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Best Rebounder Mini Trampolines Reviewed For Indoor Workouts 2023

Best Mini Trampoline Rebounder

A few years ago, rebounders were generally considered to be lightweight pieces of exercise equipment – good for keeping the kids amused, but not much else. With the huge surge in popularity of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), however, the humble rebounder has been given a new lease of life and is now considered an essential training aid for any serious home gymer. Still, there are a whole lot of shoddy mini tramps proliferating the marketplace. That’s why we’ve gone deep inside the mini trampoline market to sort out the best from the rest.

Why Trust Us? Our team of fitness professionals have spent in excess of 40 hours evaluating and rating the most popular mini trampolines on the current market. We examined them in terms of their comfort, safety, bounce, quality, ease of use and, of course, price. Our expert guidance and attention to detail give you the assurance you need to base your buying decisions on our advice.

#1 Editor’s Choice

MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder
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#2 Editor’s Choice

ANCHEER Foldable 40″ Mini Trampoline
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Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline
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JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder
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JumpSport 350 | Fitness Trampoline
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LEAPS & REBOUNDS: Rebounder Fitness Trampoline
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1. Best Overall: MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder

Maximus Pro Folding Rebounder
Amy Tribe

Editor’s Choice #1: The people behind the Maximus PRO have thought of everything when it comes to getting an awesome mini tramp workout; strength bands, huge weight limit, stability bar, sand weights, DVDs and even a storage bag!

Resistance Bands

The MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder comes with detachable resistance bands. This innovation allows you to get both a cardio and a resistance workout, making your training time twice as effective. You can use the bands while jumping on the mini tramp or completely separately.

High Weight Limit

The maximum user weight on the MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder is an impressive 310 pounds. That is a higher weight limit you will find compared to most competing mini trampolines, allowing more family members to use the device. This mini trampoline also delivers a low-impact workout, making it a good choice for heavier users.

Great Extras

Your purchase of the MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder comes with the best range of extras we’ve seen on the entire market. You will get the afore-mentioned strength bands, safety cover, a handle bar sand weights, training videos and a handy carry case. That is pretty impressive!

Built to Last

Unlike some of the other rebounders that we have come across, the MaXimus PRO is not a toy. It is a heavy-duty workout device, as evidenced by its high quality components. These include 32 highly calibrated giant metal springs to provide an excellent low-impact bounce and the double cross-stitched non-slip mat.

7 Workout DVDs

When you buy the MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder, you get immediate access to a library of 7 workout DVDs. The training programs have been designed by professional fitness experts to take you from a beginner to an advanced level trainee. On top of that, you also get access to hundreds of online workouts presented by an array of international fitness experts.

Support Handles

The MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder comes with a detachable support handle and stability bar. This is a great innovation that is especially beneficial for those who are using the rebounder for rehabilitation and for the elderly. The stability bar is quick to attach and will provide the sense of safety that people with balance issues needed to feel secure while exercising.



2. Best For Heavy Duty Workouts: ANCHEER Foldable 40" Mini Trampoline

Ancheer Foldable Rebounder
Amy Tribe

Editor’s Choice #2: We love the Ancheer Foldable 40” Mini Trampoline because it is a hardcore unit for hardcore trainers; it’s got the heavy duty design, springs, handles and PP mesh folding surface to meet the needs of intense trainers.

Heavy Duty Design

The ANCHEER Foldable 40″ Mini Trampoline is designed for the serious exerciser who demands a strong exercise device that will allow him/her to push their limits. The bouncing surface is made from high quality PP mesh to provide a strong and resilient underfoot experience. This is complemented with a heavy-duty steel frame and six sturdy detachable feet.

Removable Handles

The ANCHEER mini tramp provides you with removable handrails for enhanced balance, flexibility and coordination. These foam covered handrails are ideal for the elderly or anyone with slightly impaired balance and coordination.

40 Heavy Duty Springs

This mini tramp provides you with 40 heavy duty steel springs to power your bounce. This is many more than you get on the average mini tramp, delivering greater bounce and lower joint impact. The metal springs are tightly coiled and rust resistant, so you’ll have no problems keeping the mini tramp outdoors.


This mini tramp can be folded twice for easy carriage and storage. The six feet are also removable to allow you to store the device flat. All of this makes the ANCHEER mini tramp easy to carry around. Set up is quick and easy, with no additional tools required.



3. Best For Durability: Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36” Folding Trampoline

The Stamina Folding Trampoline provides users with a very secure surface to exercise on, thanks to the 30 latex rubber tension bands that attach it to the heavy duty springs. The thick reinforced surface will support up to 250 pounds of user weight.


The smart foldable design of the Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline means that it is a perfect choice for those with a small workout area. Simply detach the feet, fold it in half and slip it under a bed when it’s not being used!

