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The Best At Home Facial Steamers Of 2019

Best Facial Steamer

Until you have tried it, you may not believe the difference a facial steamer can make to your skin. It sounds almost too good to be true – a device that can unblock your pores and improve your skin tone, that is non-invasive and even relaxing! Well the benefits are within your reach, there is science behind it and it does not have a hefty price tag. Say hello to your new best friend – the facial steamer!

A facial steamer is a device which uses warm steam to cleanse your pores, soothe congestion and promote whole-body relaxation. They are relatively inexpensive, yet provide a calming, spa experience in the comfort of your own home. A steaming session can use water alone, or it can be combined with essential oils for aromatherapy, or other topical products if you want to also get an exfoliation.

Facial steaming can combat early signs of aging, improve your skin tone, decongest your sinuses and even improve the efficacy of topical products and cleansers, all the while promoting whole-body relaxation. It is natural, organic and suitable for all skin types and conditions. A regular session of steaming can rejuvenate you inside and out, and what’s best is that now you can do it at home, without the spa price tag.

Product Reviews

NanoSteamer Ionic
  • NanoSteamer

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  • Nano ionic steamer with towel chamber and bonus 5-piece skin kit
Olaxer Steamer
  • Olaxer Facial Steamer

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  • Nano ionic steamer suitable for aromatherapy with cold steam function
Kingdomcares Hot Mist

NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 by Pure Daily Care

EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Nano Steamer is the best selling facial steamer in America, and it is not hard to see why. Its longer operation, powerful steam production and towel steamer are just some of its features that we love. It comes as a complete set, giving you everything you need for your skincare routine, and we think you’ll love it as much as we do!

With the power of its nano-ionic steam, the NanoSteamer is up to 10 times more effective at penetrating your skin, meaning you enhance your blood circulation by as much as 10 times, improve your skin cell functions and help to retain your youthful complexion. This exceptional combination can give you amazing results and it will also look great in your home. What’s more, it won’t break the bank!

The NanoSteamer is the only steamer we have reviewed that has a dedicated chamber for warming towels to give you the ultimate refreshment. It can give you a longer running time of 30 minutes thanks to its larger tank, and is completely silent.

What Is Included?

In this set, you get the 3-in-1 Nanosteamer unit, a cup to pour the water in, power cord and as a bonus, you get an excellent, surgical-standard stainless-steel blackhead and blemish extractor kit which includes 5 pieces.

Nano Steamer


The NanoSteamer gives you exactly what you want for a home spa face steaming experience! You can steam away your blocked sinuses, rejuvenate your skin and even relax with a hot, freshly-steamed towel. It is not hard to see why this is the best-selling facial steamer in America! With this kit, you will quickly settle into a refreshing, relaxing and effective skin care regimen that gives you a healthier, more youthful complexion and improves your overall wellbeing!

  • Powerful humidifier – as well as functioning as an excellent facial steamer, this device is powerful enough to act as a room humidifier too.
  • Nano steam – the device combines a traditional heating element with a new ultrasonic vaporizer. Which means it produces nano steam that has negatively charged ion particles. This nano steam, when combined with ionic water particles, can penetrate the skin up to 10 times more effectively.
  • Large water tank – this steamer has a larger tank capacity of 200ml compared to other steamers. This means that you get up to 30 minutes of continuous steam flow, which is great if you are looking to you it for multiple areas of your body such as your face then chest, or for when you choose to use it as a room humidifier.
  • Towel warming chamber – the third function of the 3-in-1 steamer. It has a dedicated towel warming chamber in which you can fit a small, rolled-up towel. It beautifully steams the towels, so they are ready for use after your session, meaning you get twice the refreshment.
  • Intuitive controls – on the side of the device is a control dial which you can turn to easily control the setting between the humidifier, steamer and towel warmer settings.
  • Silent operation – despite the power of this steamer, you can enjoy completely silent operation.
  • 5-Piece blemish extractor kit – an excellent selection of 5 stainless steel extraction tools which are surgical grade. You can use these to unblock your pores, eliminate blackheads and clear your skin after a relaxing steaming session. There are 5 different shapes – eye hole, angles, needle, oval and flat wire, which help you in different ways to clean your pores effortlessly.
  • Guaranteed results – the nano steam can give fantastic blood circulation, rejuvenates cells, improves oxygen absorption and gives you a more youthful complexion, improves the efficacy of topical products and unblocks your sinuses.

