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Best Home Stationary Exercise Bike Reviews 2020

Best Exercise Bike

It’s 8:30 pm, you have finally completed all of your errands, and now it’s time to relax… Although, after checking how many steps you have walked today you decide it’s probably best to do some exercise. After spending 20 minutes trying to find your high-vis jacket, fixing the chain which keeps slipping on your bike and removing the massive spider from your helmet you are finally ready to go! Lo and behold you’ve got a flat tire. If you are anything like me, then right about now you would have given up, opened your computer and tried to find a better alternative.

As of this month, there are currently over 600 exercise bikes available to buy. You can pay anything between $100 and $3000 for a single bike. While some of them use advanced, never-seen-before technology, some are poor quality and lack good reviews. This makes choosing the right product difficult. That is why we have compared the leading products in the industry and given you a break down of their benefits and negatives.

The term “you get what you pay for” really does apply for exercise bikes and if you see one which is perfect for you, but slightly out of budget (to avoid disappointment) we do recommend saving up a bit more and going for it.

Exercise bikes are one of the most popular pieces of at-home exercise equipment and for a good reason. They are:

  • Convenient as you can hop onto your indoor bike whatever the time or weather.
  • Stationary bikes usually come with monitors which track your distance, heart rate, calories burnt and more.
  • Cycling does not strain your joints unlike other exercises such as running.
  • Unlike other exercises, you don’t need to focus on your surroundings.
  • It increases your productivity, with a stationary bike you can multitask.

Table Of Contents

Different Types Of Exercise Bikes

Important: There are several kinds of stationary bikes, but the main ones are upright and recumbent. Upright bikes are designed like a typical road bike while recumbent uses a different position with the pedals located in front of you. Both types of the indoor bicycle have benefits, so to help you decide which one you would prefer, here are the basics:

Upright Exercise Bike

Upright Bikes

This is most like a traditional outdoor bike. You sit with your body directly above the pedals, slightly leaning forward, bending at your neck and back. The seat is just like a road or mountain bike. Upright bikes take up less space than recumbent bikes, so if you don’t have a big room to exercise in, this is the better choice.

Recumbent Exercise Bike

Recumbent Bikes

Your body is more supported on a recumbent bike. You sit in a reclined position with the pedals in front of you, so you will probably find this more comfortable than an upright bike. It is a great solution if you don’t have good balance or if you suffer from backaches.

Product Reviews

We reviewed the best indoor exercise bikes on the market and compiled their pro’s and con’s below to help you decide the product for you.

Schwinn 170
Schwinn 270
Schwinn AD6
Exerpeutic Folding
Marcy Recumbent
Exerpeutic WORKFIT
Nautilus U616

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Schwinn 170 is the Rolls Royce of exercise bikes. It looks fantastic and the high-quality, sturdy build gives you great results from your workout. This exercise bike ticks all the right boxes, and even better, it is a fantastic price, especially for the equipment you are getting. The Schwinn 170 is not only the best at-home upright bike; we believe it would even be suitable in a professional gym. You know you are getting a quality item from Schwinn, which is a leading and trusted manufacturer of exercise equipment.

The Schwinn 170 is an excellent workout system for beginners and advanced athletes alike. The easy-to-use console comes pre-loaded with 29 workout programs, and if that’s not enough, you can create your own. This keeps your workouts interesting and challenging, allowing you to get better results.

This exercise bike is high-quality, and the stylish design will look fantastic in your home, garage or home gym. Your gym buddies will be jealous that you chose the Schwinn, which is widely considered the best of the best!

Keep reading to find out why the Schwinn 170 is a great all-round exercise bike and why we are happy to give it OGLF Reviews, editor’s choice stamp of approval.

Schwinn 170

Design & Ergonomics

You will find this bike is a solid, sturdy piece of equipment that is built to last. The seat is padded and curved to keep you comfortable during your workout. You can adjust it both horizontally and vertically to fit you perfectly, so even if you have very short legs or particularly long legs you can use this machine with comfort and ease. Plus, if you don’t like the seat, then you can easily swap it for a different one – even more personal!

User Design & Ergonomics

You can adjust the angle of the handlebars including the forearm rests to a position which suits you. This means that you can maintain the optimal posture throughout your workout, keeping you comfortable and preventing you from getting injuries. It has contact-enabled heart rate monitoring, but if you prefer you can also purchase a heart rate chest strap monitor which provides more accurate data. We recommend the Polar T31 which works with the Schwinn 170 and 270.

The console has dual track LCD displays which are easy to use and read. It is modern and is very natural to use. You can use it to completely customize your plan. In addition to that, you can track your progress and build your workout by using apps, saving the data directly from your bike to your phone or another device by Bluetooth.

Tension System

You may be concerned about noise as it contains a weighted flywheel mechanism – but there is no need. This high speed, high resistance bike is smooth and quiet to use, so you can still watch television during your workout, and you don’t need to worry about disturbing your neighbors. The Schwinn 170 uses a 3-piece crank; this gives you extra support and the drive system gives you a smooth, consistent workout.

