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The 10 Best Wax Warmers For At-Home Hair Removal 2023 Expert Reviews

Best Wax Warmers

Welcome to our top 10 best wax warmers! Waxing is one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted hair but getting regular professional wax treatments is beyond the budget of many of us. But you don’t have to pay someone else to perform your wax. With a quality wax warmer, you can do it yourself! You will want to purchase one of the top of the line wax warmers that will give your waxes the ideal consistency for best application – and results. Read on for our reviews of the top 10 best wax warmers.

Why Trust Us?

Our beauty therapy experts have spent more than 40 hours examining and evaluating the 10 best wax warmers in order to find you the best of the best. We’re passionate about feeling your best and about bringing you only the most reputable beauty products available.

Table Of Contents

Top 10 Best Wax Warmers Reviewed

#1 Editor’s Choice

GiGi Brazilian Hair Removal Waxing Kit
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Salon Sundry Pro Single Pot Electric Wax Warmer
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Satin Smooth Professional Double Wax Warmer
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GiGi Space Saver Hair Removal Wax Warmer
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Lifestance Wax Warmer
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Satin Smooth SSW12C Professional Single Wax Warmer
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Bella Verde Home Wax Warmer
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BLITZWAX Waxing Kit Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit
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KoluaWax Wax Warmer And Waxing Kit
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Waxkiss Wax Warmer Kit
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1. GiGi Brazilian Hair Removal Waxing Kit

GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit
Amy Tribe

Editor’s Choice #1: The GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit provides you with everything you need for a great waxing experience, including a professional warmer, Brazilian hard waxes, pre-epilation oil, post-wax cooling gel and applicators. We love the versatility, compactness and precision heat control of this complete wax kit.

Pre & Post Waxing Treatments

Your wax warmer will come with a 2oz bottle of Pre Epilation Oil, designed to make waxing easier, less painful and more efficient, while also protecting and conditioning your skin. You also get a post-application cooling gel that cools your skin after your wax, which contains cucumber extract to reduce redness, along with aloe vera and glycerin to nourish and moisturize the skin.

30 Applicators

This paraffin wax machine comes with a total of 30 applicators. It includes 10 petite applicators for the eyebrows and other delicate areas, 10 small accu edge applicators and 10 large accu edge applicators for larger areas such as the back, arms and legs.



2. Salon Sundry Professional Single Pot Electric Wax Warmer Machine

Salon Sundry Professional Wax Warmer
Amy Tribe

Editor’s Choice #2: The Salon Sundry Pro Single Pot Electric Wax Warmer machine brings professional wax warmer technology to your home, with an all-metal durable heating pot. This easy to use warmer is a professional quality device that provides adjustable temperature control and allows you to heat all different types of wax.


Quality At Home

The professional quality of this unit in our 10 best wax warmers means it can be used all day long. The centrally located temperature settings knob allows you to adjust the temperature up to 80℃ (176℉). Markings at every 10 degrees make it easy to set the ideal temperature. It provides you with a maximum of 150 watts of power.

Very Versatile

The Salon Sundry Pro Single Pot Wax Warming machine accommodates nearly all wax containers up to 14oz. The industry standard heating chamber measures 4 ⅛” in diameter and 2 ⅞” in depth. Your purchase also comes with a metal basket that measures 4”x3” in order to melt loose wax.



3. Satin Smooth Professional Double Wax Warmer

Satin Smooth Double Wax Warmer

Double Capacity

The Satin Smooth Professional Double Wax Warmer provides you with double the user capacity with side by side wax warmers in one unit. That makes this one of the top 10 best units for use in busy professional settings. Each warming well will provide you with the capacity to heat canisters up to a 16oz capacity. This warmer is made of hardy ABS plastic and includes a lid, wax clamps to keep the wax securely in place, a secure fitted cover and four protective collars.

Thermostat Control

Each warming well is controlled by an independent thermostat control. This will ensure an even heating speed and precision heating element adjustment, with each dial having settings for standby, ready and hot. Each well has its own on/off control.



4. GiGi Space Saver Hair Removal Wax Warmer

GiGi Space Saver Wax Warmer

Compact And Portable

The GiGi Hair Removal Wax Warmer is a compact, portable wax warmer that works with all types of wax including beads. This warmer measures just 5 ⅝” in width and 4” in height. It is also extremely lightweight, weighing in at just 11oz. This makes this an especially good wax warmer to carry with you when you are on the go. The GiGi paraffin wax machine has capacity for 8, 14 and 18oz cans of wax and will work with all types of wax, including bead wax. The centrally located on/off switch features an indicator light.

Fast Warming

The GiGi wax warmer will heat most hard waxes in around 30 minutes, making it an impressively efficient device in our 10 best. You can also use loose wax in this warmer, but you will have quite a cleaning process on your hands afterwards.



5. Lifestance Wax Warmer

Lifestance Waxing Kit Wax Warmer Hair Removal

Perfect For Sensitive Areas

The Lifestance Wax Warmer is infused with blackberry, blueberry and lavender oils, which makes this waxing kit suitable for all areas of your body. It is perfect for sensitive areas and is strong enough to work even with coarse hair. The heater has adjustable temperature control and automatically shuts off when it reaches the desired temperature.

Wax Beans And Applicators

This is a good wax warm heater, with an excellent price. What we especially love about it is that the can is removable and a heater has good temperature control. Three 3.5oz (100g) different hard wax beans are included in the kit – lavender, blueberry and black. The kit also contains 10 small size and 10 large size wooden spatulas.