Nano Steamer Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

This fantastic steamer is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Fill the water tank using the included pourer cup, plug it in and switch it on. It heats up quickly and will give you up to half an hour of silent steaming. You can easily select whether you are using it for facial steaming, towel warming or room humidifying.

Towel Warmer And Tools

The towel warmer is a great feature, although it is understandably small, so you will only be able to use smaller sized towels or flannels. It also comes with the 5-piece pore extraction kit. These 5 tools are each shaped slightly differently and you can use them to clear your pores in different ways.

For example, the eye hole tool helps you release oily secretions, while angled tool helps clear whiteheads without too much pressure. To get the best results use the blemish extractor tools after you have steamed and before using your regular cleanser or mud mask.


  • Towel steaming chamber
  • Up to 30 minutes of steaming
  • Easy controls
  • Pore extraction kit
  • Larger tank for longer steaming
  • Powerful
  • Look great


  • None, we love this product!


It is easy to see why this is America’s best selling facial steamer. It has an intuitive yet attraction design, so not only does it give guaranteed results, but it will look great in your home. It is a complete set, offering you all the tools and features you need for a fantastic skincare routine that is suitable for all skin types.

Olaxer Facer Steamer With Aromatherapy Basket

EDITOR’S CHOICE: This fantastic aromatherapy steamer can give you both hot and cold steam and has a dedicated aromatherapy basket for you to add wonderful scents into for an even more relaxing steaming session. This professional level face steamer can give you over an hour of aromatherapy, keeping your skin supple for many years to come.

This is a luxurious facial steamer is a fantastic addition to your home, especially if you enjoy aromatherapy.

You can choose between a shorter hot steam session and a longer session of cold steam, both of which bring fantastic benefits to your skin and overall wellbeing. The Olaxer has a larger water tank that you can fill easily, and an adjustable nozzle to direct the steam exactly where you want it.

You can naturally infuse beautiful aromas into your home with this device while enjoying very relaxing steam sessions. Choose the more potent essential oils, or the more delicate scents of fresh fruit while you relax, moisturize and shrink your pores. With the the Olaxer, you can enjoy spa-quality facial saunas and youthful skin for years to come.

Olaxer Facial Steamer Nano

What Is Included?

The set includes the facial steamer, which has a dedicated aromatherapy basket, a power cable, and a user manual.


With the extra feature of the aromatherapy basket, this is a brilliant addition to your home – choose essences, oils and even real fruit to freshen your home and steam sessions. It will give you deep, soothing relaxation sessions with hot or cold steam, leaving your skin hydrated, radiant and supple. Using this steamer can even help your topical creams and ointments to work better by improving how well they are absorbed and helping your skin retain the moisture and nutrients.

  • Aromatherapy basket – make your steaming sessions even more relaxing by adding fruit or essential oils into the aromatherapy basket which sits at the top of the steamer. This can also give your home a light yet luxurious, natural scent if you are using it as a room humidifier.
  • Hot or cold steam – the hot steam helps to open your pores and release the impurities they hole as well as promoting collagen production and the absorption of topical beauty product. On the other hand the cold steam moisturizes your skin and reduces your pores, locking in the nutrients. The cold steam is a great option when you are winding down to go to bed, rejuvenating your skin and closing your pores as well as helping you to relax and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.
  • Large 180ml tank – this larger-sized tank can give you up to 20 minutes of hot steam production or up to 70 minutes of cold steam production. It is very quiet to help your steaming session remain as relaxed as possible.
  • Automatic shutoff – when the water runs out, the steamer will automatically turn off, so it doesn’t boil dry, keeping you safe and letting you relax and enjoy the steam without worrying about watching the clock.
  • Adjustable nozzle – you can easily alter the direction of the steam flow by altering the angle of the outlet to give you full facial coverage or you can direct it at your chest. You can change the angle by 20 ° in each direction up or down, giving you 40° of manoeuvrability in total to suit different seating positions.
  • Promotes collagen production – the hot steam enhances the regeneration of collagen in your skin, which maintains the elasticity, retaining and restoring your natural youthful appearance.

