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Bubble Wand Vs Curling Wand: Which One Is Better For You?

Bubble Wand Vs Curling Wand

With so many styling tools on the market, it can be tricky to decide which is the best option for your hair – do you opt for a traditional curling wand or try bubble curling? Are you seeking to enjoy vintage tight ringlets or opting for loose, beachy waves? Choosing the right styling tool to create your curls and waves can make or break your overall look and fortunately for you, we are here to help. You can read more about the best way to achieve your gorgeous curls as we enter the battle of the curling wands: bubble wand vs curling wand – which will reign supreme? Stay tuned to read more!

Bubble Wand Vs Curling Wand: What's The Difference?

While on the surface it may seem that bubbles and curlers are two sides of the same interchangeable curling wand, closer inspection reveals that there are actually a number of key differences between these two tools – and this comes largely from the types of curls and overall styles that are produced by each type of styling wand. We took a closer look at some of the main differences between the two types of styling tools.

  • Shape Of The Barrel

Perhaps the most obvious difference between these types of styling tools is the shape of the barrel. Bubble wands, as the name suggests, come with a series of “bubbles” on the length of a curling iron, while curling iron tools are smooth and tapered. This difference then creates a difference in the types of curls created.

  • Ease Of Use

One area that is often overlooked when deciding on the best hair styling tool is how easy each type of tool is to use. As the name suggests, a bubble wand is formed of several “bubbles” or bumps up the length of a curling iron and this provides an easy guide for your hair to follow – learning how to use a bubble wand tends to be a little easier than a regular curling wand, which may require you to hold the hair in place as you curl and so can be a little trickier.

If you are new to the world of curling and styling, you may find a bubble wand easier to use than a regular curling wand.

Bubble Wand Vs Curling Wand — Which One Should You Use?

Bubble Wand Vs Curling Wand — Which One To Use

When deciding between a bubble wand and a curling wand, the choice is ultimately personal and, just as when deciding between a crimper and a waver, will ultimately depend on a range of factors, including:

  • Type Of Curl

As we discussed above, you will achieve a different curl depending on whether you use a bubble wand or a regular curling wand – your overall desired look will therefore play a key role. Bubble wand curls tend to be tight, defined curls that are more even and uniform – the best bubble wand will offer one or two types of specific, dedicated curls for a unique, textured look which is almost closer to the effect achieved by crimpers.

A curling iron allows you to create uneven, non-uniform curls that can look more natural.

  • Hair Length And Type

Another important consideration is your hair type and length. In some cases, short hair may not cooperate with a bubble wand, as there tends to be a limited barrel size which can reduce the efficiency of the curls. If you have shorter or fine hair, a regular curling wand is likely to be the best choice for sustaining stunning curls. Regular curling wands come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and so you are more likely to find something suitable for all hair types.

  • Experience

In some cases, a bubble curling wand tends to be easier to use and so can be easier for beginners than regular curling wands.

Pros & Cons Of A Bubble Wand

Pros & Cons Of A Bubble Wand

There are a number of pros to bubble wands, including the creation of tight curls in a ball-like pattern which can create a stunning, distinctive look. Styles created from bubble curling wands also tend to generate more uniform curls and this can help to create a neater, more polished appearance. They also tend to be easier to use and can help act as “training wheels” for curling your hair.

There are, of course, downsides to bubble wands, and the main issue here is that these tend not to be the best tool for shorter hair and offer less versatility.

Pros & Cons Of A Regular Curling Wand

Pros & Cons Of A Curling Wand

Some of the main advantages of curling wands include the versatility. These hot tools can be used on short or long hair with ease and create loose curls that can look and feel more natural. You can also benefit from a range of barrel sizes, offering greater choice in terms of the final overall look.

One of the main downsides of this wand type is that they can be a little trickier to use and, in some cases, this can increase styling time.


Both bubble and curling wands work by applying heat to the hair, so always use a heat protectant spray.

Bubble Wand Vs Curling Wand Comparison

Bubble Wand Vs Curling Wand Comparison

As we have seen, there are a number of differences between curling wands and bubble irons, and we took a closer look at three of the most important elements.


Perhaps the clearest difference between the two tools comes from the shapes of the curlers. As we have discussed, bubble curling wand tools are fairly restrictive and feature a series of small bumps up the length of a shaft. These are uniform in size and shape and there is no option to change or adjust them – the end result of this is that the curls are also very tight and uniform, with little distinction.

Curling iron tools, on the other hand, tend to be long and thin, tapering in shape from bottom to top. The surface is smooth and this allows the user to choose the direction of the curl, as well as play around with different types of curl.

Curling Method

The curling method used in each tool is also different and once again, this has an impact on the end result. When using a bubble wand, the hair is wrapped around each “bubble” and sits in the gaps between these, resulting in an overall look that is even all the way along the length of the hair. This does also tend to be a little easier, as the hair is “held” in place by the tool, reducing the risk of burns or scalds.

With a more classic curling iron, however, you wrap the hair around the barrel, holding it in place to create curls – this can increase your risk of scalds and a heat-resistant glove is advised.

Curl Pattern

The curl pattern produced by the two tools also differs – a bubble curling wand will create tighter curls, while irons create loose curls.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between a bubble wand and curling wand comes from the shape of the barrel – this has an impact on the final result of the appearance of the hair. Bubble wands consist of small “bumps” – or bubbles – up the length of a curling iron, creating small, tight curls. Curling wands, on the other hand, have a smooth barrel that can be used for more natural-looking curls.

How do you use a bubble wand on short hair? The main answer to this is that you probably shouldn’t – as a rule, bubble wands do not tend to offer the best results on short hair, as there is no variation in the size of the barrel. This can make it harder for hair to hold the curls, even with a setting spray.

How long you should hold a curling wand in your hair depends largely on your hair type and the desired effect – usually, around 10 – 30 seconds will be sufficient to create the desired look. It is important to always use protectant heat spray with each use, as well as clarifying shampoo regularly to keep hair protected and healthy.

The different types of curling iron tools include bubble wand curlers, traditional curlers, triple-barrel wavers and crimpers. There are a host of hair tools on the market and these can create beautiful curls, gentle waves, dramatic textures and everything in between – the perfect option depends on your hair type, as well as your desired outcome and look.

The most popular curling iron size depends largely on your preferences and the type and length of hair that you have. For shorter hair, a smaller barrel tends to offer the best results, while those with long hair can get away with a large barrel for loose, natural curls. Experiment with different options to find your perfect look.


In the bubble wand vs curling wand debate, there is no clear winner. As we have seen, both tools come with their own pros and cons and the best option will ultimately depend upon a number of personal factors. Why not try out a range of tools and see which offers the very best results for your hair?