Ease Of Use

You will find this bike is incredibly easy to assemble and the tools you require are all included in the pack. You can put it together by yourself in as little as an hour so that you can get on with your exercise straight away. Alternatively, in some locations, you can get expert assembly as an optional extra. The console is easy to work and gives you quick access to alter your speed and resistance while riding. Even if you place a tablet or other item over the console during your workout, the higher of the two screens means you can still monitor your results throughout. It is user-friendly and crafted entirely to make your workout enjoyable, yet challenging and effective.

It even makes your workouts more comfortable with the built-in fan, which you can set at 3 different speeds to keep you cool!

Display & Media

The media console houses 2 LCD screens which present the workout data, including your speed, distance, calories burnt and heart rate. You can save these scores to an app on your phone via Bluetooth so that you can track your progress. It gives you quick and easy access to the speed and resistance settings to make your workout as seamless as possible.

The console allows you to select from the 29 programs, which includes 12 profiles, 9 heart rate settings, 4 custom users and 2 fitness tests. This means that you can not only save your data but compare your progress with friends and even compete with them, making your exercise regimen even more engaging.

The bike also has built-in speakers, which you can attach your phone or mp3 player to via Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can charge it via the USB port.

Schwinn 170 Display & Media


The pedal system on this exercise bike has recently been upgraded to improve safety and comfort. The pedals are now wider than previous generations and have a strap over the top, so your feet will feel very secure on the pedals as you work out. The bike is very sturdy, and to keep you even more balanced, there are stabilizing wheels in the front and levelers at the back. The heart rate sensors are conveniently placed so you can keep track of your heart rate without altering your settings or position.


  • Track progress easily online
  • Sturdy
  • Smooth, consistent motion
  • Plenty of pre-set workouts, tests, challenges and fun rides
  • Built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in fan
  • Easy to use console
  • Designed for comfortable workouts


  • There aren’t any – we love this exercise bike!


Overall, this is a great exercise bike whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete. The solid build with the varied and effective plans is great value for money and will keep your workouts interesting. We love how it connects directly to an online app, so you can download your fitness data and keep track of your progress. Plus, the built-in fan, sculpted seat, ease of use and adjustability makes your workouts as comfortable as possible, so you can get the most out of each session.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Schwinn 270 means business. The finest-quality, robust form is built for your comfort, stability and getting the most out of your training. Just like it’s upright counterpart, we feel the Schwinn 270 would fit in well in a professional gym, while also looking fantastic in your home. It comes with a huge range of workouts to keep you challenged, and you can track your progress on your device. The seat is even contoured and vented to keep you as comfortable as possible. Everything is designed to give you the best experience from your workout.

If you are looking for a recumbent bike, the Schwinn 270 is an excellent choice. From its contoured seat and adjustable pedal distance to the vented seat back and intuitive computer console, its ergonomic design has taken into account every element of your comfort, posture and performance to give you the best workout experience without straining yourself.

You will see great results with this recumbent exercise bike, and what’s more, you will enjoy working out. Use one of 29 programs that are already built into the console or create your own – it’s completely personal.

Keep reading to find out what makes the Schwinn 270 our editor’s choice in the recumbent category.

Schwinn 270 Review

Design & Ergonomics

The Schwinn 270 is designed to make your workouts efficient, smooth and enjoyable so that you can get your best results. The seat bottom is sculpted to comfortably secure your legs in the optimal position for your work out, and the seat back contains excellent lumbar support and is vented to reduce your heat build-up.

Schwinn 270 Design

You can also easily adjust the seat forward and backward to fit your height perfectly. These features mean that throughout your workout, you will naturally sit in the optimum posture to both maximize your workout results and minimize your chance of injury.

The vented and cushioned seat is very comfortable and gives you support in all the right places.

The console looks great and is very intuitive to use. You can easily select your settings, and the presence of two screens means that you can see your heart rate and calories progress even if you have a device resting on the console.

Tension System

The Schwinn 270 is built with a weighted flywheel tension system. It gives you an easy startup and smooth, consistent motion. This means you get an effective workout while watching television, and without worrying that you are disturbing your neighbors or family. The 3-piece crank system maintains a consistent motion, giving you sturdy, dependable performance.

In total there are 25 different levels of resistance that are controlled by the computer console. Switching between the resistance is easy, and the transition is smooth and quiet.

Ease Of Use

You will find that this bike is very easy to assemble – it can be done in under an hour, so you can quickly get on with your training. Alternatively, in some locations, you can get expert assembly as an optional extra. It even comes with the tools you need to build it, making it much easier and less hassle for you. You control the resistance and settings are all controlled from the console, which is very easy to work.

The seat has a handle either side in a natural position for you to hold – perfect as this is where the heart rate monitor is located. Alternatively, if you would rather keep your hands free, you can purchase a chest strap to monitor your heart separately.