Olaxer Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

You should find this steamer very easy to use, it is easy to fill it by lifting up the water tank and each session can last for a long time, especially if you choose the cold steam! It is small so it won’t take up much room in your house, yet it is powerful enough to be used as a room humidifier. It is simple to clean and it even has a dust cap to sit on the steam outlet to prevent dust and bacteria from collecting while it is not in use.


It is important that you do not add fragrance or essential oils straight into the tank, as the different boiling points of these substances can cause damage to the machine.

Instead, add them to the dedicated aromatherapy basket which pops out of the top of the steamer. Here you can add 2 to 3 drops of essential oil or even chopped fruit for fresh, natural aromatherapy.

Temperatures Settings

The hot steam comes out at a single temperature (homothermic), but the temperature you experience will be different depending on how close you sit to it. Sitting up to 4 inches away from the steam it will be 55 °C (131F) which will open your pores. However, sitting 4 to 10 inches (10 to 25 cm) away from the outlet will give you a temperature of about 40 to 45 °C (104 to 113° F). Make sure that you read and follow the user manual carefully to ensure you do not get too close to the device however.


  • Suitable for aromatherapy
  • Large tank
  • Up to 20 minutes hot steam
  • Up to 70 minutes cold steam
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive design
  • Automatic shut off
  • Adjustable nozzle


  • None, we love this product!


Overall, we love this steamer. It looks fantastic and it is easy to use. The addition of the aromatherapy basket means that spa sessions will feel wonderfully luxurious and we love that you can choose cool steam too.

ECVISION Nano Ionic Warm Mist Steamer

This stylish-looking steamer will not only give you wonderful hot mist steam sessions, but it will also look fabulous in your home even when you are not using it. It produces hot steam in seconds and includes a bonus 5-piece set of pore cleaning tools.

Not only does this facial steamer produce steam quickly, it is also an extremely hygienic model, sterilizing the steam with a UV light before it releases it. It also offers a humidity control and spa-quality skin hydration, all while looking fantastic on your shelf!

What Is Included?

This kit includes the facial steamer, a user manual and the 5-piece blackhead toolkit, which has five tools and a case. The water goes through 6 stages before it is produced as nano steam from the outlet so that it reaches your skin in its most pure state to be readily absorbed by your skin.

NanoIonic Steamer


This ultra stylish-looking lamp is an excellent addition to your home and can give you up to 12 minutes of steam, with virtually no noise. It gives you pores a deep cleanse and moisturizes your skin while relaxing you, all with a strong flow of steam, although you can easily use the humidity controller to set the humidity it releases, and it won’t give out a plastic smell while you steam.

  • UV sterilizing lamp – before the steam is released, it passes by an ultraviolet (UV) lamp to sterilize it so that it is completely pure. This means that your skin absorbs only clean nutrients and moisture from the steam.
  • Nano-atomization – the steamer releases nan-ionic steam which is readily absorbed by your skin through its natural skin barrier, to provide moisturization more quickly.
  • PTC heating element – the ceramic heating element ensures efficient heating which results in steam within seconds of being switched on. It gives almost silent operation so you can relax and enjoy your steam session without distracting noises.
  • Extremely fast steam production – within just 18 seconds of turning the steamer on, you can be enjoying a consistent flow of steam.
  • Dust cap – to keep your steamer clean and free from dust when you are not using it, it has a transparent dust cap to fit over the steam outlet. This means you can leave it out between uses as it still looks great on your shelf.
  • Bonus 5-piece pore extraction set – the set of tools includes five differently-shaped tools to remove dirt and impurities from your pore, which can be used after a steaming session. It also includes a neat case which holds these tools, which has a 3-times zoom mirror to help you identifies and empty your blocked pores.

