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How To Use A Bubble Wand – Instructions & Tips

How To Use A Bubble Wand

A bubble wand can be a great addition to your arsenal of hair styling tools, offering cute results and adorable curls that can transform your look in no time. In many cases, a bubble curling wand may be less well known or recognized than the more familiar flat irons, crimper tools, or curling irons and so not knowing how to use a bubble wand can turn some users away from these tools.

Fortunately, using a bubble curling wand is easy and simple to learn – and we have put together the ultimate guide to ensure that you have all the information you need to create the perfect look. All you have to do is read more here to discover how to transform hair from drab to fab in no time!

How To Use A Bubble Wand - Step By Step Tutorial

Ready to learn how to make the most of your curling wand? We have everything you need to know for the ultimate bubble curling iron breakdown.

Step 1: Section Off The Hair

The first step in the process is to divide your hair into a number of sections and secure these in place with a clip or pin. We would recommend dividing the hair into two, as though you are creating bunches and then dividing each section into two more sections – one on the top and one on the bottom. Secure these in place and, if you have very thick or long hair, add more sections as needed. This will allow you to focus on just one area at a time and using thinner sections will help you create better curls with this wand type.

Step 2: Apply Heat Protectant

Apply Heat Protectant

The next step is to dry your hair completely – always important when working with a curling wand – and apply a heat protectant to your hair – this is something that you need to pay attention to every time you add heat to your hair, whether you are creating ringlets with a curling wand, adding volume with a hair diffuser or using a flat iron for poker-straight locks. Use a spritzer and apply the product all over your hair, using your fingers or a comb to make sure that it is distributed evenly throughout your hair.


There are a range of heat protectant products on the market, so try and choose one that is a good fit for your hair type. If you have dry, frizzy locks try a moisturizing product or pick a taming product for more flyaway strands. Some stylists offer services to help you determine your type of hair and this can be useful for picking products. You can also read more to learn about the perfect product for your tresses.

Step 3: Work With Small Sections Of Hair

As we mentioned, you should work with small sections of hair at a time when using a bubble curling wand – this will help to ensure that your curls are tight and well-defined and will offer you the best results. Using larger sections means that the tool will be less effective and you are more likely to end up with a wave effect.

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Step 4: Wrap The Hair

Next, take a strand of hair and wrap it around the wand from top to bottom. Hold the strands in place for the amount of time stated on the styling tool – usually around 20 – 30 seconds, taking care not to burn your hands or face – you can really take your time for the best results.


Avoid the temptation to leave the bubble curling iron in place for too long; this can cause your hair to burn and become damaged or even break.

Step 5: Release And Repeat The Process

After the allocated time, you can gently release the curl, allowing it to spring naturally into place. Avoid touching the curls until you have done the whole head. Take the next strand of hair and repeat the process.

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Step 6: Straighten The Ends And Tousle

Straighten The Ends And Tousle

Once you have worked your way around the whole head, you can choose to style your new curls in the way you prefer – this can include straightening the ends for a clearly designed curl or gently running your fingers through your locks to shake up the curls for a casual, tousled look.

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Step 7: Apply Hair Oil/Anti-Frizz Spray

The final step in the process is to apply a hair oil or anti-frizz spray, depending on the texture of your locks. This helps your look stay smooth and sleek and can help to put some much-needed moisture back into strands that may be dry after applying heat with curling wands or other tools. This is also the stage to apply a hairspray if you need to keep your curls in place – once again, search for a product that is suitable for your hair, and be generous with the product.

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Why Use A Bubble Wand?

Why Use A Bubble Wand

Use a bubble wand to create defined, stunning curls which can be styled in any way you choose. These types of curling wand offer more definition for your curls and can be a perfect choice if you are looking for waves that are less even and regular than you may get with a traditional curling wand. A bubble curling iron can add a boho vibe to your overall look and, with a little practice, are simple and easy to use and manage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The kind of curls a bubble wand makes depends on a number of factors, including the size of your sections, the time you leave the strands wrapped for and your natural hair texture. Generally, bubble wands allow you to create defined, clear curls which can then be brushed out as desired and these are less even than a traditional curling wand.

Should you curl your hair inwards or outwards really depends on the results that you desire. Using a curling wand to curl all hair in one direction will create a more even, neat and tidy effect, while curling in opposite directions with the wand will result in a more casual, “boho” type finish. According to experts, curling outwards at the front and inwards at the back is a great way to achieve a stylish, natural look.

You curl fine chin-length hair with a curling wand by making sure that you “catch” the curl in your hand once you release the curling wand. This will help the curl to set in place and it is more likely to last for longer. You can also use sprays and products to prepare your hair for curls and use a heat protection spray as fine hair is more prone to heat damage.

How long do curling wands last is a question that depends almost entirely on the product that you buy; different products will have different quality levels and so different lifespans. As a general rule, spending a little more will offer you a higher quality product and so can be a great long-term investment.


Learning how to use a bubble wand can help you to transform your hair from drab to fab with the mere flick of a wrist and is a great way to create natural, stunning curves that last well into the night. All you have to do now is pick your favorite product and get practicing – you will have your dream look in no time!