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6 Best Hair Straightening Brushes For Curly, Wavy & Thick Hair

Best Hairbrush Straightener

If you want to straighten your hair without damage, faster or to keep your newly straightened style for longer, look no further than the humble hair straightening brush!

A heated straightening brush quickly straightens your hair, whilst giving you a natural style and frizz control, without intensely ironing and risking damage to your hair, like a regular flat iron straightener can cause.

It sounds too good to be true, but having tested some of the best (and worst) hair straightening brushes around, we are confident that it is an important hair styling tool.

Why trust us? We spent over 40 hours researching, testing and reviewing the best hair straightener brushes on the market, with professional advice from our in-house stylist. Now we present our results and reviews to help you choose the best hair straightening brush for you.

The 6 Top-Rated Hair Straightening Brushes

#1 Editor’s Choice

AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush 3.0
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  • Heats fast
  • 250-400°F/121-204°C
  • Mirror

#2 Editor’s Choice

Glamfields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush 2.0
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  • Temperature lock
  • 250-450°F/121-232°C
  • Dual voltage

CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush
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  • Crescent design
  • 300-450°F/150-230°C
  • MCH heating

Glamfields Ionic Straightening Brush
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  • Heats fast
  • 330-450°F/165-232°C
  • Scalp Massaging

Revlon XL Hair Straightening Brush
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  • Longer bristles
  • 250-430°F/121-221°C
  • Heats fast

KingdomCares Professional Hair Straightener Brush
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  • Unique design
  • 265-395°F/129-212°C
  • Tangle-free cord

Best Overall: AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 3.0

AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush 3.0
Amy Tribe

Editor’s choice: Of all the models we tested, the AsaVea brush performed the best. It had the largest bristle area for optimal contact and coverage and is suitable for all hair types.

High Performance

The AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush feels durable, with an attractive brushed metal finish and a mirror on the back. It is heavier than other models, but still comfortable to hold and easy to manoeuvre, and it performs well, too. It was one of the fastest models to heat up, taking just over 30 seconds, and it is well-insulated, so the back stays cool.

Simple Controls

It has just three heat settings, but the wide temperature range means it’s suitable for all hair types. It is easy to control with a single button and turns off automatically. It has universal voltage so you can even take it on vacation.

The ion generator glows blue and emits negative ions. Ion technology neutralizes positive charge, therefore cutting down on flyaway hairs and hair frizz caused by static energy. It can also help your locks stay shinier, healthier and smoother.


  • High-quality
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Universal voltage
  • Heats fast


  • Fewer heat settings

Best For Curly Hair: Glamfields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush 2.0

Glamfields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush 2.0
Amy Tribe

Editor’s choice: The Glamfields Ionic 2.0 is another high-quality hair straightening brush with dual voltage. It was the next fastest to heat up after the AsaVea, and we love its paddle brush shape. We believe it is the second best hairbrush straightener.


From opening the box to brushing it, hot, through your hair, everything about this hair straightening brush is sleek. The smooth black and purple design is easy to control and it heats quickly, slipping easily through your hair without catching, making it a great option for very curly hair.

It even comes with a purple storage sleeve and a glove, to protect your fingers from burns.

Wide Temperature Range

This model is particularly good for styling very curly hair, but its wide range of temperature settings makes it ideal for all hair types. It clearly indicates when it has reached the temperature and it automatically locks the setting so that you don’t accidentally change the temperature as you are styling.


  • Temperature lock
  • Automatic shut-off (30 minutes)
  • Ionic
  • Dual voltage
  • Travel pouch


  • None! We loved this straightening brush!

Best For Detangling: CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

This ionic heated styling brush was another firm favourite with our testers. Its innovative design gives you style and performance. The MCH heating gives you fast, consistent heating and the ion generator encourages smooth, silky condition and natural-looking straight hair.

Unique Design

The CNXUS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush boasts a unique, crescent-shape ceramic bristle layout and has a 360° swivel cord for optimal movement. The design fits against the shape of your head as you brush, and is very comfortable. The shorter middle bristles may mean it is less suitable for thick hair, but it is a good option for fine hair.


The brush has dual voltage so you can use it abroad, and it lets you toggle the LED screen between °F and °C. It will also turn off automatically after 30 minutes to prevent damage.


  • Dual voltage
  • °C & °F temperatures
  • Ion generator
  • MCH heating
  • Glides through hair easily
  • Automatic shut-off (30 minutes)


  • Less suitable for thick hair
  • Tips heated

Best For Wavy Hair: Glamfields Ionic Straightening Brush

Glamfields Ionic Straightening Brush

Like its purple counterpart, the Glamfields Ionic Straightening Brush impressed us. It feels durable, yet is lightweight, almost like a regular hairbrush, and is comfortable to hold.

Ceramic Bristles

The ceramic bristles have four temperature settings, giving you excellent control. It heats quickly (just over 30 seconds in our tests) and the bristles glide easily through your hair. It gently massages your scalp and stimulates your hair follicles for optimal styling benefits.

Double Anion Spray

It gives you two anion sprays, one each side, to evenly distribute the negative ions for reducing flyaway and frizzy hair. Although it reduced static in our tests, it wasn’t significantly better than the models with single ion generators.