Nanolonic Review

Ease Of Use

This steamer will easily fit into your home and your skincare routine! It takes up hardly any space on your counter or shelf and looks great to. It is easy to use and quick to get going. To prepare it for use, ensure it is on a flat surface, fill the tank with water and replace the tank into the steamer. Plug it in and switch it on. You can then direct the steam flow.


The steam produced is nano-ionic steam which is 10 times more effective at penetrating the skin barrier than normal steam, moisturizing it quickly. It produces steam within just 18 seconds and gives you up to 12 minutes of consistent steam flow on a single tank of water.

Sure, it’s not as long as some of the other steamers, but actually 12 minutes is around the optimum length of time for a facial steam session, so actually, it is all you need. Unless you want to steam multiple different areas of course, in which case you can just refill the tank.


This is a very hygienic device to use. The UV lamp ensures than there no bacteria in the lamp to pass into your pores and the transparent dust cap protects the outlet from gathering dust or bacteria between sessions.

Bonus Tools

The blackhead extractor tools are a great addition to this set, and you can successfully use them after your steaming session for the best results. First, cleanse your face and then either use a clean, warm washcloth over your face or have a steaming session to relax and open your pores. Make sure your hands and the tools are thoroughly clean and pick one of the tools to extract to impurities.


Afterward, cleanse your face with cool water to close your pores and clean your hands and the tools you have used. You can then apply some toner or pore treatment to prevent the return of any blockages in your pores. The steaming can improve the rate at which your skin absorbs products, meaning it can improve how effective they are.


  • UV sterilizing
  • Very fast
  • Looks great
  • Easy to clean
  • Near-silent operation
  • Bonus pore extraction kit


  • Small water tank capacity
  • Just 12 minutes of operation


Overall, this is a good product. It doesn’t have the large tank and therefore long operation time of some of the other steamers that we have discussed, but the 12 minutes it does provide are all you really need to prepare your skin for the next stage of your skincare routine. It’s still enough time to open your pores and relax. It is fast to prepare and easy to clean, and we love that it has a UV lamp to sterilize the steam.

KingdomCares Hot Mist Moisturizing Facial Steamer

This Nano steamer is not just an effective, easy-to-use facial steamer but it is a 3-in-1 device which can also humidify a room and warm towels. This multi-functional device can be adjusted to use on different areas of your body, and is designed for penetrating your skin effectively to both open your pores and hydrate your skin. This means it can help you to clear out dirt and impurities from deep within your pores and indulge your skin with deep hydration and moisturization.

What Is Included?

This kit includes just the facial steamer and the user manual. The steamer has a makeup mirror on the inside of the lid and a built-in UV lamp to ensure that the steam released is purified before you inhale and absorb it. It also has a handle that means you can easily pick it up and move it around.

KingdomCares Facial Steamer Review


This smart, simple design gives you softer, clearer skin and enhances the effects your topical beauty products can have, giving you both immediate and long-term results. Its elegant design is simple to use, and just a single button, and while it is powerful, it is also small so that it won’t take up too much valuable space. It even has a handle, so you can easily pick it up and move it around.

