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How To Get Beach Waves Hair With A Straightener

How To Get Beach Waves Hair With A Straightener

Beachy waves are a beautifully relaxed style that can suit everyday casual, business and event looks. You can combine them in a half-up, half down look for something a bit different, or embellish them for a bit of definition. Beach waves accentuate highlighted or ombre hair beautifully. You can create them on short or long hair, and make the waves large or small depending on the method you use to create them.

One of the other great things about beachy waves, is that you don’t need to have a curling iron to style them – you can create them with a straightener. In fact, this is a fantastic way to get more out of your flat iron, without having to spend more money on buying extra tools. All you need is some heat protectant spray, a set of hair straighteners (flat iron) and some hair clips, grips and ties to section off your hair as you go. That, and a little patience – creating beachy waves is easy, but there is certainly a knack for getting the perfect waves!

There are several different methods for creating the perfect beachy waves, and each will give you a slightly different finish. We are going to talk you through our favourite 3 methods so that you can have a go too!

Flat Iron

Before starting any of these methods, consider these 5 things:

  • Give your straighteners the once over to make sure that there are no chips that can catch your hair and cause snags or other damage. Also remember to regularly check that the wire is intact and that there is no dirt or residue on the plates.
  • Thoroughly dry your hair to prevent serious damage to your luscious locks. You should only every use your straighteners on dry hair, no matter what the style you are going for – beach waves are no different!
  • Smooth kinks and frizz before you start to give it a sleeker finish. Your hair doesn’t have to be perfectly straight before you start, simply straighten the necessary areas to remove bumps and puffy sections.
  • Decide the direction of your waves before you start styling. Decide whether you want them turning towards or away from your face and stick to the same way both sides of your face for a more natural finish.
  • Practice before turning it on! Make sure you have the hang of the techniques before you switch your flat iron on, to prevent damaging your hair by over-doing it. This way you can see what works best for you!

Finally, before you attempt any method of creating beach waves, spray some high-quality thermal protectant onto your har so preserve your locks and prevent over-drying.

To apply heat protector spray, simply hold the bottle about 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) away from your hair and spritz it on liberally, then brush it through for even coverage. It truly makes all the difference to the long-term condition of your hair, especially when you are regularly heat-treating your it with blow-drying, curling or straightening!

Method 1 – For Subtle Waves: Grip, Twist And Glide

Think about when you are wrapping birthday presents for your loved ones. For the extra special finish to make it look even more beautiful, you tie a ribbon around the parcel, before running the edge of a pair of scissors along the ribbon to curl it. This method of crafting beachy waves uses a very similar idea – but don’t use scissors! Use your straightener!

Once you have applied the thermal protectant spray you can begin to separate your hair into sections. Smaller sections are easier to manage with this method of creating beach waves.

Place one of the sections into the mouth of the straighteners. You will want to grip the hair between the plates, but not clamp down too hard.

Next, with the straighteners in your hand, twist your wrist towards or away from your face so that your hair leans over the top or bottom of the straighteners.

Then you simply hold the hair in the same position and glide your straightener down the strands to the roots – just like curling a ribbon!

Continue to work through the sections, working methodically around your head. You can mix it up a little and vary the direction you twist your wrist.

Once you are done, spritz on some holding spray and then run your fingers through the curls to loosen it up for a more natural, relaxed look.

Method 2 – For Voluminous Waves: Wrap, Grip And Glide

This next method doesn’t require you to twist your arms around in order to get the perfect waves. It follows a similar technique to wrapping your hair around a curling iron. It may be a little fiddly at first, but after the first few strands you’ll get the hang of it!

Ideally, use a straightener with a bevelled edge to give you a softer finish for this method.

After you have spritzed on your thermal protector spray, clip your hair into easy to manage sections. Just like method 1, it is easier to manage this in smaller sections.

Position your hair straightener at the roots of your hair, open, with the open plates pointing down.

Next, pick up the first section of your hair and wrap it over the back surface of the straightener and then thread it in between the two plates.

You can then clasp the plates together. You don’t want to clasp it too tightly, just close them gently so that it doesn’t catch your hairs.

Then you just glide the straightener down your hair as you normally would – not too fast, but not slow enough to burn your hair. If you want a but more of a curl, you can give the strands a little twist with your fingers as you release the hair straighteners.

Don’t forget to use setting spray to keep the hold for longer!

Little tip – the direction you wrap your hair over the straightener will be the direction the curls go in. so to curl away from your face, wrap the hair backwards over the straightener. For curls going towards your face, wrap your hair forwards over the straightener!

Method 3 – For Tousled Waves: Plait And Flat Iron

Most of us girls through our childhood will remember sleeping in plaits to give our hair a curl. Well this next method uses that concept, but adds a straightener to set the curls for longer. The good thing about this method is that you can use a many or as few sections as you want. For larger waves, use few plaits, for smaller, waves, use more braids!

So once you have applied your thermal protector spray, plait your hair into as many sections as you want, but try and keep them roughly even in size. Secure them gently with hair ties – preferably not ones that will melt in the heat of your straightener!

Braid as far down the strands as you can, so you don’t get straight ends at the bottom of your beachy waves!

Once you are happy with your plaits, you can begin to use the flat iron. Now methods 1 and 2 used a glide movement, but this one is slightly different because your plaits are more likely to catch. Therefore, starting at the top of your first plait, you want to clasp your hair between the straightener plates, and hold it there for a few seconds.

Then, release that section, move your straightener down the plait so that it is not overlapping the area it just set, and clasp it again.

Continue this the whole way down the plait and then repeat for ever plait.

Once you are done, remove the ties securing your braids and run your fingers through them to separates out the hair. It should now look wonderfully tousled, so to keep it for longer make sure you spritz on some setting spray.

You can also use this method with a twirling action rather than braiding your hair. Simply twist the sections of your hair like a rope, instead of plaiting it and then apply the flat iron as you would to the plait – clasping each bit for a few seconds before moving down the strands. You will have to hold the section in your hand though, as hair ties won’t secure twisted hair!


So there you have our top three methods for getting beach waves hair with a straightener. We are huge fans of these techniques, and love how much more versatile it makes our hair straighteners! If you are ready to upgrade your straightener so you can get even better results from your beach waves hair, read our review of what we consider to be the best hair straighteners around to see which one would be the right choice for you. Alternatively, for another easy method of creating beach waves, check out our curling wand reviews and curling iron reviews for more high-qualty styling tools we TESTED in house!

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