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How To Remove Nose Hair – Tips For Results At Home

How To Remove Nose Hair

Of all the grooming tasks we find ourselves faced with, removing nose hair can be one of the most tedious. It can also be a confusing topic – should you even be removing nose hair? And if so, how much? Is there a specific tool, or can you just go in with tweezers? Which are the best options, and which offer the greatest benefits? If you have found yourself asking these questions and finding no answers, rest assured: you are in the right place. We have put together everything you need to know about how to remove nose hair including why to remove it, and the best options for doing so.

Top Options For Getting Rid Of Nose Hair

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted nose hair, there are a few options to take a look at, from permanent removal to threading, trimming to shaving, and everything in between. The best solution will ultimately depend on your desired results, as well as your lifestyle, personal preferences and, of course, the overall budget you have available.




Trimming with scissors

Trimming your nose hairs is one of the most painless options, and does not require any specialist equipment or training – all you will need is a sharp pair of scissors, and you can carefully trim any hairs which are outside your nose, or which are too long.

  • Not permanent
  • Need to be careful not to go too short


Threading is an ancient form of hair removal and can offer a longer-term option. Threading can also be a great way to avoid ingrown hairs, and tends to be fast and effective.

  • Only suitable for use on flat surfaces of your body


Laser hair removal offers a permanent end to your hair woes, as it kills the hair at the roots, making it harder for it to grow back. Though it can be expensive initially, this is a great solution to permanently remove hair, saving you long-term time, money and effort.

  • Laser hair removal is expensive
  • Can only be used on the outside of the nostrils, so may not be the best option for nasal hair

Shaving /trimming

One of the most popular options is electric nose hair trimmers, or manual nose hair trimmers. These allow you to remove nasal hair quickly and easily, and will also usually be suitable for ear and eyebrow hair.

A nose hair trimmer is one of the most popular options when it comes to nose hair removal, and there are a number of models and brands on the market, most of which are ergonomically designed to make nose hair removal fast, painless and effective.

  • Not permanent
  • Can cause irritation to the skin
  • You need to be careful when trimming to avoid nicks in a painful spot
  • If you are looking for the best shaving tools, make sure to take a look at our post about safety razors and check out our review of the best safety razors available on the market next.

What You Should Avoid

While there are a number of great options for removing your nose hair, there are also a number of nose hair removal techniques and methods you should avoid. Not only can these be super painful, but they can actually make the problem worse over time.

What You Should Avoid


Plucking nose hairs is a major no-no, and should never be one of your options for hair removal – no matter how desperate you may think you are. When you pluck the hairs, you remove them directly from the follicles, and this leaves an opening for bacteria, dust, debris and other unwanted nasties to enter your system, and this can result in an infection.


Waxing is a great option for removing body hair but should be avoided when you are focused on nose hair removal. This can remove a large swathe of hair at once, leaving your body vulnerable to infections and illnesses.

Hair Removal Cream

Like waxing, a hair removal cream is a popular option for removing leg, arm and pubic hair, but it is best avoided for nasal hair. Many creams come with harsh chemicals, smells and other substances that can be toxic for the delicate skin and membranes around the nose, and so are best avoided. Like waxing, they can also remove too much hair, leaving you vulnerable to infection. If you are a guy with a mustache looking for the best grooming products, make sure to look at our article about Best Mustache Wax.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not bad to remove nose hair, but you should be very careful – some of it is there for a reason. Nose hair can help protect you from dust, debris, bacteria and even viruses. The most important thing to remember is that you should never pluck your nose hairs – this can result in empty follicles which can introduce dirt into your body.

If you trim nose hairs, always make sure that you do not go too short. It is important to leave some hair to prevent you from inhaling all of the unwanted particles in the air, so while you can trim any hairs which are on the outside of your nose, try not to touch any of those inside the nose.

You permanently remove hair from your nose using laser treatment – this ensures that the hair will be unable to grow back, leaving you free from endless rounds of maintenance. Be aware, however, that it may take several rounds of treatment before you see permanent results, and this can be an expensive option.

Nose hairs do grow back unless you use a permanent solution such as laser hair removal. Shaving and trimming will only offer short-term relief, so you will need to be prepared to keep up the maintenance over an extended period of time depending on the nose hair removal methods you choose.


Figuring out how to remove nose hair safely and effectively is an important part of your grooming ritual – you want to make sure that you do not remove the delicate, intricate hairs which can help to protect you from infection and disease. From trimming to laser treatment, there are a number of options to help you be rid of visible hairs for good, while still staying safe and healthy.