You can adjust the position of the seat forward and backward on a slide mechanism to match your height exactly. You can do this very quickly by simply using a lever. Once in position, you have the option to alter your resistance between 25 different levels, by simply selecting the corresponding key. The resistance is very responsive, and you will notice a very smooth, fast transition between levels.

A three-speed fan helps you stay cool during your workouts, and there is a large water bottle holder to the side of the seat so you can access it easily.

Ease Of Use

Display & Media

The console is very easy to read and intuitive to use, so you can easily choose between the wide range of settings. There are 29 programs to choose from, which includes 12 profiles, 8 heart rate options, 4 custom users and 2 fitness tests among other features. This huge range will keep your workouts challenging and interesting so that you get the most out of your time on the bike.

Schwinn 270 Display

Make your workouts even more enjoyable by jumping into virtual reality! Schwinn bikes are partnered with RideSocial, a mixed reality cycling app, which has an amazing range of HD video cycling routes from around the world. Cycle the most stunning trails in the world from your own home or gym – your Schwinn bike will track your speed, and the app will adjust your progress on the video!

Make this VR even more realistic by wearing a VR phone holder headset and experience the routes in 360⁰. You can find VR goggles that connect to your Android or Apple phone from Amazon here.

If you don’t fancy riding in virtual reality, you can listen to music through the sealed acoustic speakers. They deliver high-quality sound, streamed directly from your phone via Bluetooth or USB port.


The first thing you will notice about the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike is the quality of the build. It is strong, sturdy and extremely safe. It has a “walkthrough” frame, meaning you don’t have to climb over anything to use it – this is much safer and a key consideration if you have issues with your balance. It is also stabilized with wheels at the front to make it easier to move the equipment, and a leveler at the back to keep it balanced.

The newly-improved pedals are wide, and with straps, so your feet are held secure throughout your workout. Also, the combination of contoured seats, lumbar support, and easy distance adjustment ensure you maintain the optimal posture for your workout, so you don’t put a strain on your body.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy access – very safe
  • Very sturdy
  • Built-in fan
  • Built-in, high-quality speakers
  • Connects to devices via Bluetooth
  • Charge your device while you work out
  • Comfortable location of pulse monitors


  • None, we love this exercise bike!


Overall, you would make an excellent choice by picking this Schwinn recumbent exercise bike. We love how well-built it is, and how everything is designed to make your workouts engaging, enjoyable and comfortable, as well as challenging so that you always get the most out of them. It is great to be able to connect it to other apps too, both to track your progress and compete with your friends, as well as even combine it with virtual reality! Whether you are tall or short, beginner or advanced athlete, you will be glad you chose this model of recumbent exercise bike.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

Coming in at 3rd place in our opinion is Another Schwinn bike. The Schwinn AD6 is more than just an upright exercise bike. It is a full-body, cardio workout system. It promises to build your strength and burn your calories. It is an air bike, so has a fantastic fan system, which means that the more you put into your workout, the more you get out of it!

Design & Ergonomics

This is a solid, well-built exercise bike that you can use to work out both your upper body and lower body, either at the same time or separately. It looks professional, and it is sturdy and well balanced to give you the best workout. It has a simple, easy-to-read console that displays your workout readings clearly.

This Airdyne bike is different from the other types of exercise bike, in that you don’t need to set a resistance level. Instead, the resistance gets stronger as you pedal harder and faster.

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Review

This is great because it means that there is no upper limit to the resistance, and it is rare to find in exercise bikes. It also means that you are in full control of your workout – you can’t cycle too fast and cause yourself an injury, and there are also fewer parts within the bike to go wrong.

Tension System

It has a single-stage belt drive, which enables smoother pedal motion and therefore a more comfortable experience throughout your workout. It also has an extremely quiet, frictionless fan.

There are no programs built into the computer, but you don’t need them – you are fully in control of the workout yourself – just choose to work on your arms, legs or both and how hard you want to push it. This makes it a great choice if you enjoy interval training. It also means that whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete, it will suit your level of fitness.

AD6 Airdyne Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

While the instructions advise having a second person to help with the assembly, it is easy to do and should not take you more than an hour. As with the other Schwinn bikes, the instructions are clear, and the necessary tools are all included in the kit, so you don’t need to go hunting for your toolkit before you start!

It is extremely easy to use – to get a greater resistance, just pedal harder! You don’t need to spend time setting up the computer, simply hop on and start pedaling! You will get some air flow back from the fan as well, to keep you cool. If you don’t like this then you can buy a windscreen separately, although you probably won’t need this – the breeze isn’t excessive unless you are pedaling backward!

You can work out your upper and lower body together or separately, which makes your workout more interesting, and gives you more from each workout. The handlebars work similar to elliptical machines, so whether it is arm day or leg day, this cardio machine will give you a highly effective workout.

Display Console

The slimline console presents everything you need; rate per minute, time, speed, distance, Watts, calories, and pulse. It displays the readings on a high-resolution LCD screen which is clear and easy to read. The pulse meter reads from sensors in the handles, and if you want an even more accurate reading, you can buy a chest strap separately.