6. Satin Smooth SSW12C Professional Single Wax Warmer

Satin Smooth Wax Warmer

Compact And Durable

The Satin Smooth SSW12C Professional Single Wax Warmer is a compact, durable professional quality warmer that will quickly and consistently bring your wax to the best consistency. It will effectively melt different types of wax, including bead and block wax. The heavy duty housing of this unit ensures many years of use without cracking or damage.

Temperature Control

The temperature settings dial on this warmer allows you to set the device to ‘Standby’, ‘Ready’ and ‘Hot’ heating speed. The thermostatically-controlled heating mechanism ensures that you get a consistent, even waxing temperature. Because this is one of the commercial quality wax warmers, it can be used all day long with no loss of consistency. This warmer is designed to work with canisters up to 14oz and comes with a lid and two protective collars. The on/off switch has a silicone cover to protect it from those inevitable wax drops.



7. Bella Verde Home Wax Warmer

Bella Verde Home Wax Warmer

LED Digital Temp Control

In our top 10 best wax warmers, the Bella Verde Home Wax Warmer features precision temperature control thanks to a digital LED display which allows you to set the exact temperature for melting your wax. A simple + and – control allows you to adjust to the desired heat setting.

Complete Kit

This wax meltdown kit provides you with everything you need to get the job done, including the LED controlled warmer, five bags of hard wax beans, 20 wax sticks and a pre- and post-wax oil treatment. The maximum capacity of this warmer is a very generous 17oz, making it able to handle the vast majority of waxes in all their various forms.



8. BLITZWAX Waxing Kit Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit

Blitzwax Warmer

All-In-One Waxing Kit

In our top 10 best wax warmers, the Blitzwax kit provides you with everything you need to perform a complete wax job. Your purchase includes the LCD digital warmer, five bags of hard wax beads, 20 wax strips, two pairs of waxing gloves, pre- and post-wax oil, 10 large wax sticks and 10 eyebrow waxing applicators. The Blitzwax warmer features a removable lid that is see-through, allowing you to get a view of the wax warming process as it happens. The unit is compact and sturdy, and accommodates wax canisters up to 14oz. The wax pot inside the device is removable.

Precise Temperature Control

The Blitzwax warmer is the best of the wax warmers for precision temperature control. It provides you with an adjustable temperature control from 86 to 257℉ and a digital readout of the exact temperature.



9. KoluaWax Wax Warmer And Waxing Kit

KoluaWax Wax Warmer And Waxing Kit

Multiple Formulas

This complete waxing kit includes all KoluaWax formula signature waxes. Bikini Babe is formulated for coarse hair and is ideal for Brazilian and underarm waxing. Bare Faced is formulated for face and brows. It targets fine hair and is perfect for gentle face waxing. And finally, Best Loved is formulated for all over use. You can remove hairs from brows to bikini line in one quick waxing session.

Digital Display

KoluaWax Wax Warmer has a digital display that shows the temperature. No more getting burned while trying to see the wax inside. Now you can see it through the lid. We also love the fact it has a new, easy-to-clean silicone bowl where you can pour your wax easily.



10. Waxkiss Wax Warmer Kit

Waxkiss Wax Warmer Kit

Fast Heating

This wax warmer may take 2 to 12 minutes to completely melt the wax into liquid. All you need to do is press the button to set the temperature to 257 °F/125 °C and the wax warmer will do all it takes. The digital display shows the temperature you are using and you can always increase or decrease it as you wish. In this wax warmer, you can melt wax beans, round and square wax blocks and the wax from a wax can.

Easy To Clean

The kit has an easy-to-clean pot that is made of non-stick aluminum. You can see the inside of the pot while it is working through its lid, which has an air flow hole to ensure air circulation and prevent contamination. The outer body of the warmer is made of ABS shell material.



Buyer’s Guide

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wax Warmer

Wax Warmer Buyers Guide

You’ve read through the top 10 best wax warmers, read on for tips on what to look for when deciding what is the best wax warmer for you!


Warmers vary in their capacity to hold wax. Be sure to check capacity, going for at least 14oz for home use as featured in our 10 best.


The best warmers will provide a quick, even heat application to your wax. It should also provide temperature control with a knob to allow you to make quick adjustments. The temperature should also be clearly visible on the device. Ideally the device should vary between around 60 and 110℃ (140-230℉). Look for a warmer that comes with built-in overheat protection as a safety feature.

Versatility & Portability

The best wax warmers will provide you with the ability to heat wax of different types, including strips. The unit should be small and light enough to be easily transported in your travel case.

You should expect to find a top quality wax warmer in the $20-$30 price range.

Alternatives To Using A Wax Warmer

  • Wax Strips involve applying a running wax to your skin with a spatula stick. The hair is then removed by applying a wax strip to the area and then peeling it, and the hair, off. Strip wax is not nearly as thick as hot wax. Wax strips are better suited for large areas of the body such as the arms, legs and back. You can also make your own wax at home.
  • Microwavable wax pots are able to be heated in the microwave for the best, fastest application.
  • An epilator is a small hand-held device that will remove the hair by the root without the use of wax.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can put wax directly into a GiGi wax warmer. To use the GiGi wax warmer, simply open the lid and place the wax container inside the warmer. Leave it for 20 minutes on the high setting. At this stage, the warmers wax will be transformed from a hard to a smooth, thick consistency.

The length it takes wax beads to melt differs from device to device and the recommended heat setting. As a general guide, it will take between 20-45 minutes to melt most wax beads. You can also heat your wax beads in the microwave. To do so, you should heat on a low heat for several intervals of 10 seconds, stirring the beads between heatings.


We have provided our top 10 best wax warmers and think that the best warmers for wax out there are the GiGi Brazilian Waxing Kit and the Salon Sundry Professional Single Pot Electric Wax Warmer Machine. Use our guidance to help decide which is the best waxing warmer for you – and enjoy!