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9 Vibration Plate Benefits & Whole Body Machine Side Effects

Vibration Plate Benefits 1

Are you struggling to force yourself to exercise for extended periods of time, or any time at all? Many people have turned to the vibration plate in their trying times, and for a good reason. A vibration plate benefits the most when you’re looking to put in a quick workout and it’s amazing how little time it takes from your daily routine for the level of efficiency it has.

The vibration plate benefits in calorie burning, muscle contraction, blood circulation, increasing bone mass and so much more stand out when doing regular exercise on the plate. Still, do understand that the body vibration plate is not a magic device and demands effort if you want quicker gains.

Benefits Vibration Plate

We will tackle the benefits of both a vibration and a whole-body vibration plate one by one.

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Strong & Toned Muscles

There are actually multiple pieces of research done by PubMed, attesting to the health benefits of vibration when it comes to muscle strength. Achieving stronger muscles faster is a proven fact, and pushing yourself will increase muscle mass more rapidly.

The biggest reason behind muscle mass increase during plate exercise is the sheer amount of contractions your muscles do when on the plate which, depending on the setting, is anywhere from twenty to fifty contractions, which is an insane amount of muscle contraction. This gets increased when you do dynamic exercises on top of it.

You cannot achieve peak fitness levels only with the fitness equipment you use. Healthy eating, maintaining energy levels and body care are necessary for success.

Better Bone Density

Studies and researchers have debated the benefits of vibrations when it comes to bone density for decades. Rarely was this advantage disputed, if at all, to the point where even the NASA astronauts in space were recommended daily use of a whole-body vibration plate to keep their bone cells from decreasing as well as creating new bone cells.

After a certain age, bone loss becomes the norm, and exercise, especially whole-body vibration exercise, will not only prevent your loss of bone mineral density, but also lead to an increased bone mass and density. If you’re worried about bone loss or potential osteoporosis, a whole-body vibration plate is a must.

If you do any traditional exercise on a vibration machine, it will help increase bone density more quickly, but do not push yourself if your condition is more severe.

Balance & Flexibility

Balance On Vibration Plate

Balancing on vibration machines when doing your daily workout is far more demanding than on solid ground. When doing squats, one of the simplest vibration plate exercises, muscles around the joints increase more rapidly due to rapid muscle contraction. These muscles don’t only lead to an improved balance, but an increase in flexibility as well. The great advantage of increasing your balance is an increase in precision tied to everything from writing to playing basketball.

Doing yoga and stretching exercises when on the whole body vibration plate is a great way to exercise if you wish to focus on increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymphatic drainage and oxygen circulation will greatly improve with the use of vibration plates. When you set the vibration plates at high speed, they force muscle contraction of up to ninety-five percent of muscles. When you move these muscles, they pump lymph through your body at an increased speed. Along with the oxygen received from muscle contraction, the blood pressure is lowered and blood flow improved.

Lymphatic drainage leads to an improved immune system, reduced fatigue, stress and anxiety, lessens migraine or chronic trauma and improves the skin.

Weight Loss & Calorie Burning

Weight Loss Vibration Plate

Because of the increase in intensity a whole body vibration plate gives to your exercise, it will increase your metabolism, leading to rapid burning of extra fat and weight loss.

Faster Muscle Recovery

One advantage listed on every vibration plate is faster muscle recovery, but is it true? Well, when muscles contract without any need for force, the massaging feeling increases blood circulation and releases happiness hormones, helping you not feel stressed as well as giving creatine kinase increase.

Creatine kinase helps increase energy levels, which will certainly prolong your training by a significant amount, helping you achieve your fitness goals in a shorter period.

Better Skin Quality

There are many benefits when it comes to skin quality when using a whole body vibration plate. Whole body vibration helps create Elastin and Collagen which reduce wrinkling and sagging. And while it will never be able to completely fix your cellulite by itself, the skin tightening done by Elastin and Collagen helps decrease its appearance.

When muscles contract during the use of vibration plates, blood pressure decreases, which is believed to improve skin health and complexion.

Pain Relief

Pain relief with vibration therapy works similarly to muscle recovery. Improved blood circulation and lower blood pressure, releasing of happy hormones and releasing the tension of both muscles and joints let them contract and relax. Vibration therapy leads to less pain not just in one area, but the body as a whole. The vibration machine has the same benefits across the entire body, increasing oxygen supply which also increases blood flow and reduces spinal pain. The endless list of health benefits leads to reduced risk and lessening of pain.

If your pain is chronic or medical such as fibromyalgia, know that research suggests that the vibrating plate and vibration therapy help mitigate trauma.

Less Stress

There were already notions that a vibration machine can help alleviate stress regardless of size, shape and use, and vibration plates aren’t any different. It is already proven that vibrations and vibration plates reduce the stress hormone cortisol and increase happy hormones.

There are also more obvious benefits tied with general exercise, body development and improvement.

Power Plate Dangers & Side Effects

Power Plate Dangers

While the power plate can help mitigate some pain as well as chronic or medical issues with vibration therapy, power plates are dangerous if you use them under specific conditions. Problems such as kidney stones, thrombosis, epilepsy, severe diabetes, dementia, hernia and serious disc problems are reasons to avoid the vibration machine. Working on it for prolonged periods of time or extremely high settings can lead to a minor or major stroke if you have any heart issues. Other side effects include nerve damage and an increased chance of developing back, shoulder and neck pain.

If you don’t have any issues listed out, or have only minor issues, then it should be completely fine for you to use the vibration machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

A vibration plate is used for medical therapy, body exercise, weight loss, speeding up muscle recovery, whole body vibration plate massage, increasing blood circulation and reducing stress. On top of all of that, it gives you more energy, allowing you to exercise more, develop stronger muscles and increase bone density.

People who cannot use vibration plates are people with serious medical conditions which the plates tend to worsen. These conditions include kidney stones, thrombosis, epilepsy, severe diabetes, dementia, heart disease, hernia and serious disc problems. You should also avoid using plates as vibration therapy or fitness equipment if you have a pacemaker or knee replacements.

Vibration does not help break up cellulite. However, it does help tighten the skin and make cellulite less noticeable. This happens because of the Elastin and Collagen created during the vibration machine’s use. Only specific laser treatments, vacuum tissue releases and therapies can help you completely get rid of cellulite; vibration therapy only alleviates the problem.

The benefits of a vibration plate for osteoporosis are plenty. It can mitigate bone loss and even return bone mass to the body. Allowing your muscles to contract and relax without having to do a high-intensity workout can help increase strength and reduce the chance of back pain and the chance of breaking any bones.

Vibration is very unlikely to damage your nerves. However, nerve damage can occur if you set it incredibly high or use for an insanely prolonged period of time. If you’re looking for body improvement and are hurriedly trying to gain muscles by doing a ridiculous amount of push-ups on the vibration machine, make sure not to exaggerate and go past thirty minutes of exercise.


Vibration plate benefits are far more encompassing than expected. That is not a surprise because vibration as a concept for benefiting the human condition has been tested, appropriated and used throughout the decades in many ways. With prices ranging anywhere from a hundred to over a thousand dollars, you can certainly find one at a pretty reasonable price. Even if you’re not a person who wants to exercise by a significant amount, having a vibration machine around the house for vibration therapy is something I would wholeheartedly recommend.