  • Steam within 30 seconds – this steamer releases a strong production of steam within less than 30 seconds thanks to the high-frequency ultrasonic vibration mechanism.
  • Produces nano ionic water particles – these particles are 10 times more effective at penetrating your skin. This means they can then go on to hydrate, improve cell condition to revitalize your skin, reduce acne and unblock your sinuses.
  • Consistent stream – the device produces a reliable, wide flow of steam which can cover your whole face.
  • Automatic Shutoff – when the water runs low or if you don’t put enough in the tank, the steamer will automatically turn off to prevent injury to yourself or damage to the device. This is an important feature and means that you can relax and enjoy the steaming session without having to watch the clock or check the water level.
  • Larger water tank – the tank holds up to 100 ml of water, which gives you between 20 and 25 minutes of steady steaming, which is more than enough for a single session. Ideally, you only need to spend 10 to 15 minutes steaming your face.
  • Silent operation – along with the long running time, this steamer is virtually silent, so you can relax and enjoy your steaming session without annoying noises distracting you!
  • Hygienic – before the steam emerges from the device, it is treated with a UV light to sterilize it, meaning it is completely clean so that it is pure for your treating your skin. The steam will remove dirt, oil and makeup from your pores, so it is important that it doesn’t add impurities itself!
  • Adjustable steam direction – you can adjust the angle of the steam outlet to direct it to different areas of your body, meaning you can direct it easily at your face, neck or chest for soothing relief.
  • Contains a mirror – a good-sized makeup mirror is concealed in the cover of the steamer. You can use this for applying products such as a facemask after your steam, or simply for putting on makeup!
  • Promotes collagen production – collagen is naturally produced by your body. It rejuvenates your skin and enhances its appearance, making it soft, supple and more youthful. Collagen production can also enhance acne and scar healing.

KingdomCares Features

Ease Of Use

This steamer is extremely easy to use. You simply fill the water tank, plug in the power supply and press the on button. The steam will be released in under 30 seconds, and you will get a steady stream for longer than you need for a single area.


You should aim to keep your face 7-8 inches (20cm) away from the steamer outlet. It is recommended to use it only for 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times we week, or once a week if you have sensitive skin. However, the benefit of being able to adjust the outlet means you can use it on different areas such as your face, neck or chest.

Safety Features

It is an intuitive design which has the safety features of the automatic shutoff function. It is ready to use in no time at all, and therefore conveniently fits into your beauty routine. We love that it is very hygienic too – the UV lamp sterilizes the steam before it is released, meaning you receive the purest form. It should however only be used with pure or distilled water, in other words, you shouldn’t add essential oils or fragrance to this steamer. The device is also easy to clean, and it will look great on your shelf or counter.


  • Large water tank
  • Sterile steam
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Consistent
  • Portable


  • Not recommended for use with essential oils


Overall this is a great steamer. It is quick and easy to use and has a long operation time. It is a shame that it isn’t suitable for using essential oils or fragrances with, but we think that the hygienic UV treatment of the steam makes up for this, give your pores only the best quality deep cleansing.

Okachi Gliya NanoSteamer Professional

The Okachi Gliya Nanosteam uses the most advanced nanotechnology combines with UV treatment to give you a pure, consistent flow of steam to thoroughly moisturize your skin. It is portable, yet professional, and it its stylish design will look great in your home. It is BPA-free, and it won’t give out any plastic smells or harmful gases.

What Is Included?

In this set, you get the steamer device which has a double-sided cosmetic mirror which doubles as a cover for the steam outlet. This helps prevent dust and dirt from collecting around the steamer nozzle. You can, of course, use it to apply moisturizer or beauty creams after your steaming session too! It has a PTC heating element and a built-in UV lamp to give you consistent, clean steam. It also has an intelligent balance system which keeps the steams at a consistent temperature about 104⁰ (40⁰).



This very stylish nano steamer has a beautiful design. It has a white body with a colored accent lid – which you can have in two colors – “golden” and “violet.” The simple but attractive design has just a single touch button for your control, and you can remove the water tank by a push and release action. The heating element it uses to vaporize the water will not give out any chemical or plastic smells.

