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How To Use Mustache Wax: 4 Steps To Apply It Properly

How To Use Mustache Wax

Knowing how to use mustache wax appropriately can really make your stache shine. When it comes to using mustache wax, people tend to think that it’s only for when you have long hair and want to make some long, thin and curly handlebars, but that’s not the case. You can start using mustache wax early on in your beard grooming process.

You should think of using mustache wax as soon as your mustache becomes messy in appearance. The length with which you can start applying mustache wax can be anywhere from one centimeter to one and a half centimeters (half to a quarter inch) in length.

Waxing Mustaches

Waxing your mustache is an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master process that demands a lot of trial and error, depending on how well you want your mustache to look.

Following and sticking to these instructions will help you make the process easier.

1. Scrape A Small Amount

Scrape A Small Amount

After rinsing and drying your hands, I suggest you gently put the tip of your thumb or index finger into the wax, preferably at an edge. If the wax is quite solid, you can use the nail on your thumb and slowly and gently scrape the wax, putting it on your nail. If the wax is warm enough to the point where you can easily put it on your index fingers directly, then you can do just that. The amount pulled out should be quite small, no bigger than half a pea in size, enough to fit on your fingertips easily.

2. Heat The Wax Between Your Fingers

To warm the wax and break its very hard consistency, simply rub it with the tips of your index finger and thumb, letting it fully soften. Warming the wax doesn’t take much time, and if you’re using natural and good products, as you should, it will take even less time.

You might want to put it over a warm vent, or near a stove to warm it up more quickly, but do not overheat it past room temperature, as that could make it unusable. 

To make sure you’re getting the best wax possible, you can check out our mustache wax reviews to see our top picks.

Before heading to step three, make sure your mustache is dry, and that if you have put on any beard oil or any other oils on your face, they are only on your beard hair. If you have any oils in your mustache, rinse them out and dry them.

3. Wax Your Mustache

Now, this part demands a little more focus. 

  1. Locate The Center Of The Mustache. If your mustache doesn’t have a defined middle, you’ll first need to gently move your index finger and thumb, making sure to find the center under your nose before you apply the wax.
  2. Apply. Apply the wax upon locating the center of your stache. Move your mustache hairs horizontally in the direction you want your stache to head towards, preferably avoiding contact with your mouth. Keep moving your facial hair while you still have wax on your fingers. After you feel like you’ve put enough wax on your stache, it’s time to bust out the comb.
  3. Gently Comb Mustache Hair. The mustache comb is one of the most important tools in any man’s arsenal because it keeps his mustache healthy. When using the mustache comb, treat the stache like you would your lady’s hair. Gently move the mustache comb through your left then right side of the mustache, making sure to spread the mustache wax evenly.

If you feel like there is still more to be done, move on to step four.

4. Repeat Until Evenly Distributed

Repeat Until Evenly Distributed

Now, this is a step with many variables depending on whether you feel like you want more or less wax on any of the sides.

If you want a nice handlebar mustache, you need more control, demanding two to three repetitions to get the exact style and shape down.

Be careful not to overuse wax, as it can give you the opposite effect, making the handlebars droop down due to weight.

Repeating the previous steps only works if you want to put more mustache wax in, but what if you’re unsatisfied with the final result and want to start over?

How To Remove Mustache Wax & Start Over

Removing mustache wax is a simple process, but it takes time. This process will make sure to leave your lip bristle untouched. After rinsing the skin, beard and mustache with warm water, use any natural soap, preferably liquid, as they tend to get in-between hairs and dissolve sticky residue more quickly as well as catch any stray hairs that need cleaning. Leave the soap in for a while, preferably three to five minutes, especially if your wax has shea butter, before rinsing with warm, then cold water. After drying, you can restart the process. 

You can also use products for wax removal, just make sure it has a cleansing function.

If you feel like your hairs are too thin, you should read up on how to grow a thicker mustache.

What Does Mustache Wax Do?

When it comes to mustache wax benefits, you also need to pay attention to what wax you’re buying, as not all of these benefits apply to every mustache wax. 

There are plenty of things that mustache wax does:

  • Keeps your mustache looking neat, healthy and in style
  • Reduces itchiness
  • Lowers dandruff
  • Lessens the chance of acne
  • Strengthens the mustache


Hopefully, you’ve learned how to use mustache wax by now, and perhaps some of the benefits to it as well. As soon as you feel like it’s time, begin training on how to apply the wax and research your best options accordingly and you will easily gain a well-groomed and stylish set that is sure to bring awe and jealous gazes from all your friends.