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Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Area For Females & Should You Shave?

Benefits Of Shaving Pubic Area Female

Pubic hair grooming prevalence is constantly changing: the landing strip, Brazilian, complete bush or whatever you want. If you choose to shave, you may be wondering what the benefits of shaving the pubic area for females are.

Perhaps you prefer silky smooth skin for sex. Perhaps you’d rather avoid irritated skin. Pubic hair grooming will depend only on your pubic hair preferences. The right people will love you whether you are bare, trimmed or sporting a full bush, so weigh the benefits and drawbacks of pubic hair grooming and make the decision that best suits you.

Shaving Pros Cons

To shave or not to shave? Should you get rid of it all, trim it or leave it alone? There is no right or wrong way to wear pubic hair, but understanding its true purpose, as well as the pros and cons of shaving it, can help you decide whether to keep it or remove it. Every day, adults make decisions about their bodies; ideally, those decisions are informed and reached after balancing your personal risk-benefit ratio.


In this section, we’ll go through the benefits of shaving and pubic hair grooming.

  • Freedom to wear a swimsuit
Girl Wearing A Swimsuit

Having hair in the pubic areas makes wearing a bikini confidently difficult for most women. This is because having bushy pubic hair can be related to shame and prevent you from showcasing your incredible body. As a result, one of the advantages of shaving your pubic hair is increased confidence. 

  • Reduces unpleasant odors

While most microbes on pubic hair will not harm your health, they may produce an unpleasant odor. The function of pubic hair is to absorb and release pheromones from the genital area into the air. But, when you sweat, pubic hair retains some of the stenches left behind; thus, having pubic hair may result in some odors. Shaving your pubic hair can help to reduce the intensity of unpleasant odors that arise after a long day at work or at the gym.

Women who shave their pubic areas don’t have to deal with blood clots and other menstrual debris that may become lodged in their hair during their period.

  • Decreases sweat

Some women must change their underwear frequently throughout the day due to the amount of sweat there. Tight pants, which trap heat and can actually make this area hotter, cover your genitals for the majority of the day, which only makes the situation worse. 

If you sweat a lot, shaving your pubic hair can help you stop sweating so much below the belt.

  • Spot problem

Bumps, lumps and other issues can occur in the pubic area. While these issues are not life-threatening, they can be bothersome if not treated properly and may increase the risk of STDs in some cases. But how would you know if you couldn’t see the area? As a result, shaving allows you to see your pubic area clearly and take care of yourself as quickly as possible.

  • It is affordable

Shaving is simple, inexpensive and widely available. It requires only the use of a shaving razor. You can use a shaving cream as well as the warmer and get rid of the bush down there in a matter of minutes and continue feeling great. As a result, most people consider shaving to be the best hair removal method.

  • Easier oral sex
Oral Sex

It is not uncommon for both men and women to dislike having oral sex because of pubic hair. They don’t want pubic hair in their mouth while attempting to please the other person. Many believe they are thoroughly cleaning themselves in the shower, but a faint odor remains that their partner can detect when they are performing oral sex on them. 

Removing pubic hair will make things easier for your partner in the long run. If things are neat and tidy down there, they may offer you a little special treatment more often.


Pubic hair acts as a buffer for your vagina, so removing it can have some disadvantages.

  • Less protection

Pubic hair acts as a barrier that prevents dirt, germs, bacteria and pathogens from entering the vagina. Sebum, an oil produced by pubic hair follicles, keeps microorganisms from proliferating and lowers the risk of infection. Shaving pubic hair can increase your susceptibility to genital symptoms such as urinary tract infections (UTIs), yeast infections and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

  • Ingrown hair

Shaving your pubic hair can result in ingrown hairs, which happen when hairs grow back into the skin instead of outward. Ingrown hairs can cause painful pustules (pus-filled bumps) and papules (red bumps), which are unsightly and itchy. Although ingrown hairs can be painful, they are best left alone.

Picking or popping the ingrown hair will only increase your chances of infection by exposing the follicle to bacteria and can also result in scarring.

Check our blog to find out how to get rid of ingrown hairs.

  • Injuries

Female genitalia is a very sensitive area that can be difficult to shave. It’s potentially dangerous to maneuver a razor around the skin that isn’t taut or into crevices you can’t see. Cuts, nicks and rashes are all common injuries that occur when attempting to shave your pubic hair.

  • Skin itching, aggravation and rash

Hair removal can cause itching, skin problems and rashes in some people. These are all very frustrating health issues to have in such a sensitive area and pubic hair serves to avoid all of them.

  • Steph boils

In rare cases, hair removal can lead to the formation of boils in your genital area. It can cause boils from skin irritation and infections like cellulitis and folliculitis. Boils typically begin as red bumps just beneath the skin’s surface. They could be stuffed with pus or abscesses, which are deeper than boils.

Pubic Hair Removal Tips

Pubic Hair Removal Tips

Depending on the rate of hair growth and genetics, pubic hair varies in length, color and thickness from person to person. While grooming your pubic hair, there are some precautions you can take to lower your risk of pubic grooming injuries or infections.

Consider the following:

  • Washing your hands before shaving or trimming will help prevent the spread of bacteria. Make sure all the tools you’ll need for pubic hair removal are clean. 
  • Avoid using the same scissors for different tasks and regularly replace the blades in your razor.
  • Make use of a handheld mirror. Go slowly and make sure you can see what you’re doing.
  • When shaving, your skin should be wet. To keep the area clean, use soap suds or shaving gel.
  • Continue in the direction of hair growth for smoother results and less irritation.
  • After a shave or wax, moisturizing can help soothe irritated skin. To prevent your skin from drying out, apply some natural lotion or oil.
  • For a few days after, stay away from wearing anything too tight because wearing underwear that is too close to your skin can irritate it.
  • Regular exfoliation is recommended. To remove dead skin, use a gentle loofah or scrub.

To find out whether you should exfoliate before or after shaving, check out our blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should shave your pubic hair if it is your personal pubic hair preference. You don’t need to remove your pubic hair for any health reasons other than possibly to reduce sweat odor. Removing pubic hair (or not) is a cosmetic choice. Pubic hair removal does not make you “cleaner”.

Women may shave their pubic hair because they prefer a smooth and soft vagina which makes them feel more confident or sexier. Some may do it because of an aesthetic social norm, others to reduce unpleasant odors or sweat. Other reasons for shaving pubic hair include wearing a swimsuit freely or sexual reasons such as oral sex without hair.

The disadvantages of pubic hair are sweat and a slightly stronger odor than other parts of your body. However, pubic hair is not actually unsanitary. This should not be a cause for concern as long as you wash regularly. Like the rest of your body hair, pubic hair serves to trap sweat, oil and bacteria.

Yes, pubic hair can cause odor. Pubic hair traps the sweaty odor of your vagina and emits a stronger odor than the rest of your body hair. Shaving them removes the odor and leaves you feeling refreshed. Regularly wash your pubic region and you won’t have to worry about pubic hair odor.

You should shave your pubes frequently, if not daily. It is necessary if you want to keep the pubic area smooth and hairless. For pubic hair removal, you’ll need special shaving equipment and aftercare will be required. It may become tedious after four or five weeks, so consider using more lasting hair removal methods.


Now you know what the main benefits of shaving the female pubic area are. Always remember, changing your pubic hair style is similar to changing your haircut; nothing is permanent here. If you’re unsure whether you can keep the bare look or whether you’ll feel comfortable with a landing strip, just try it. Keeping an open mind will help you to discover what works best for your appearance and sensitive skin. It is ultimately up to you how you want to style your hair and whether it be trimming, shaving or leaving it natural.