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6 Best Hot Combs For Straightening Hair

Best Hot Comb

As any fan of haircare will be more than aware, straightening your hair to achieve that stunning salon look can be a lengthy, tedious and, at times, painful process. All of us have experienced the last-minute horror of standing in front of the mirror, running later and later while we try to readjust our bangs or hairlines to cover the burn we just made with the straightening iron, or desperately trying to iron down frizzy flyaways. In some cases, the damage caused by straightening can cause serious issues with your hair, leaving you with dry, straw-like strands that just don’t sit right.

If this sounds familiar, then we have a new solution: the hot comb! These innovative devices allow you to enjoy a salon-quality blowout in half the time, and with none of the stress! Read on to discover everything you need to know about finding the best hot comb and make sure that bad hair days are a thing of the past.

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Best Hot Comb Comparison Table

#1 Editor’s Choice

Secura Hair Straightener Comb
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#2 Editor’s Choice

INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Ultra-High Heat Gold-Plated Straightening Comb
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Terviiix Hot Comb Electric
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Gold N Hot Professional Styling Comb
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Andis 38330 Professional 450 F High Heat Ceramic Press Comb
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Red by Kiss Hot Styler Pressing Comb
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1. Secura Hair Straightener Comb

Secura Hair Straightener Comb
Amy Tribe

Editors Choice #1: Are you looking to style your hair for salon-worthy results, but lacking the time for the perfect look? With the Secura comb, you can enjoy an incredible blowout in half the time, all while remaining confident that your hair is being protected from head damage with each and every stroke. As an added bonus, you can stay in control of every strand with the choice of six temperature controls.

Plenty of Choice

The Secura hair straightener comb is a true marvel of haircare and offers six amazing levels of heat to help you bring your dream hairstyle to life – no matter which hair type you have. A total of 23 heating elements means that the comb covers a large section of hair at a time, reducing the need for you to go over the same section of hair time and again – this is a one-way ticket to frazzled locks. Heat is dispersed evenly throughout the hair for added safety, delivering incredible style.

Fast Heating Time

Premium PTC ceramic heating components work quickly, reaching your desired temperature within 40 seconds at the first level, and you can heat your straightener to level four within 80 seconds, saving you precious time in your hair care routine. The temperature is clearly displayed on a clear LED indicator, and the inclusion of a 360-degree cord rotates in all directions, allowing you to choose the best angle for your hair.



2. INFINITI PRO BY CONAIR Ultra-High Heat Gold-Plated Straightening Comb

Infiniti Pro By Conair Straightening Comb
Amy Tribe

Editors Choice #2: With gold-plated combs, a commitment to protecting hair health and a super-fast speed up time to allow you to create your perfect style in no time, this Infinitipro By Conair comb is a must-have addition to your hair care collection and is an ideal way to take your look from drab to fab in next to no time.

The Infinitipro By Conair hot comb takes hot combs to the next level. The gold-plated design offers sleek, polished results, offering you a super straight finish without the risk of frizz. The comb heats up in an amazing 30 seconds, allowing you to get started on your styling in no time – this is the ideal option if you have a busy schedule, and need to be up and out of the door in a hurry in the morning. This also means that this comb is ideal if you realize you need a quick touch-up at the last minute – the unit heats up very quickly.

Range Of Settings

As well as fast heating capabilities, this hot comb also offers 30 settings, meaning it’s ideal for thick hair, fine hair, coarse hair, straight hair, dyed hair…this is the ultimate versatile electric pressing comb, and saves the need to store multiple flat iron or curling products – you can take care of almost all your hair needs with a single comb. You can also make the most of an impressive extra feature: the Turbo Boost allows you to maximize your results in half the time, while still using an even, consistent heat throughout to keep any damage to your hair to an absolute minimum.



3. Terviiix Hot Comb Electric

Terviix Hot Comb Electric

Versatility is the main keyword to describe this Tervis hot comb – this is an ideal option that combines protection, flexibility and amazing results, no matter your hair type. The unit comes with a removable anti-scald shield, which not only protects your skin from burns and scalds, but also offers better, safer results for African American hair, or for use on wigs. In addition, the comb comes with additional safety features in the form of a temperature control button – this reduces the risk that you will accidentally turn the comb off, or change the temperature and burn yourself.

There are 5 heat settings to choose from, allowing you to use these hot combs on a range of hair types, and the top heat reaches 450℉ for the ultimate sleek finish and offering the flexibility to create a huge variety of styles – perhaps more so than other hot combs for natural hair.