Supportive Bounce

The 30 tension bands that connect the polypropylene mat to the frame ensure that you get a consistent, supportive jumping experience. Durability is assured with the number and quality of these bands. They are also doubled stitched to ensure that they will not come apart.

Video Support

When you buy the Stamina Trampoline, you also get 3 complimentary video workouts to help keep you motivated and provide expert guidance. This training material can be streamed to your smartphone, PC, tablet or smart TV.

Compact & Lightweight

The Stamina 36-Inch Foldable Trampoline weighs in at just 14 pounds and has a diameter of only 36 inches. That makes it very compact and easy to move around. This is especially important for older users. The six feet are also removable. This, combined with the foldability of the unit, makes it easy to store away.



4. Best for Low-Impact Training: JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio Fitness Rebounder

JumpSport 240 Rebounder

The JumpSport 250 In Home Cardio features a unique design that is intended to reduce joint impact. The manufacturer claims that it delivers 40% less impact than competing models. The reduction may not be that much, but it is noticeable, making this a good choice for those with joint conditions, such as arthritis.

Large Padded Edges

The extra wide padded edges of the JumpSport 250, combined with a large jumping surface, provide a very good low-impact form of cardio exercise. The thick padding will keep you (and your kids) safe from the springs that lie beneath.

Premium Bungee Cords

Rather than using steel springs, this exercise trampoline provides you with Endurolast 2 elastic bungee cords. These provide less impact and provide a smoother more natural bounce and you benefit from the enhanced bungee strength. These cords have been tested to millions of bounces. Another bonus with this system is that it is a whole lot quieter than springs.


The black powder coated 39-inch frame of the JumpSport 250 exercise trampoline provides a very stable and durable base from which to exercise. The jumping surface is made of 35.5-inch Permatron to deliver a firm, supportive underfoot feel.

Arched Legs

The ergonomically designed arched legs of the Jumpsport 250 delivers an extra level of security. They are also tip resistant. The feet are quickly removable to allow you to store the unit in a confined space when you’re not using it. The maximum weight on the Jumpsport 250 rebounder trampoline is 250 pounds. As an extra bonus, this unit arrives nearly fully assembled.



5. Best for Bounce Ability: JumpSport 350 | Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport 350 Fitness Trampoline

The Jumpsport 350 is the big brother of the 250 exercise trampoline. It features a larger exercise area, with an extended mat that provides 915 square inches of bouncing surface. This extends your choice of workout options and training intensities. You’re able to move side to side and back to back with no worry of going over the edge.

Enhanced Stability

The Jumpstart 350 makes use of a unique patented foot design to enhance the stability of the unit. The arched design keeps the feet from moving, even when you are going all out with your HIIT workout. In addition, the arch design guarantees that the rebounder will not tip over.

Premium Endurolast Cords

The Endurolast cords that attach the bouncing mat to the frame of the Jumpsport 350 will last 3-6 times longer than conventional springs. The 30 cords deliver a low-impact workout, and a smooth level of bounce. They are also adjustable to three different levels of firmness.

275 Pound Weight Limit

The Jumpsport 350 has a maximum user weight of 275 pounds, allowing larger people to get a safe workout. It also features a solid frame and a stable base to ensure durability and reliability of use. The frame diameter is 39 inches.



6. Best For Seniors: LEAPS & REBOUNDS: Rebounder Fitness Trampoline

Leaps & Rebounds Fitness Trampoline

The LEAPS & REBOUNDS Fitness Trampoline is made from premium componentry, including thick bungee cords, instead of springs, thick gauge steel to prevent warping and rubber washers to prevent the feet from coming loose. This all adds up to a more durable, safer and more effective product.

Protective Mat

The integrated protective mat that comes with your purchase of this exercise rebounder covers the bungees completely. This provides you with the safety and comfort of knowing that you are protected and that no part of you will slip through.

Easy Installation

The LEAPS & BOUNDS exercise rebounder is very easy to install. Your purchase comes with a free bungee installation tool to exercise the process. The legs also screw off to make it easier to move this exercise rebounder around.

Lifetime Warranty

Your purchase of the LEAPS & BOUNDS exercise rebounder comes with a 100% 3-day satisfaction guarantee, along with a life-time warranty. That gives you the confidence that if anything goes wrong with the product, you are covered, no questions asked.



Buyer’s Guide

Confused about what you need to consider when you’re shopping for a new mini tramp? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive buying guide.

How To Choose The Best Rebounder:

Choosing A Rebounder


The frame of your mini tramp needs to be secure enough to withstand years of daily use. At the same time, it should be lightweight enough to be able to be easily move it around your home and store it away when not in use. The frame should be made of hollow steel tubing that has a material covering, to protect it and prevent your feet from slipping on it.

