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Does Light Therapy Work For Wrinkles?

Does Light Therapy Work For Wrinkles

As a normal part of growing old, wrinkles are seen by many as a particularly bothersome hint of aging. Wrinkles often appear on the face, hands, forearms, and neck. Having a good understanding of what causes them and how to prevent wrinkles will allow us to slow down the biological clock. Light therapy is a cutting-edge, non-invasive skin treatment that repairs skin damage. It can be used to fix an array of skin problems including acne, skin conditions caused by excessive sun exposure, scars, age spots, and more. Light therapy is popular, safe, and guaranteed by many to produce great results. Let’s find out if light therapy can work wonders for wrinkles.

Regarded as a normal part of our skin’s aging process, wrinkles appear as creases, lines, and furrows on certain parts of our face and body. As the skin matures, its cells become thinner, dryer, and a lot slower in restoring and repairing themselves which inevitably leads to the development of wrinkles. While some believe that our lifestyle choices can affect the severity of this skin condition, let’s take a look at what some of the common causes of wrinkles are. How Long Does It Take For Light Therapy To Work? Check out our article here.

Repetitive Facial Movements

Surprisingly enough, even simple everyday gestures such as smiling, squinting, and frowning cause our facial muscle tissues to contract and contribute to the formation of wrinkles. From the frown lines that occur on your forehead to the laugh lines that appear on the corner of your eyes and mouth, these folds in the skin come with age whether you like it or not.

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Too Much Sunlight

Too Much Sunlight Light Therapy

Experts say that 90% of premature skin aging is caused by excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Adversely affecting our skin in various ways, increased sun exposure damages collagen fibers which, instead of producing enzymes that help repair skin, lead to the formation of fibers that develop into wrinkles in time.


Smoking causes the contraction of the blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin. In addition to this, smoking reduces your lung capacity, which can lead to a decreased volume of oxygen reaching the bloodstream, resulting in less oxygen and nutrients getting to the cells. As a result, smokers tend to develop premature wrinkles faster compared to people of the same age who do not smoke. As tobacco’s harmful chemicals negatively affect the texture, elasticity, and overall structure of our skin, its capacity to heal itself and rejuvenate is hampered, leading to premature lines, creases, and ridges in the skin. Read more about the effects of smoking on our skin here.

While some of us understand and accept that wrinkles are simply signs of a life well-lived, some are less welcoming. Although there are a handful of anti-aging skin products specifically created to reduce wrinkles, taking steps to prevent them while you’re young is still a whole lot better than finding ways to get rid of them when they appear on your skin.

Does Light Therapy Work For Wrinkles?

Light Therapy Work For Wrinkles

The short answer would be yes.

While experts have yet to approve light therapy for reducing and reversing wrinkles, a handful of studies and enthusiasts reported positive results of light therapy in preventing wrinkles. Check out our article about LightStim for wrinkles to learn more about wrinkle-reducing products that can help you achieve the ageless skin you’ve always longed for. As the therapeutic benefits of natural sunlight have been recognized throughout history, it has been proven that ultraviolet light can be utilized to deal with chronic conditions such as acne and severe cases of pigmentation. Since it is a well-known fact that extreme UV light exposure can damage the skin and lead to a serious illness like skin cancer, light therapy involves the right amount of exposure and intensity that can naturally and safely enable our body to heal with very little to no side effects. Although genetics play a crucial role in how our skin ages over time, taking good care of our skin goes a long way in making sure that we remain wrinkle-free for as long as possible. Find out about the other ways to prevent wrinkles here.


From the lines that appear each time you smile to the deeper furrows that form whenever you frown, wrinkles are undoubtedly an inevitable part of the aging process. Following a healthier lifestyle can help minimize the further effects of growing old. While light therapy for wrinkles has been recognized as an amazing tool that works wonders on your skin, you should learn to embrace changes on your skin that are signs of maturity and aging.