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How Long Does Airbrush Makeup Last?

How Long Does Airbrush MakeUp Last?

Airbrush makeup is a way of applying makeup using an air compressor, using the same concept of how some spray tans are applied. It is a highly favored technique by makeup professionals and is used commonly for professional photo shoots and special events such as weddings and proms.

Airbrush makeup is no longer just for professional use. There are now many kits on the market which enable you to do it yourself, creating flawless, professional-looking results at home. Among other benefits, it makes the product go further and the initial cost of an at-home airbrush makeup kit may be less than one single session with a professional makeup artist, making it a very cost-effective choice.

How long does airbrush makeup last?

One of the benefits of airbrush makeup is how resilient it is. Many of the at-home airbrush makeup kits last up to 12 hours, and some even last longer than that. It means it is a perfect choice for events as you won’t need to apply touch-ups to maintain your look.

How Long Does It Last If You Cry? :'(

While not all airbrush makeup is waterproof, many brands offer a setting or waterproof seal so that it will not run, smudge or smear if you encounter tears, sweat, rain or any other moisture while you are wearing it. This will keep your natural, flawless appearance in place all day.

Airbrush Makup Tears

How Long Does It Take To Apply?

Airbrush makeup is a very fast application of makeup. With a little practice, you can have a full face of makeup in as little as 5 minutes, depending on the level of coverage you are looking for. This makes it even more suited to big occasions where preparation time is short on the big day.

If you are new to airbrush makeup though, it will doubtless take a bit longer. If you are planning on doing your own airbrush makeup for a special occasion, it is worth putting plenty of practice in to establish the technique and find what works for you.

When applying airbrush makeup, you will hardly use any product up each time though, so you can practice plenty of times without worrying that the foundation is going to run out.

Does Airbrush Makeup Expire?

Airbrush makeup is more resilient than traditional makeup partly because of the more hygienic method by which it is applied to the skin. It is a great benefit that this application makes your product go further, but you may be concerned about the product going off. Airbrush makeup will eventually expire, but with the correct storage and hygienic use, you will lengthen its shelf life.

You can expect your airbrush makeup to last up to two years once open, providing it is stored correctly. To lengthen its life, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to store it and make sure it is sealed correctly, with no makeup remnants around the rim of the bottle allowing air and moisture in.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Airbrush Makeup?

In addition to the benefits we have already discussed, there are many more reasons to choose airbrush makeup over traditional. It is not just suited to big events; once you have tried airbrush makeup you will want to swap it into your everyday routine, pushing aside makeup brushes and traditional applications!

Airbrush makeup is more hygienic than traditional makeup as it does not require the use of fingers, brushes or sponges, all of which harbor dirt and bacteria, as well as sitting on top of the skin rather than blocking pores, therefore it will be less likely to cause spots and breakouts. It is quick to apply yet long-lasting, and you can choose anywhere in between sheer coverage and full coverage. It also looks great on camera.

Airbrush Makeup

In contrast, it does have some disadvantages. The initial outlay for airbrush makeup is higher than for traditional makeup. However the equipment is hardy and long-lasting when taken care of, and the makeup products last far longer because only a tiny amount is required for each use. It is also important to know your skin type and the type of use you want it for as not all products are equal. Some products may be more suited to more oily skin while others are suited to older skin. If you are interested in finding out more about this, we have discussed specific products on our makeup review page, or read our review of the best spray tan machines.

Benefits Of Airbrush Makeup For Weddings

As you can see, there are many benefits of airbrush makeup, all of which make it a great choice for a wedding. To ensure you are looking your best, make sure you have plenty of practice with your airbrush makeup kit, not just to master the technique of the application but also to establish the exact color match for your skin tone and what coverage you would prefer. Make sure you take pictures of your practice sessions too, so you can see just how beautifully natural it looks on camera!

If you are interested in buying an at-home airbrush makeup kit, take a look at our review page to see what we think of the top products available on the market and find out which would be the best choice for you.


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