The bike is already great for interval training, but what makes it even more suited to it is the unique RevMeter, which helps you keep an eye on your level throughout your workout.

AD6 Airdyne Display


Unlike some other designs, it does not have a “walkthrough” frame, so if you have poor balance, then other bikes may be more suitable for you. However, it is an extremely stable exercise bike and even has ‘self balancing pedals’ which have foot straps to give you greater control over the motion. The nature of the fan system means that it requires ventilation, but it would be hard to get anything caught in the cage system – just take care with young children!

It also has shrouding on the linking system to make your workouts safer and transport wheels for easily moving it around once your workout is complete.


  • Suitable for all levels of fitness
  • Infinite resistance
  • Easy to read, simple console
  • Whole body workout
  • Sculpted seat
  • Airflow from the fan as you pedal
  • Great for interval training


  • Less suited to those with poor balance
  • No built-in programs, although you don’t need them for this bike
  • No Bluetooth connectivity


This is a fantastic workout system for beginners and advanced athletes. You have complete control throughout your workout, creating your resistance and deciding whether you are working out your legs and arms independently or together. This infinite resistance means that you will always be challenged, so your workouts will be interesting, and you will always get the most out of your training session.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

If you are tight on space and want to be able to put away your exercise bike when you are not using it, this affordable bike is for you. It is a heavy-duty upright bike that is built to give you an efficient, effective workout while maintaining your comfort. What’s more, you can fold it up to half its original size and put it away for storage, so you don’t need to worry about it taking up valuable space in your home between workout sessions. It is a great beginner’s exercise bike, which for a long time has remained one of the top sellers and highest rated products in the market.


The Exerpeutic folding bike is built with a heavy-duty design that can support you up to 300lbs (136 kg) in weight, despite only weighing 39lbs itself. Despite being a folding design, this bike is very sturdy and feels stable when you are riding it, but you should remember that it is built to be used on a hard, flat surface.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

You can easily move it around using the transportation wheels that are included, so once you have finished your workout, you simply fold it up to become half its size and roll it away.

Tension System

This bike uses a magnetic tension system, meaning quiet operation so you can cycle freely knowing that you are not disturbing your neighbors or sleeping family. There are 8 settings on this tension system, which you control by turning the dial on the side of the bike. This is a great choice of indoor bike whether you are new to this workout or not. You can start with low or medium resistance and still have plenty of scope to increase the tension as you become stronger and fitter. Meanwhile, the 3-piece, “high-torque” crank system creates a smooth, steady movement while you pedal, meaning you get a consistent workout which is easy on your joints.

Exerpeutic Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

In the first instance, you will find this bike very easy to assemble. The elements are lightweight despite being hard-wearing, and the instructions included in the pack are easy to understand. You can easily adjust the height of the seat which fits user heights of between 5’3” and 6’1” (160-185cm).

This bike has been designed with your comfort in mind. You will find it very easy to get on and off, and when riding it, you will feel comfortable in the large and well-padded seat cushion. The seat comfortably holds large bottoms, and the extra padding absorbs any shock during your workout.

Another benefit of this bike is the pulse tracker which is on the handlebars. It is important to keep track of your heart rate throughout your workout regardless of how fit you are. Having the pulse tracker where you comfortably hold the handlebars means you don’t even need to think about it, and the value will be clearly displayed on your LCD screen throughout your workout.

Display Console

The bike has a large LCD screen, which clearly displays your speed, time, distance, calories burnt and pulse rate. This makes it easy for you just to glance down to check your status’ and keep within your target heart rate region. It has a holder for you to put your phone, tv remote or other devices in during your workout.


The pedals, like the seat, are a larger size and have adjustable straps to keep your feet secure throughout your workout, meaning your feet won’t slip while you pedal. There are also built-in leg stabilizers which prevent wobbles or tipping during your workout.

Exerpeutic Console

  • Quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Range of tensions to try
  • Sturdy
  • Folds away for storage


  • If you are outside the height range, it may not be suitable
  • Not as comfortable as the higher end bikes
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • No intelligent fitness tracking


Overall, this is a great indoor exercise bike. Its lightweight, yet sturdy design which can fold away is perfect for small areas. It has what you need for a great workout, which it provides with reliability, but without complicated add-ons.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike With Resistance

It is without a doubt one of the most popular recumbent exercise bikes on the market, probably because of the great price and the fact it takes up a much smaller space than other models. You get a lot for your money, and it boasts many of the features that more expensive exercise bikes have, such as the magnetic resistance system and comfortable padded seat.


The Marcy ME-709 has a compact yet sturdy physique. It is a great choice if you are looking to workout from home without losing your floor space, measuring only 55.5L x 25W x 37.5H inches (140 X 63.5 x 95 cm). Plus it has transport wheels, so you can roll it away once you are finished. It weighs in at 93 lbs (42 kg), so it is extremely sturdy, perhaps surprisingly so considering how small it is. This means it is strong and stable, giving you a more balanced workout. The pedals are weighted, giving you consistent movement and therefore a smoother workout which is easier on your joints.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

The padded seat on this bike is very comfortable and holds you in a great position for your workout. The slightly angled seat back, combined with the handlebars keeps you comfortable and promotes a great posture.

