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Author: Steve Theunissen

In the late 1990’s, I became passionate about doing something to help combat the growing problem of childhood obesity. This led me to complete a teaching degree. For the next dozen years, I combined my love of literacy with my passion for fitness to educate middle school students. I started up the country’s first Bootcamp for Kids, along with providing courses in healthy nutrition and developing the fitness mindset. For the past five years, I have been a full-time fitness writer. I also love to write about history and have written more than thirty books on the great battles throughout history.

Top Recumbent Bike Workouts

Recumbent Bike Workouts

The recumbent exercise bike is a mainstay of most commercial gym cardio areas. They’re also popular in the home gym market. Largely due to the way they position you on the bike, many people associate recumbent bike workouts with a more gentle, senior-friendly aerobic exercise workout. Yet, there’s more to…

Do I Need A Treadmill Mat

Do I Need A Treadmill Mat

So you have got yourself a new treadmill for your home, and wanting to get going with your new fitness equipment. Whenever you make a sizable purchase on equipment, there’s always the temptation to pay more for all manner of add-ons. Often these extras, though they’re marketed as being essential,…