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Do I Need A Treadmill Mat

Do I Need A Treadmill Mat

So you have got yourself a new treadmill for your home, and wanting to get going with your new fitness equipment. Whenever you make a sizable purchase on equipment, there’s always the temptation to pay more for all manner of add-ons. Often these extras, though they’re marketed as being essential, can sometimes be pretty superfluous. So, what about home gym treadmill mats? Are you asking, do I need a treadmill mat or is this just another example of solving a problem that doesn’t exist? Let’s find out for all you fitness enthusiasts.

A treadmill mat is a floor covering that is designed to sit under a treadmill. It has two main purposes: to reduce noise from traveling through the floorboards from the fitness equipment and to eliminate vibration of the treadmill bed.

What Is A Treadmill Mat

They also prevent the treadmill from sliding around on the floor and provide an extra layer of protection to prevent dust and debris from traveling from carpets into the underside of the treadmill.

Treadmill mats are a little wider than the footprint of a standard treadmill. They are usually made from some form of high-density rubber. Prices of mats range from around $30 to $70.

Why Do I Need A Mat Under My Treadmill?

Treadmill mats are more a cosmetic home gym addition, providing some very tangible benefits that both improve the quality of your workout and help to keep the treadmill in good condition.

Why Do I Need A Mat Under My Treadmill

Treadmill mats are more a cosmetic home gym addition, providing some very tangible benefits that both improve the quality of your workout and help to keep the treadmill in good condition.

Flooring Protection

A treadmill is a heavy piece of machinery. Whether you are placing it on a carpet, laminate, vinyl or hardwood floors, it will leave an indentation if placed directly on the floor surface. On wooden, vinyl or concrete floors, the treadmill may cause scratching. This is bad news for anyone but could be especially problematic if you are living in rented accommodation.

Treadmills are hefty equipment: a mat underneath will prevent damage occurring to the floor.

Reduce Noise And Absorbing Vibrations

Noise can be a real problem for people who are living in confined workout areas; it is especially an issue for those who live in apartments with others dwelling under them. No matter how quiet your treadmill is, there will still be quite a bit of noise that travels through the floor underneath. The harder you run on the treadmill, the more noise, and vibration that will be produced. The heavier the person on the treadmill, the greater it will dampen noise. A treadmill mat that is made up of 3/16” rubber will make a big difference in the noise level that travels under the treadmill.

Every treadmill machine produces some level of vibration. The addition of a rubber mat under the treadmill will reduce this vibration by as much as 70 percent. Don’t forget to check out our treadmill mats for reducing noise favorites.

Extra Protection From Dust

If you have ever cleaned under a treadmill, you know how much dirt and debris can collect under there. A lot of this gunk can end up inside the motor of your treadmill.  If you place your treadmill on carpet, the dust and debris build up will be even greater.

Using a mat underneath the treadmill will help in keeping dust from getting into the underside of the treadmill belt, keeping the treadmill clean. Click here to read more about keeping your treadmill belt clean.

Keep The Treadmill Stable

Over time, treadmills have a tendency to creep forward. When you use a treadmill mat, however, you will prevent this from happening. That is because the mat creates an enhanced degree of friction that keeps the treadmill in place.

Keep The Area Neat

A high quality treadmill mat will help to keep the area where you are positioning your treadmill neat and tidy. It will also prevent sweat from dripping onto your carpet or other floor surface.

How To Pick A Treadmill Mat

Like most products, treadmill mats range in quality from terrible to terrific.

How To Pick A Treadmill Mat

To make sure that you’re getting a quality mat that will deliver the benefits that we’ve just covered, look for a good mat that meets the following standards:


When it comes to size, you need to think about the length, width and thickness of your treadmill mat. For thickness, a minimum of a quarter of an inch is required to provide the noise and vibration reduction that you need to get significant results. You shouldn’t think, too, that a thicker mat is always better. If the mat is too thick, it won’t provide the stability you need.

In terms of length and width, the may should cover the treadmill footprint and have about three inches around each edge.


A quality treadmill mat will be able to deal with the sweat and other bodily fluids that will come from your body when you’re exercising on the treadmill. Look for a mat that is moisture, sweat and odor wicking.

Construction Material

Most treadmill mats are made from PVC. These are good, but even better, is a mat that is made from recycled rubber, such as the Prolmpact treadmill mat. As well as being environmentally friendly, rubber mats will not leave an indentation and won’t curl at the edges. Rubber gym flooring is, as a result, very popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, a treadmill does not necessarily need to be on a mat. However, mats for treadmills will provide you with some distinct benefits, including reducing noise and vibration. So, if you are using your treadmill in close proximity to other people, then you really do need a treadmill mat.

Yes, you can put a mat under treadmill on carpeted floors. Putting your treadmill on carpet will help to reduce the noise level that travels through the floorboards thanks to the carpet fibers.

The mat will further reduce the noise and vibration, while also providing a layer of protection between the dust in the carpet and the underside of the treadmill.

The best thing to put under a treadmill is a rubber treadmill mat. This will do the best job of reducing noise and vibration while keeping the treadmill stable and wicking up sweat and moisture. A recycled rubber mat will also be indent free and won’t curl up at the edges.

Yes, treadmill mats are good. They will add an extra layer of protection to the underside of the treadmill, keeping out dirt and debris. A mat will also greatly reduce noise and vibration, protect your floor covering and enhance the aesthetics of your workout area.

Finally, treadmill mats will help to eliminate the gradual movement that happens with all treadmills.

A treadmill may damage your floor, depending on the type of floor surface that it is sitting on. If you put a treadmill directly on a vinyl or hardwood floor, there is a possibility that it may scratch the floor. It will also leave footprint indentations on carpeted areas which may cause long-term damage to the carpet.


A good treadmill mat is a relatively inexpensive add-on to a treadmill purchase that makes a lot of sense. So if you are asking yourself, do I need a treadmill mat? The main answer is: yes, it will make it easier on the people who live around you and also improve the life of your treadmill; as a result, it simply makes sense to spend that extra few dollars to buy a treadmill mat. When comparing other mats, the best treadmill mat is made from rubber.