Tension System

This recumbent exercise bike uses a magnetic tension system, meaning virtually silent operation, so you can cycle freely without disturbing your family and not even have to turn up the television volume! There are 8 different levels of resistance – a great range to choose from throughout your workout and for increasing with subsequent workouts as you get fitter. You can easily select the one you want by turning a dial on the side of the console stand – it is extremely easy to use.

Marcy Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

You will find this is certainly a very easy exercise bike to use. When you first receive it, you will be able to assemble as quickly as within 1 hour so you can get straight on and start training. You can easily adjust the distance by unscrewing the handle and sliding the seat forward so that you can find a great fit for your leg length. Unlike other bikes, there is no need to adjust the height of the seat, so you will find that it is fixed at one level.

This is a truly “no frills” , yet solid choice of exercise bike. It performs where it needs to, but it is simple to use – sit down and pedal away. You will achieve great results, and you will enjoy working out with this exercise bike.

Display Console

The Marcy Recumbent exercise bike has a very simple, easy-to-read console that displays your time, speed, distance, and calories burnt. The values are displayed in a large size so you can read your progress throughout your workout.

While it does not collect and save your data in its computer, or communicate with an app, the readings it displays are easy for you to read and understand, so you can still manually track your progress. This is made easier because the computer will not automatically clear your exercise data until you press the reset button.

Marcy Display Console


The simplicity of this exercise bike also means that it is very safe to use. The frame has a “walkover” design, meaning you only need to raise your feet slightly to get over it. This means that it is suitable for people who have poor balance as it is safer than models which require you to swing a leg over. The sturdy handlebars will keep you even more balanced during your workout.

The tread on the pedals has great grip, so your feet are held securely in place, even more so with the adjustable straps that go over the top of your shoes. The transport wheels on the front make it safer for you to roll away the bike after use, and the stabilizers at the back ensure it does not rock.


  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Clear metrics display
  • Comfortable seat
  • Simple Resistance Adjustment


  • Does not monitor pulse rate
  • No pre-programmed workouts
  • Does not automatically track progress
  • No bluetooth connectivity


Overall this is a great exercise bike. It is simple to use but gives great results. You will enjoy using it, with its very fast setup, comfortable position, and quiet performance. Even better, it is an affordable price.

Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 Folding Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Exerputic Workfit 1000 is a semi-recumbent exercise bike with a difference. It enables you to work while you workout – perfect for those of us who have little spare time and enjoy multitasking! It is comfortable, fully adjustable, and even folds up to less than half its size so you can store it between sessions. It is very adaptable, and one of the best exercise workstations on the market.


This Exerpeutic Recumbent bike is a high-quality build which gives you the opportunity to multi-task while you cycle, meaning you can work out even if you don’t have much free time. It is fully adjustable; the seat adjusts on a diagonal to fit users between 5ft 2 and 6ft3 (1.57m-190m) and desk, which is 16”x24” (40 x 60cm), adjusts forward and back and can be tilted at 0⁰, 16⁰ and 33⁰. Not only can you sit comfortably in the thickly-padded seat, but you can also raise the desk to stand up if you want a break from cycling.

Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 Review

The fully-adjustable desk has a soft foam armrest to keep you comfortable as you write or type. It also has 2 cup holders and even a storage drawer! The desk is plenty big enough to support a laptop, and it will hold up to 44 lbs (19kg), which is about 9-10 times the weight of an average laptop.

The seat has been designed to be comfortable long term. It is a large size – 11” x 15” (28cm x 38cm), with a comfortable shape. It is padded with 2.5” (6.4 cm) thickness of Airsoft sponge, and the seat back is large and also cushioned. It is slightly tilted back, so you remain in the recumbent position, but you will comfortably reach both the pedals and the desktop.

Despite being foldable, it can hold as much weight as solid bikes – up to 300 lbs (136 kg). It is sturdy, durable and you will feel secure on it. You will be thrilled with the quality of this exercise bike!

By increasing your circulation and improving your health and fitness, you may even find that your concentration and quality of work improves, so there are many benefits of using this bike.

Tension System

This bike uses an 8-level magnetic tension resistance system, which means its performance is virtually silent, so you take calls or even video conference without worrying about noise disruption! The precision balanced flywheel and V-belt drive mean that you get smooth motion as well as the quiet operation. This smooth movement means your desk will not shake as you pedal, so you can concentrate on your desk work while working out efficiently. Despite being only semi-recumbent, the range in resistance means that you will get effective workouts from this bike.

Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1000 Ease Of Use

Ease Of Use

This bike is extremely easy to use. You will put it together with ease using the tools provided and be cycling while working in no time! It even comes with the batteries which are required to power the console! You will soon be pedaling without even realizing, so you can improve your fitness without eating into your precious free time. It means you don’t need to feel guilty about relaxing after work because you’ve already put in your daily exercise!