  • Lightweight but durable
  • Attractive design
  • Dual voltage
  • Storage bag
  • Well-insulated
  • Heated fast


  • Smaller temperature range than others

Best For Thick Hair: Revlon XL Hair Straightening Brush

Revlon XL Hair Straightening Brush

The Revlon XL Heated Straightening Brush gave even our curliest and thickest-haired testers a natural-looking, straightness like they’d just had a blowout!

Tames Unruly Manes!

It is our choice for the best heated brush for thick hair because its ceramic bristles are longer than others, meaning they fit better through thicker sections, or particularly wide curly hair, saving you time. It means you get contact from the root to the tip, and is good for preventing snags and detangling.

The Revlon XL gives you 10 heat settings for styling different hair types, up to a maximum of 430°F, and the brush heats quickly; in just over 30 seconds in our tests.


  • Dual voltage
  • Long, anti-scald tips
  • Easy to control
  • Heats fast
  • Sturdy, comfortable to hold


  • Back casing warmed up
  • Heavier

Best Budget Model: KingdomCares Professional Hair Straightener Brush

KingdomCares Professional Straightener Brush

None of the models here are particularly expensive, but if you want a cheap tool, the KingdomCares Professional Hair Straightener Brush is the best budget option. It has many of the same features of other models, such as ionic technology, LED temperature reading and 360° swivel cord, but is more of a straightening comb, than a brush.

Tooth Design

Instead of heated bristles, it has a single row of 23 wide, heated teeth, which flow easily through your hair without causing snags. The PTC heater ensures a consistent temperature and the tips design means you cannot scald your scalp. It is a great option for wavy hair.

It is easy to select one of the six temperature settings, giving a smooth hair style to any hair type. Despite being our budget choice, you get a lot with this hairbrush straightener.


  • Great for wavy hair
  • 6 consistent temperature settings
  • 360° swivel cord
  • Anti-scald tips


  • Heats slower
  • Smaller contact area
  • Not dual voltage

We Do Not Recommend: Oak Leaf Hair Straightener Brush

We Don’t Recommend Oak Leaf Straightener Brush

Although this was one of the budget models of straightener brushes, we were extremely disappointed. Despite us buying it new, it arrived dirty and scratched. It felt cheap, and the anti-scald tips on the bristles were useless. It took the longest time to heat up out of all the models we tested, and when it eventually reached the temperature, the back of the device got extremely hot too, burning our hands as we held it. Overall, we thoroughly recommend NOT choosing the Oak Leaf Hair Straightening Brush.

Buyer’s Guide:

How We Tested These Brushes

We initially researched popular and high technology options, discounting those designed for wet hair, which can cause irreparable hair damage. Our tests considered factors including heat up time, insulation quality, design, static created and overall usability and experience.

We got a wide range of results, apart from the static, for which they all happily scored low. Overall, we preferred the hairbrush straighteners with a paddle brush design.

How Straightening Brushes Work

Brushes that straighten hair are a fantastic invention! Their simple design makes them quick and easy to use.

Heated Bristles Of A Hair Straightener Brush

Straightener brushes work similarly to flat irons, but instead of clamping your hair between two heated plates, the bristles are heated, giving you straight hair with a lower risk of heat damage, like split ends. The heated straightening brush bristles relax the strands to give natural-looking styles. We explain this more in our blog post on how straightening brushes work.

How To Use A Straightening Brush

Straightening hairbrushes are extremely simple to use and are suitable for every hair type (unless you have hair damage). Ideally, you want to begin with clean hair, but make sure it is completely dry.

First, protect your hair with a thermal protectant product to prevent heat damage, then divide your hair into sections and comb away any knots. Wait until your brush heats to your desired temperature and then take your first section and brush slowly through, giving the heat a chance to work. Gradually work through the sections, then to finish up, spray on some hair spray. To find out more information, check out our blog post on how to use a straightening brush.

Why Choose A Straightening Brush?

Why Choose A Straightening Brush?

Straightening brushes are easy, effective and relatively cheap tools to style your hair with. You can quickly use them in the morning to straighten your hair, or you can use them to maintain your flat-ironed style for longer. They are gentle on your hair and often have universal voltage, so you can take them abroad. We thoroughly recommend straightening brushes as a valuable addition to your hair styling tool kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that the best hair straightening brush is the AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush 3.0, and the second best is the Glamfields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush 2.0. Both are easy to use, have universal voltage and perform well, giving you beautiful, natural styles.

A straightening brush may be less damaging to your locks than a flat iron straightener because it uses heated ‘bristles’, rather than clamping your hairs between the heat elements, and so therefore it may be gentler.

We love both hair straightening brushes and flat irons! The heated brushes relax your hair and create a more natural-looking straight style, while flat irons give you a pin-straight look. However, hairbrush straighteners may be gentler.

Yes, hair straightening brushes are designed to be safe for daily use, but it is good to not heat-treat your mane every day. However, there are some cheap, poor-quality models on the market, so take care to choose a good quality one.


Overall, we believe the best straightening brush is the AsaVea Hair Straightener Brush, closely followed by the Glamfields Ionic Hair Straightener Brush. We enjoyed testing these products and hope we have helped you to find the right one for you. Let us know in the comments which one you picked!