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How To Clean A Wax Warmer

How To Clean A Wax Warmer

It is very important to know how to clean a wax warmer. Whether you use it at home or in your beauty salon, electric wax warmers need to be cleaned for sanitary purposes. The melted liquid wax can become sticky and stinky. It will become even worse if you don’t do it regularly and you will get a build-up of residue.

If you have invested in a new wax heater, you want to make sure you don’t ruin it, and ensure you are cleaning it properly. Read on for what you need to know about wax warmers and the top wax cleaner options out there.

It is very important to clean it regularly, not only because the longer the melted wax stays inside the wax pot it is harder to clean it, but also because you are very much aware that waxing equipment is not cheap!

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Wax Warmer

So, proper maintenance of wax warmers is essential! When you keep the pots clean you are preventing the build-up of wax and the creation of an odor too. Furthermore, cleaning the exterior of the waxing pot gives a much more professional feeling and experience to your business – keep that in mind.

How To Remove Wax From Your Wax Warmer

The best tip we can give you to remove wax is to put some oil (for example mineral or olive) inside the pot while it is still hot after using it, or heat it a bit first. You can then clean the insides with a paper towel or a washcloth. This may not remove everything, but most parts will disappear. The remaining wax is the most stubborn part – but we can help you take care of that. The easiest way to do it is to scrape it while it is still hot using a wooden wax applicator. When you finish, turn off the warmer and once again clean the inside with a washcloth. You can also clean the exterior with the same oil.

Steps For Cleaning Your Wax Warmer Properly

Here are the steps for cleaning your warmer properly.

Steps For Cleaning Your Wax Warmer Properly

1. Clean While It Is Warm

Heat up your wax pot and keep it at that temperature until every last solid piece of wax melts to a thin consistency.

2. Remove The Inner Bucket

Be careful when you are removing the inner bucket as you can easily burn your fingers. Pour the clean wax into a container for storage. Make sure you have sterilized the container before you put all the wax inside.

Do not pour the wax into the drain because it can easily damage your plumbing pipes and block them.

3. Cool The Inner Bucket

Take some proper cleaner (you can use mineral oil or all-purpose cleaner, for example, or some rubbing alcohol) and spray it into the container, cleaning more of the wax away. For the most stubborn bits left over, use a spatula or wooden wax applicator to remove everything you can. Repeat the procedure until the pot is clean.

4. Finish Cleaning

When you have cleaned all the remaining wax, take a towel and wipe the inside of the pot to get rid of any wax residue. Pour the liquid sterilizing solution, spread it all around and leave for some time (make sure to read the recommendation before you do it). To finish, wipe out all hard surfaces with cotton pads or a towel to finish cleaning your wax pot.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get wax out of a warmer, you should place the warmer inside of your freezer for about ten minutes. The wax will become solid and shrink by this time and it will easily pop up by itself. In the end, take a washcloth or towel, clean it and you are ready to go again!

Yes, you have to clean your warmer, and you should do it every day. If you don’t have enough time after every usage, clean it at the end of the day. This way you will prevent getting stubborn hard wax and stains will never appear. Regular cleaning of the wax pot should be part of your everyday routine.

You can remove old wax using coconut oil. Wipe it across the area you want to clean, leave it for a little and wipe it with a warm washcloth. Additional tips for removing hardened wax include using an iron. Place a damp white cloth over it, heat your iron to medium temperature and place it on top of the wax. The wax will adhere to the cloth. Then use rubbing alcohol to remove residual wax.


Regular maintenance is very important if you want to keep your wax heater clean. You should do it every day and make sure that both inside and outside of the pot are always clean. Particularly if you are using your pot professionally, you want to avoid your customers seeing a messy workspace. We know that it isn’t the most fun to do, however it is much more preferable to having a bad smell or old body hair from too much double dipping – and remember to always use clean wax when reusing your warmer. Hopefully, our guide on how to clean a wax warmer has prepared you with everything you need to know.