Stay Safe

Safety and protection are also taken care of with the unit – the teeth of the comb are infused with argan oil, tourmaline and keratin for up to four times less damage to your hair. In addition, the teeth release negative ions when they heat up, which plays a key role in reducing the frizz produced during the heating process – this nourishes the strands, and offers a smooth, sleek texture, while a ceramic coating ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the hair.



4. Gold N Hot Professional Styling Comb

Gold N Hot Professional Styling Comb

With a stylish gold finish, easy-to-grip handle and classic design, this is one of the cutest hot combs in our collection. As well as looking great, this is one of the quality electric hot combs that offers amazing results – this is far from a case of all style and no substance. The teeth are wedge-shaped, and this makes it easier to pick up hair to offer more precise, exact pressing for all hair types. You will be in control at every stage of your styling, and this is great for helping you to achieve the exact results you want – there will be no need to settle for “almost good enough”.

Fast Heating

Some electric hot combs suffer from not getting hot enough, or losing their temperature quickly, but the 24k gold-plated finish means that Gold N Hot combs will retain their heat for longer, and you can opt for a temperature from 200 to 450℉ to achieve your desired results. A power indicator light makes it easy to stay safe, and the cord is 9 feet in length – ideal for reducing tangles and keeping you safe.



5. Andis 38330 Professional 450 F High Heat Ceramic Press Comb

Andis Ceramic Press Comb

If you have thick hair that is naturally coarse in texture, you may have thought that electric hot combs are not the best option for you – and it is true that until recently, thick hair and hot combs did not automatically go hand in hand. This Andis 38330 hot comb, however, is a real game changer and allows you to enjoy amazing, salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.

20 Heat Settings

This is a hot comb that puts you in charge of choice – opt for one of 20 heat settings for sleek, silky locks, and transform natural hair into old-school glamor in no time. You can also save time, as the comb heats up in just 30 seconds, and this makes the Andis 38330 the ideal option for busy gals on the go – you can style your hair and be out of the door in next to no time. The comb itself is tough and durable – making it ideal for natural hair that is a little thicker – and the wide teeth mean that you can cover more hair in one go for speedier results. As an added bonus, the hot comb itself is made from quality ceramic, which distributes the heat more evenly, reduces frizz and flyaways, and leaves you with shiny, soft hair. An auto-shut-off feature also keeps everyone safer.



6. Red by Kiss Hot Styler Pressing Comb

Red By Kiss Hot Styler Pressing Comb

If you need a hot hair comb that is versatile enough for all-natural hair types, includes amazing heat distribution and a heat recovery system that is designed to keep your hair in the best possible shape, then this Red by Kiss Hot Styler is the perfect addition to your haircare collection.

One Touch

Up to 450℉ of heat allows you to enjoy smooth, straight hair without the need to keep passing over your hair. This, combined with even distribution of heat throughout the comb, helps to protect your hair and reduces the risk of frying your locks – even with repeated usage. As an added bonus, the unit includes variable temperature control, which means that you can personalize your tool to your exact needs, and auto shut off offers extra safety and peace of mind.



Buyer’s Guide

How to use a hot comb, electric comb features and how to choose the best one for you.

What Is A Hot Comb

What Is A Hot Comb

A hot comb is a type of hairstyling tool that is designed to straighten your hair. Unlike a flat iron, electric hot combs have wide teeth, and this means that they can brush through the hair smoothly and easily, reducing friction and breakages that come from pulling or snagging the hair. In many ways, an electric hot comb will resemble a standard comb, but with an electrical power outlet. The teeth are thinner, meaning you can get closer to the root for a really sleek finish. Electric hot combs also tend to offer greater protection for your hair.

Types Of Hot Comb

The terms “hot comb” and “pressing comb” are often used interchangeably, but there are in fact differences between these two products. In the simplest terms: a pressing comb is placed on a heated surface, such as a stove, and allowed to reach a certain temperature before being used to style hair. This is an option best left to professionals, who have the skills and training to use these tools without damaging your hair.

A hot comb, on the other hand, is usually electric. Electric hot combs are easier to use and manage as they can be plugged in, and will alert you when the required temperature has been reached.

Never put an electric hot comb on a stove or other heating device – this could not only damage the components and material of an electric hot comb but cause a fire or serious incident. An electric hot comb will heat itself and does not require any extra stimulation.

Hot Comb Vs Flat Iron? Click the link to learn more.

Features Of A Hot Comb

When you are purchasing a hot comb, there are two main features that you need to focus on: the material, and the number of heat settings. These two factors will impact how effective different combs are for your hair, how well they heat up and how safe they are.

