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How To Use Beard Oil: Our Guide For Appling Your Elixir Properly

How To Use Beard Oil

Remembering to groom your beard is crucial for maintaining its appearance and providing the best possible treatment for your skin and hair. One of the main tools in the beard grooming kit is beard oil because it’s a jack of all trades – it moisturizes, styles, provides nutrients to your hairs and skin underneath, and even fights against beard dandruff and itching. We won’t only teach you how to use beard oil, but when you should use it, how often and how long it takes for beard oil to start working. So if you’re ready, let’s dive in!

Applying beard oil is an easy process, but it does demand some finesse in order to achieve maximum results.

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1. Clean & Dry Your Beard

Clean Your Beard

This is a necessary step, as cleansing your face removes your body’s built-up oils and bacteria. Once your beard is clean and dry, it’s going to be craving more oil, so to avoid dry skin, acne and dandruff, apply the best beard oils for your beard and skin type.

You should also use a beard conditioner during your shower as it makes your beard hair soft and smooth.

2. Get A Few Drops Of Beard Oil Onto Your Palm

Depending on your beard’s size, you’re going to use anywhere from three to ten drops of oil:

  • Small beard (One to six months/less than two inches): Three to six drops of beard oil
  • Medium beard (Six months to a year/three to six inches): Six to ten drops of beard oil
  • Long beard (Over a year of growth/over six inches): Ten to sixteen drops of beard oil

3. Spread Oil Evenly Onto Your Palms

In preparation for applying beard oil to your facial hair, rub it evenly onto your palms. Make sure to cover your entire palms and fingers, as you’ll need to evenly distribute the oil for consistency. 

4. Rub The Oil Along The Sides Of Your Beard

Rubbing The Oil

With top-down movement to avoid irritation, move your palms down your sides starting under your ears and ending under your chin. Make sure to use force to get it in and prevent dry skin. If the skin beneath your beard reacts poorly to rubbing, don’t put too much pressure on your sensitive skin.

You want the oil to get to your skin because beard itch is skin itch, and making sure to moisturize your skin with nutritious beard oils prevents it. 

5. Move Your Palms And Fingers Along The Front Of Your Beard

The front of your beard is the most sensitive area and usually requires more coverage than the sides. Start from the top where your fingertips are touching the nose and move downwards, being careful not to put it near your eyes or directly into them.

6. Brush The Bottom Of Your Beard With Your Fingers

You can either move left to the right side with your palms and fingers or just rub with your fingers in a downward motion. If you actively shave everything below your chin, feel free to skip this step and include what little hair is there in the previous step.

7. Style Your Mustache Using Your Fingertips

This is a step for anyone with a thicker mustache. Use your fingers in a pinching motion to fix your whiskers appropriately. Since you’re going to be smelling your mustache throughout the day, you want it to smell great, so make sure to use a good scent.

Peppermint, lavender, lemon, sandalwood and cinnamon are some of the best smelling beard oils, but it all comes down to personal preference.

8. Optional: Comb Or Brush

Combing Beard

Wooden combs are the safest bet, but any beard comb or brush will do. You’ll first comb from the bottom to the top because beard oils tend to slide down. After evenly coating the oil with the comb, all that’s left is to style your beard appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should use beard oil every day if you have a two, three inches or longer beard. Feel free to apply beard oil every other day if you have a relatively short beard below two inches. Now, just because this recommendation exists, does not mean it works for everyone. If you have a longer beard that tends to get greasy often, you should apply beard oil every other day.

You should use beard oil when you step out of the shower or wash your face. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should do it every time you wash your face or shower, depending on the size of your beard and the length of your beard hair, you should balance it to once a day or once every two days.

You should use three to ten drops of beard oil. Use the appropriate amount depending on your beard length and greasiness. If your beard is a few months old, three to six drops should be enough. If it’s half a year or older, six to ten would be best. If you have a healthy beard, older than a year and over six inches in length, ten drops should be a minimum.

You can apply beard oil after shaving. It moisturizes the skin, especially in a dry climate, and depending on the essential oils in it, it will provide much-needed nutrition to your hair follicles and skin. If you intend to grow your beard after shaving, make sure you use beard growth oil.

Beard oil takes two to three weeks long to work. It takes this amount of time with constant use, either daily or once every two days. A good rule of thumb is to find the best beard oil for you. If you don’t see improvements after a month of using it, look for a beard oil with other essential or carrier oils.


Now you know how to use beard oil. You will hopefully take our beard grooming tips to heart. You don’t have to use beard oil daily, but you have to take care of your beard daily. Whether it’s combing, beard balm, conditioner or wax, your facial hair will be thanking you as long as you take care.