, fine lines, wrinkles and even lighten the appearance of age spots and areas of hyperpigmentation, evening out your skin tone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, microdermabrasion is very good for rejuvenating your skin. It has many benefits, including improving your complexion and collagen production, reducing, acne, fine lines, wrinkles and scars, and enhancing the results of topical skin care products. It removes dead skin and encourages circulation to your skin’s surface.

The positive effects of microdermabrasion can last for months, but you will need a top up occasionally to maintain them. The side effects however, which are minimal, will likely last only a few hours to a day or two.

After microdermabrasion, ensure your skin is hydrated. Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer to prevent dry skin and add plenty of sun protection if you go outside, as it will be more sensitive to sun damage. If possible, it is best to avoid wearing makeup for a day or two as well.

Yes, microdermabrasion does get rid of blackheads. The exfoliation knocks the tops off blackheads, while the vacuum loosens and removes the blockage. It can also prevent future blackheads, by removing the dead skin, oil, dirt and debris from your pores.

Treating your face with microdermabrasion encourages collagen synthesis, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It can also reduce the appearance of sun damage, spots and blemishes, scars, age spots, acne and acne scars, helping your skin feel youthful and vibrant. Microdermabrasion has many benefits.


After our thorough testing process, we believe the best microdermabrasion machine overall is the Trophy Skin MicrodermMD! We hope you have enjoyed our review of the best at-home microdermabrasion machines on the market. Please visit our blog for more beauty tips and discussions!