To change the resistance level, you just need to twist the dial on the frame, which makes selecting your workout incredibly easy! No matter what resistance level you choose, the operation is smooth and quiet. Once you are done with your workout, you can easily fold it up to store the bike. It closes to have a footprint of 21.3” x 25.2” (54cm x 64cm), and then you can roll it away on the transportation wheels. On occasions when you choose not to work while you pedal, you can hold the handles at your sides to keep track of your pulse.

Display Console

The console is very easy to read, even if you have a laptop on the desk, and it is simple to use by just pressing the button to scroll through the different work out metrics. The readings displayed on the LCD include distance, calories, time, speed, scan and heart rate.

The display only shows one reading at once, which you can choose by pressing the mode button. It automatically turns on when you begin pedaling, and it will switch off after a few minutes break from pedaling. While it does not connect to a device to save your workout metrics, if you would like to track your progress over time then you can easily tap your readings into your laptop.


Despite being foldable, this is an extremely sturdy bike. Being fully adjustable means you can set it to match your height perfectly so that you maintain the optimal posture for your workout. It is worth considering that you will have to lift your leg to get on the bike, so you will need to take care if you have poor balance. The stand has floor-leveling stabilizers to prevent shaking and tipping during your workouts.


  • Very stable, sturdy design
  • Cupholder, desktop, and drawer
  • Stable laptop/work desk
  • Very quiet, magnetic resistance
  • Comfortable seat and position
  • Clear, easy screen
  • Fold to store


  • Less suited to very tall or short people
  • Does not save data over time
  • No Bluetooth connectivity


This is an excellent choice if you are looking to fit exercise into your busy life. You can multitask without disturbance. It folds away for storage yet provides a stable frame for even vigorous workouts and maintains a shake-free work desk. It is quiet and gives you 8 levels of resistance to choose from.

Nautilus U616 Upright Bike

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete, the Nautilus U616 is a fantastic workout system. It comes pre-loaded with 29 workout programs, including a quick start, 2 fitness test and 9 heart rate control. This means that no matter what your level of fitness is when you start, it will always be able to challenge you to maintain and improve your fitness while keeping you interested.

The sturdy build gives you a smooth ride and offers you 25 levels of resistance to keep you challenged. It has a sleek, attractive design that not only looks great in your home, but also delivers highly effective workouts to boost your power and endurance while keeping you comfortable. It aims to boost your performance, help monitor your fitness development and achieve your goals.

Nautilus U616 Review

Design & Ergonomics

The Nautilus U616 is built for comfort and usability, so that you can get the most out of your workouts. It has a large, sculpted, padded seat that you can adjust fore and aft, and you can also adjust the angle of the handlebars. Then when you are getting hot during your workouts, you can make the most of the 3-speed, adjustable fan!

The U616 is both contact and telemetry enabled, meaning that you can keep track of your heart rate by using the handlebars, or by wearing a compatible chest strap.

It has a media shelf that you can rest your tablet or magazine on to keep you entertained during your workout!

Nautilus Tension System

Tension System

The U616 has a high speed and high inertia drive system. It has a perimeter weighted flywheel that gives you an easy start-up and ensures smooth and dependable workouts. You will always have the opportunity for plenty of challenges, as the U616 gives you 25 levels of resistance – a fantastic range of workout intensities to help you to progress.

Ease Of Use

This is a very easy exercise bike to use. The 29 included workout programs that are pre-loaded on to the console include a quick start, so if you are pushed for time, you can easily get going straight away. The perimeter weighted flywheel gives you an easy start-up and the Bluetooth connectivity means you can easily export your workout data. These features make your workout process as simple as can be so that you can maximize your results.

Display And Media

There are 29 pre-set programs to choose from including interval training, weight loss, cardio health, and if that’s not enough, you can create your own for your personal goals. The pre-loaded console which had DualTrack LCD screen allows you to keep watch on your fitness stats – time distance and calories burnt, and can still support and even charge your tablet. You can also plug in your mP3 player to play music through the speakers.

The Nautilus U616 is Bluetooth compatible, which makes it incredibly easy to export your fitness stats, to multiple apps to you can keep track of your fitness progress. If you prefer you can also export this data via USB.

Another benefit of the Bluetooth feature, is that it works alongside RideSocial Apps, meaning you can combine virtual reality with your workout. This gives you a mixed reality workout experience, which enables you to explore many different cycle courses from around the world without leaving your home!

You can even set an event to invite friends in! All you need is a phone or tablet to display the tracks and to download the app. You can then choose to download the courses you are interested in. If you have a mixed reality headset, this can become an even more immersive experience!

Nautilus Media


The U616 has a very solid build that gives you a smooth ride, even when you are pedaling hard. The sitting position is adjustable so that you can personalize the position to support your frame while you workout and your feet should feel secure on the pedals with the adjustable foot straps. You’ll need to step over the frame to mount this exercise bike, so it may not be ideal for people with poor balance, but once you are on, it will feel solid and smooth.