Features Of A Hot Comb


Choosing the right material for your electric hot comb is part of the secret to success, and will play a large role in how fast and effectively your comb heats up and achieves the desired results. Gold, tourmaline and titanium are the most common materials for hot combs, and are also amongst the most effective, thanks to their heat retaining properties.

Heat Settings

When choosing your new electric hot comb, you should also take care to ensure you select an option that offers you a range of heat settings – this will allow you to enjoy the best possible results for different hair types. Ultimately, the more settings that your comb has, the more options you have to style natural hair. Hot combs for natural hair will usually offer gradual increases in temperature, which means you can switch to the best option for the look that you want – remember that dyed hair tends to be a little dryer, so it is a good idea to opt for less heat when styling hair of this type.

You should always use a heat protection spray when using heat to style your hair, whether with straightening irons, a pressing comb or electric hot combs – this will help to protect the hair, and reduce the risk of damage or breakage, especially over a sustained period of time.

Choosing The Best Hot Comb For You

Choosing the best hot combs will ultimately depend on your hair type and quality, as well as the results that you desire.

Choosing The Best Hot Comb For You

Hair Type

Choosing the best hot comb for your hair type is an important part of ensuring that you get the best possible results, and this will differ from type to type. Click here to read about the best hot rollers for beachy waves and curls. 

Colored Hair

Colored hair can already be dry, and using heat can exacerbate this, as it damages the cuticle layer. This means that more water can be absorbed, and can make the hair appear dull and less colorful.

Thin Hair

Thinner hair can also be more susceptible to damage, and so lower temperatures are the best option for these hair types. You should also reduce the amount of time you spend going over the same section of hair.

Afro and Curly Hair

Afro and curly hair also tend to be a little drier than other hair types, and so extra care is needed to reduce breakage and damage.

Top Tip!

Opt for a comb with multiple temperature settings for maximum versatility.

Using A Hot Comb

Another secret to making the most of your hot comb is to ensure that you are using it properly, and there are a few steps that you can take to help you get the very best results.

Steps To Using

  1. Make sure your hair is completely dry – damp hair risks being fried when you add heat.
  2. Add a heat-protecting spray or serum evenly throughout the hair.
  3. Separate your hair into sections.
  4. Start at the top of the head, and slowly comb down the length of the hair.
  5. Repeat on the next sections of hair.

Will It Damage My Hair?

Using a good keratin treatment on a regular basis is essential for reducing damage to hair. Keratin is a strong protein, formed of amino acids, and is ultimately the foundation of hair, making up around 91% of all hair on your head. Over time, the amino acids making up the protein must be replaced and applied to the cells of the hair follicles.

In total, your body uses 22 amino acids, and 9 of these cannot be synthesized from the body. Additional treatments, such as keratin treatments, are therefore essential for reducing the damage done to your hair by heat.

What Is Instant Heat Recovery Technology

Instant Heat Recovery Technology is now a must in most heat styling tools – this allows the heart to be maintained consistently throughout the duration of a styling session. In many cases, tools that use this technology will be made from ceramic, as this allows heat to be emitted evenly across the surface of the head, and keeps the temperature constant. Not only does this improve the ease of styling, as your hair will hold the shape, but it also reduces the need to make multiple passes over the hair, which can increase the risk of damage. Don’t forget to check our ultimate curls and waves guide and reviews here Best Interchangeable Curling Wands

Frequently Asked Questions

Hot combs are better than flat irons in that they tend to offer you greater control over your final look. The teeth can grip the hair more closely, and this allows you to create a range of styles and final results that are more flexible and versatile than flat irons.

Which comb straightener is best ultimately depends on your unique preferences and desires, and also depends largely on your hair type. Natural hair will benefit from hot combs for natural hair, while thick and coarse hair will need larger, tougher teeth – your hair type will determine the best type of hot comb for your needs.

A hot comb is a good alternative to traditional heat styling tools, as they often allow you to achieve superior results more quickly, and with less damage to your hair. Choosing the right comb is important, and will play the largest role in how satisfied you are with the final result.

You can hot comb your hair regularly, as long as you take the relevant precautions to protect your hair from damage. This includes only styling when dry, using a heat protection spray or serum, and using regular keratin treatments to preserve the strength and structure of the hair for longer.

How long it takes a hot comb to get hot depends on the specific model you choose, but most will heat up in between 30 and 60 seconds, ensuring that you are ready to go in no time, and making this perfect for busy lifestyles. Always remember to use heat protection while you are waiting for your comb to heat up!


Choosing the best hot comb is a personal choice, but one which can make a huge difference to the results you enjoy when styling. By doing your research and making the best choice for your unique hair type and texture, you can make sure that every day is a good hair day!