  • PTC ceramic heating element – this efficient heating element transforms the clean water into micro-fine particles, before putting it past the UV lights for a second disinfection. The flow of steam it gives can easily cover your whole face. The nano-steam it produces will penetrate your skin’s natural barrier at 10x the rate compared to regular steam.
  • UV light disinfection – to ensure that you are only using the purest, cleanest steam, the nano-steam particles pass a UV light to sterilize the water before they are released.
  • Intelligent steaming balance system – this enables the steamer to release a consistent stream of steam within about 30 seconds, and it keeps the steam at a consistent temperature of about 104⁰ (40⁰C).
  • Upgraded safety features tank – the tank, which holds 80ml (2.7 fl oz) has no BPA and will not emit plastic smells or harmful gases. It is insulated with a thermal dissipation design that keeps the device from heating up even when it is working, and there is an aluminum nozzle which prevents water from spilling out. There is also a security socket design for the power cable.
  • Mirror –  you can use the double-sided cosmetic mirror to help you extract blockages from your pores, apply product or just ensure that your entire face is getting good coverage of steam.
  • Portable – this is a portable device, although at 20 x 14 x 18 cm ( 7.8 x 5.4 x 7.2 inches) in size, it will take up a decent chunk of your suitcase space!
  • Automatic shut off – to prevent it from boiling dry and keep you safe, this steamer will turn off when the water level runs low. You can also switch it off or close the mirror to turn it off.
  • Promotes Collagen production – the steam penetrates your skins barrier to moisturize and enhances the natural collagen production. It can remove dead skin cells, reduce acne and blackheads and even weaken pigment spots.

Facial Steamer

Ease Of Use

This model has a very intuitive, easy-to-use design, with as few buttons as possible. Press the water tank to pop it out of the frame so you can fill it up and replace it back in the device.

You can then turn it on to begin the steaming. The LED light will flash when it is plugged in, and this will change to white light when you press to turn it on. It should take only about 30 seconds for the steam to start flowing. After your steam, you can turn it off by touching the button again or by closing the mirror.


  • UV sterilization
  • Portable
  • Automatic shut off
  • No plastic smells
  • Double-sided mirror


  • Manufacturers advise that this model is not suitable for people with eczema, allergies, or women who are menstruating or pregnant.


Overall, this is a very stylish steamer that is easy to use and will look great on your shelf. It has upgraded safety features and is very hygienic to use as the steam passes a sterilizing UV lamp to ensure only the cleanest steam is entering your pores and lungs. We love the double-sided cosmetic mirror too – a feature that few facial steamers have!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Facial Steamer?

You may not be particularly familiar with the benefits of facial steaming, The advantages of using a facial steamer are not well known, but they compare well with saunas (or steam rooms of course) which you probably know more about. In fact, using a steam room shares many of the benefits with using a sauna, plus it has a few more of its own, and facial steaming is how you can bring those benefits into your home, and your everyday routine.

Increases Your Circulation

The steam causes an increase in temperature, which means that your blood vessels dilate. This makes it easier for your heart to pump blood around your body, reducing strain on your heart. The blood brings oxygen, which your skin cells use for all of their processes, as well as nutrients. These increases mean your cells are healthier and their functions can increase, meaning you get a healthier complexion and your skin can heal faster! Increased circulation = lower blood pressure.

Facial Steamer Benefits

Skin Hydration

You need to make sure you have a steamer that produces the right type of steam for this benefit. Regular steam will sit on the surface of your skin, but nano-steam is small enough to penetrate the skin barrier and moisturize it from within. Nano-steam has 10 times the power to penetrate your skin compared to regular steam.


You can add essential oils, essences or even fresh fruit to some steamers, which release gentle fragrances to relax you and enhance the skin treatment you get from your steam session.

Bear in mind that not all steamers are suitable for using oils or essences for aromatherapy in your steam sessions. Therefore, you need to choose one that specifically has an aromatherapy chamber or function, because damage your steamer if you use it or aromatherapy and it is unsuitable.