  • Fantastic range of resistance
  • Comfortable
  • Study
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Works alongside mixed reality app
  • Adjustable 3-speed fan
  • Quiet


  • None, we love this exercise bike!


Overall, this is a fantastic upright exercise bike for athletes of all levels. It is sturdy, comfortable and easy to use, and will keep you challenged throughout your workouts. We love that it gives you so many workout programs, and how it can give you a mixed reality experience to keep your workouts exciting and even workout with friends, remotely! This is a great, all-rounder exercise bike that will easily fit into your house and your workout routine.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing The Right Exercise Bike For You

You may have the best plan in the world, but fitting regular exercise sessions into your already busy schedule is hard – we’ve all been there. Cycling in cities is unappealing with the volume of traffic on the roads, and even in the countryside, no one wants to cycle in the rain. While the gym may be a solution, if it is not on your doorstep the desire to stay at home after a day’s work regularly outweighs your obligation to go.

So what is the solution? An indoor exercise bike for your home.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Indoor Exercise Bike?

  • Low impact, highly effective cardio workout – work out at a pace that suits you, burning through calories without putting a strain on your joints. You will soon notice the pounds dropping off you and your muscles toning up!
  • Convenience – exercise from the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you, while working or catching up on your favorite show! Plus it takes up less space and is easier to put away compared to a treadmill, for example.
  • Easy – you don’t need to be skilled at cycling, or even have a level of fitness before you begin. Indoor cycling is as great for beginners as it is for pros, even if you have poor balance.
  • Monitor your fitness – unlike outdoor bikes, most indoor exercise bikes provide workout data on a computer, for you to track your progress over time. Some even connect directly to your phone or tablet and save it to apps! Data includes your heart rate, distance, speed and calories burnt.
  • Varied workout plans – have a go at interval training, long distance training or spinning, there are many varieties of workout you can try with an indoor bike, which keeps you challenged and therefore engaged in your workout plan
  • Forget the weather forcast– indoor exercise bikes can be used whatever the weather, and whatever the time of day. Modern models such as all of the ones we reviewed above are very quiet, and won’t disturb your neighbors or sleeping family.
  • Lower stress levels – you are sure to enjoy cycling, but it will also give you endorphins, which help you feel happier, less stressed and even give you more resistance to illness.

Having an exercise bike at home means you can cut out the expense of a gym membership that you rarely use and exercise at a time that is convenient for you. It is much easier to fit in fitness activities at home, and with indoor exercise bikes, you can easily multitask while you work out. If you are interested in more quiet, low-impact, exercise equipment you can use at home, check our our best elliptical machines reviews.

Nowadays, exercise bikes are much quieter, meaning you can watch television and on some even work on your laptop while you work out. In no time you will find you are exercising without even thinking about it – building your strength, increasing your fitness and losing weight.

Exercise Bike Benefits

Which Type Of Exercise Bike Should You Choose?

There are several things to consider when choosing your exercise bike. The first is what type of exercise bike you want, upright or recumbent being the main two variations. We covered the differences between them earlier, but here are the advantages and disadvantages of both:

Upright Exercise Bike Pros & Cons

Upright Exercise Bike

  • Similar workout to an outdoor bike
  • Often cheaper
  • More models available
  • Often take up less room
  • Versatile
  • Suited to more varied workouts

  • Saddle may be less comfortable
  • Less suited to those with balance issues

Recumbent Exercise Bike Pros & Cons

Recumbent Exercise Bike

  • Excellent for those with back or balance issues
  • Maintain a comfortable position
  • Excellent support – no strain
  • Many have a “stepover” frame – easier to get on
  • Easier to cycle handsfree
  • More comfortable workout = longer sessions

  • Often take up more floor space
  • Can be more expensive

Mechanical Variations

If you don’t want a stationary bike taking up room in your home, check out our best bike rollers reviews for another option.


There are two weight considerations for you to have: your own weight and the weight of the bike. All of the bikes we reviewed above can carry up to 300lbs (136 kg), but if you weigh more you will need a stronger frame.

The weight of the bike matters because the heavier it is, the more stable it will be, which means it makes your workout safer.

Enclosed Mechanics

Ensuring the mechanism of the bike – the chain or flywheel – is enclosed is by far the safest option, to prevent fingers, clothing or other items getting stuck in the mechanism of the bike and causing injury. All of the bikes we have reviewed have enclosed mechanics, although if you have small children, you may need to take extra care if you choose the Airdyne option, as the fan requires some ventilation.

Type Of Resistance

There are several types of resistance: fan-based, magnetic, direct contact and brake-based. While modern bikes are all now very quiet, it is also worth considering how quiet you want your bike performance to be, as some mechanisms are naturally louder than others.