Weight Limit

The last thing you want is for your tramp base to start splitting after a couple of months use, due to excessive weight capacity. All mini tramps should state the weight limit in the advertising material. Make sure that you leave a gap of 50 pounds between the maximum weight limit you intend to put on the mini tramp and the stated weight. So, if your max is going to be 250 pounds, don’t consider anything under a 300 pound weight limit.


A mini tramp is something that you expect to keep for many years. When it comes to durability, check the quality of the stitching around the connection points between the mat and the springs as well as the thickness of the springs. The beveling in the foot attachments on the frame should also be high quality to prevent problems with secure foot attachment after a few month’s use.


Then main concern when it comes to comfort on a rebounder is whether you can comfortably use it without wearing shoes. Some rebounders are so thick and taut that you just can’t jump on them in bare feet. This may be ok if your tramp is situated outside. But, if it’s right in your living room, you will no doubt want to be able to jump on anytime without having to go put some shoes on your feet. It is important to also ensure that the tramp has a safety pad.


A mini tramp is designed for a single person to use. For comfortable use, it should have a jumping area of at least 28 inches.The overall maximum length of the unit should be no more than 40 inches, or else it will prove too bulky for comfortable storage when not in use.


Different rebounders provide you with different levels of bounciness. The level of bounce that you go with depends on your main purpose for buying the rebounder in the first place. If it is for serious cardio, like HIIT workouts, then you should go with a rebounder that provides you with maximum bounce. However, if you are after a lighter, milder exercise session, a less bouncy mini tramp will be ideal for you.

Helpful Tips For Rebounding

A rebounder provides an excellent low-impact means of getting in a very effective cardio workout. Here are 5 ways to get maximum health benefits out of your rebounder:

  1. Add an element of cardio to your resistance workout by jogging on the rebounder between sets of presses, curls, squats or any other weights movement you’re doing sets on.
  2. Do jumping jacks on your rebounder – start with 20, then build up from there.
  3. Perform HIIT workouts on the rebounder. To do it, sprint for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat 7-8 times.
  4. Do the Twist – on each bounce, twist your lower body one way and your torso in the other direction. Continue for 45-60 seconds to give your intercostals a great workout.
  5. High Knees / Butt Kicks – do high knee sprints for a count of 10, immediately followed by butt kicks for a count of 10. Repeat for 5-6 intervals.

Example Rebounder Workout

Rebounder Workout

Here’s an effective mini trampoline exercise routine for a beginner fitness level. Do it every alternate day for best results.

  1. Light jog – 2 minutes
  2. High knees – 30 seconds
  3. Light jog – 30 seconds
  4. Butt kicks – 30 seconds
  5. Light jog – 30 seconds
  6. Jumping Jack – 30 seconds
  7. Light jog – 30 seconds
  8. Twists – 30 seconds
  9. Light jog – 30 seconds
  10. Fast sprint – 30 seconds
  11. Light jog – 30 seconds

You can also combine a rebounder workout with some weight training, for example adding in some dumbells or a medicine ball. You may wish to check out our medicine ball reviews next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions we get about mini tramps – and the definitive answers.

The best mini trampoline on the market right now is the MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder. We think it’s the best because it combines the key elements of high maximum weight allowance, resistance bands, support handles and great bounceability.

You should wear shoes on a rebounder if it is uncomfortable for you to jump on the unit in bare feet. Some mini tramp are just not comfortable when you do not wear shoes. However, there is no specific advantage to wearing shoes on a mini trampoline. If you are intending to use the rebounder indoors, not having to wear shoes is a lot less hassle.

Rebounding will build muscle, but only to a very limited degree. The health benefits are mainly cardiovascular, as it gets your heart pumping. As well as boosting your heart rate, it also burns calories to help you lose body fat and strengthens your immune system. The main muscle groups worked on fitness trampolines are lower leg muscles, with some secondary muscle building benefits to the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

Rebounding will help to reduce cellulite, but only to a limited degree. Cellulite often builds up on the butt, hips and thighs of women, which are areas that a rebounder works well. However, it is not possible to spot reduce either cellulite or fat. It is a combination of regular exercise (both cardio and resistance) to burn calories, good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits, such as getting good sleep and moderating alcohol intake that help you to remove cellulite.

Yes, you can lose body weight on rebounder trampolines. Again, however, weight loss will only happen when your rebounder exercise is part of an overall healthy lifestyle that includes reduced-calorie healthy nutritional habits and resistance exercise training.


The best fitness mini rebounder on the 2023 market is the MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder. Coming in a close second is the ANCHEER Foldable 40″ Mini Trampoline. Rounding out our top 3 best rebounder trampolines of 2023 is the Stamina 36-Inch Folding Tramp.