Facial Steamer Sinus

Clear Your Sinuses

You can soothe the feelings of a blocked nose or sinuses with a steaming session. You may have experienced this when taking a shower when you have a cold. You can feel that your airways feel clearer after a steam and you may even find that it can relieve a pressure headache.

The membranes in your nose are delicate and are easily irritated by dry air, and it is unfortunate that coughs and colds tend to occur when we’ve got the heating on and our houses homes and workplaces are particularly dry. A relaxing steam session can certainly give you temporary relief from your symptoms though, and the relaxation element will help your body reboot your defense system and help you recover from your illness.

Remove Makeup, Oil And Impurities

As your circulation increases and your cell functions also increase, your skin can remove more toxins and impurities. Cells can shed toxins in the bloodstream where they are swiftly removed, or your pores can perspire, releasing the impurities in sweat. Sweat is a natural function which is part of the body’s cooling process, and it helps your body to release toxins and impurities that can otherwise congest your pores and lead to spots and blackheads. However, leaving sweat to dry on your skin can also cause spots and blackheads – because it can contain the toxins and impurities, so make sure you regularly cleanse your skin too.

What To Look For In A Facial Steamer

There are many different features that facial steamers can have, and while it is more difficult to find an affordable one that ticks all of the boxes, there are some very versatile models around. Before purchasing a new steamer, consider what you would like it for most. If you are keen on aromatherapy or infusing fragrances into your home, go for a humidifier which is specifically designed for aromatherapy, as it will need to have a dedicated aromatherapy chamber.

Consider also where you will mostly be using your steamer – will you need to be able to adjust the direction of the steam outlet nozzle? This feature certainly makes your steamer more adaptable, and most have a degree of movement, but some will have more than others.

What To Look For

To get the most out of your steamer, make sure that it produces nano steam. Nano steam is much finer than regular steam, meaning it penetrates your skin barrier at 10 times the rate of normal steam, which generally sits on the surface of your skin.

Ideally, regardless of how you plan to use your steamer, you will want to go for one which emits virtually no noise when it is working. You want to be able to use it at any time, without worrying that you will disturb your family, and you want to be able to relax and enjoy it without distracting noises!

Some steamers have the ability to steam towels, which can be a very refreshing end to your steam session, or at any time. The most effective way of steaming a towel is to put it in a specifically-designed chamber within the steamer, as the NanoSteamer has.

Important Safety Features

The most important features for your steamer to have, we believe, is the ability to shut off automatically when the water runs low. Otherwise, the water can boil dry, causing damage to the steamer and potentially causing harm to you. You will find steaming sessions are very relaxing, and the last thing you want to be doing is getting up to check the level or keeping an eye on the clock while you steam. An automatic shut off is a safe way of ensuring that once your steam is finished, the device will halt its power, regardless of whether you are paying attention or not!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Facial Steamer To Buy?

The best facial steamer is the Pure Daily Care Nano Steamer, which is a 3-in-1 facial steamer that also has a towel steaming chamber. It is also powerful enough to use as a room humidifier.

Do Facial Steamers Really Work?

Yes, facial steamers can be very beneficial to your skin. They can optimize your facial care routines by infusing moisture deep into your skin and enhance the results you can get with topical products. They are also very relaxing to use, especially with aromatherapy.

Is Steaming Good For Your Face?

Steaming can relax your pores, making it easy to expel blockages and blackheads. By infusing moisture deep into your skin and improving circulation, it can also improve the overall health of your skin.

What Is A Nano Steamer?

A nano steamer is a device that emits nano-steam, which can penetrate your skin up to 10x more than regular steam. This can improve circulation and hydrate your skin, enhancing cell functions and resulting in healthier skin.

How Often Should You Steam Your Face?

About once a week is enough for steaming your face. It can be very beneficial for your skin, but it is not a good idea to overdo it.

Do Facial Steamers Work?

Yes, facial steamers can benefit your skin in many ways. They deeply hydrate and relax your pores so that your skin can expel blockages easier. They can also improve circulation so that you see better results from topical products.