  • Fan-based: this gives you infinite resistance, pedal harder and faster and the resistance will increase. It uses a resistance fan connected via a belt and pulley system to the pedals and is very quiet. Plus, you get a bit of breeze to keep you cool too!
  • Magnetic: this is by far the quietest option. This is because there is no contact between the resistant parts, and therefore there is no friction, which also means that there is also no wear and tear on the parts, so your bike can last longer.
  • Direct-contact: This is the opposite of the magnetic resistance, in that it uses friction to create resistance. It is a braking system that can be set precisely, making it easier to set a particular level of resistance to train.
  • Brake-based: the most common option. This uses a flywheel, a weighted metal disk that connects indirectly to the pedals via a belt or chain. To increase the resistance a heavier flywheel is required, so often this system is combined with a magnetic or direct contact system.

Other Considerations

How Advanced?

Are you a beginner or an advanced athlete? Are you looking for built-in programs or would you prefer just to hop on and pedal?

If you are hoping to improve your fitness and use your bike for your long-term fitness, then it is a good idea to choose one which is suitable for both beginners and advanced athletes. Some simpler bikes do not have enough scope as your fitness improves, whereas bikes which suit a range of abilities will keep your workouts challenging and interesting throughout.

By choosing a versatile bike, you will get the most out of yourself as well as your purchase and use the bike for a very long time, making it more cost-effective.

Advanced Cyclist
High Quality Seat

Seat Quality

Once you have your exercise bike, you will hopefully enjoy using it a lot and be sat on it for a while for each session. Therefore, it is important that you are kept comfortable. Upright and recumbent bike seats have slightly different considerations required.

On an upright bike, consider the depth of the padding and the shape of the saddle. The deeper the padding the better, but is it sculpted in a suitable and comfortable shape? Also, consider how much the position can be adjusted. If you are of average height, this will be less of an issue, but if you are particularly tall or short then consider does it move up and down as well as forwards and backward, or does it more on a diagonal, which may be slightly more limiting for you?

For a recumbent bike, consider the shape of the seat bottom. Is it contoured to keep your legs secure in a comfortable position? Also think about whether the seat back has adequate support, particularly for your lumbar region (lower back).

Is it well-padded, and is it ventilated at all to help keep you cool while you work out? If you have issues with a sore neck, you may also want to consider whether the seat has a neck rest, or at least whether you can buy one separately. However, most high-quality recumbent bikes will give you plenty of support in the upper back even if they don’t have a neck rest.

For both types of bike, will the seat be easy to keep clean? Will it cause you to slip?

Recumbent Seat

Must-Have Features

Consider the features of an exercise bike that are most important to you. Do you want to link it to your phone or tablet and track your progress automatically? Do you want to be able to work while you work out? Do you want to combine it with virtual reality to make your work out more enjoyable?

I would consider the ability to alter our resistance and increase it as your training progresses the most important feature, and luckily most exercise bikes can do this. However, some do not have a very wide range. The ability to increase your resistance is extremely beneficial whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete.

Another feature I consider important is the security of your feet on the pedals. A substantial tread to prevent slippage and a secure strap will keep you safe, which is particularly important on upright bikes.

To Fold Or Not To Fold?

Are you limited for space? Would you rather be able to put your bike away when you are done with your workout? If the answer is yes, then consider a bike which can fold up. Take care though, some cheaper options are less sturdy, more likely to wobble and cannot withstand users of as heavier a weight.

The two folding exercise bikes we reviewed above – one upright, one recumbent – are both of high quality, and can withstand the same user weight as the non-folding models, which is 300lbs (136kg).

If you are concerned about limited space but don’t want a folding bike, then it is better to go for an upright bike rather than a recumbent one. Uprights bikes usually have a much smaller footprint than recumbent bikes, so will leave you with more floor space.


As you can see, there is a huge amount to consider before you get your exercise bike, but hopefully now have a clearer understanding of what you want to get from your new exercise bike and a clearer decision on which one you will pick.

Exercise bikes, whether upright or recumbent are an excellent piece of exercise equipment. It gives you a highly effective cardio workout that can be built up over time and varied between sessions. You are at low risk of injury on an exercise bike, as it won’t put a strain on your joints. Once you have bought an exercise bike you can use at home, you won’t look back!

Best Exercise Bike Conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Exercise Bike For Weightloss?

We recommend that Schwinn 170 upright bike for weightloss. It gives you 25 levels of resistance and includes preset and custom workouts to keep you challenged and interested during your workouts.

Can You Lose Weight On An Exercise Bike?

Yes, an exercise bike is a good form of cardio that works many different muscles, helping you to get fit, lose weight and tone up.

Are Exercise Bikes A Good Workout?

Yes, using an exercise bike, you can target many different muscle groups, while also getting a good cardio workout and improving your stamina. A good exercise bike has plenty of levels of resistance so that you can continue to challenge yourself as you get fitter.

What Is The Best Stationary Bike For Seniors?

For seniors or those with poor balance, we recommend choosing a recumbent exercise bike, such as the Schwinn 270. Recumbent bikes have a more relaxed and supported position, and a ‘step over’ frame design for easy access.