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Airbrush Makeup Vs. Regular Makeup

Differences Between Airbrush And Regular Makeup

While Airbrush makeup has been used by professionals for many years, it has become more popular with personal users in more recent years. There are many differences between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup, and benefits for both, but one size does not fit all, so if you are interested in purchasing an airbrush makeup kit, you will be interested in learning the differences between the two different types of makeup application and how they affect you.

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

Airbrush makeup is makeup which is applied using an airbrush stylus and air compressor, similar to that used for applying spray tans but on a smaller scale. It is applied in the form of a very fine mist and therefore it is necessary for the product to be a lot thinner than normal foundations. However, despite being thinner, airbrush makeup provides fantastic coverage of imperfections, which can be built up from a sheer to full application, while still looking natural and letting the skin breathe. Airbrush makeup gives a professional but natural look.

What Is Traditional Makeup?

Traditional makeup is what you are probably already using. It refers to products which may be in powder, liquid or cream form are applied using brushes, sponges or even your fingers. Products are usually thicker in consistency, but countless variations are available.

What Is Airbrush Makeup

What Are The Benefits Of Airbrush Makeup?

Hygienic Application

A huge benefit of airbrush makeup is how hygienic it is. You do not need to touch the product at all, and the stylus does not touch your skin. This means that you won’t be transferring dirt, oil or bacteria to your skin as you apply your makeup. This is great for people who are prone to breakouts, unlike traditional makeup which requires you to use brushes, sponges or fingers, all of which harbor huge numbers of bacteria.

Airbrush stylus’ are also extremely quick and easy to clean by flushing through with solution and wiping. Many kits include a cleaning solution, but it can also be bought separately.

Natural, Healthy Appearance

Whether the coverage is sheer or full, the mist of makeup looks perfectly natural, and unlike with traditional makeup, you will not get brush marks or smudges across your skin. As it is built up in such thin, light layers, it does not give the caked-on appearance that traditional makeup gives, despite giving fantastic coverage. This is a huge benefit for all occasions.

Lightweight And Breathable

Many people who wear airbrush makeup say it feels so light that they don’t even feel like they are wearing it, while traditional makeup often feels thicker and often greasy after a few hours. It is great for your skin, too, as it allows it to breathe and is less likely to block your pores. This is a great feature for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Products Last Longer

Firstly, if it is stored correctly, airbrush makeup such as foundation can last for up to 2 years once it is open, unlike traditional foundation which has a typical expiration date of 1 year. Secondly, you will use far less product for each application when using airbrush makeup compared to traditional makeup. This is because the nature of applying it in mist-form means that product goes further but still gives excellent coverage. Therefore, while airbrush makeup may be more expensive, it will last a lot longer.

The Benefits Of Airbrush Makeup

Applications Last Longer

Airbrush makeup is far more resilient than a lot of traditional makeup, meaning it can withstand sweat, tears, rain and other moisture better than traditional makeup. It can be made even more resilient with the addition of a waterproof sealant or finish, which is excellent for special occasions but is gentle enough for everyday use.

Personal Colour Matching

There is a great range of colors available in airbrush makeup, and each kit comes with a few different shades to suit your skin tone. This means that it is suitable for all ages, skin types and colors. But to make a perfect match for your skin color, simply blend two or even more colors. This helps the makeup to appear even more natural as it will totally match your complexion. It also means that if your skin color changes for example due to tanning that you can still get a perfect match with the same colors.

Easy To Layer; Great For Contouring

Airbrush makeup should be built up gradually in thin layers. This means that each layer dries very quickly and you can build the coverage you desire, from sheer to full. The release of product from the stylus is consistent, so the makeup is evenly distributed across your skin.

The easy, even application makes airbrush makeup great for contouring.

Many kits come with blush, highlighter and bronzer included – everything you need to create an entire look, and it looks even more natural because it is all applied in the same way.

Looks Stunning In Photographs

Airbrush makeup does not appear shiny or reflective, nor dull and flat. It creates a beautiful natural glow that looks incredible in photographs, both up close and from a distance, as well as in person.

Longlasting Airbrush Makeup

What Are The Disadvantages Of Airbrush Makeup?

Initial Cost

As mentioned before, airbrush makeup kits are more expensive to buy than traditional makeup, as are the replacement makeup products, however as also explained earlier, the products last much longer, so over time airbrush makeup is far more cost-effective. Also, the airbrush makeup equipment which you can use for years is the same price or less than a single application of airbrush makeup by a professional makeup artist, again making it extremely cost effective.

More Difficult To Touch Up

Once your makeup has dried and be worn for a while, if you need to touch-up your makeup, it may be more difficult to do so when you are wearing airbrush makeup, however, because it is more resilient than traditional makeup, you are less likely to require touch-ups.

Smaller Choice Of Colours Available

Airbrush makeup kits come with about 4 different shades of makeup, often grouped by skin tone. Although you can buy extra shades, this means that there is less choice of shades to match your skin compared to traditional makeup, of which there are hundreds of different shades due to the number of brands producing them.

However, this can easily be solved by blending colors to match your skin tone exactly. This is easily done with airbrush makeup, and with the fact that only a very small amount of product is required for even a full face of makeup, you don’t need to worry about wasting it when you are testing colors out.


Overall, you can see there are many benefits to choosing airbrush makeup over traditional makeup. While it does have some disadvantages, all of these issues can be solved.

Visit our review page if you are interested in seeing how the best airbrush makeup kits on the market compare and find out which would be best for you.

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  1. Latoya Anderson

    The best part of your blog is when you talked about how airbrush makeup can last long because has the ability to withstand sweat, tears, rain, and other moisture. My wedding day is just around the corner. This is a special day for me, so it’s important for me to look good and fresh the entire day. Since this can be a busy day too, I don’t think that I will have the time for retouching my makeup. It will be ideal for me to choose a makeup method that can last all day. Thanks for sharing this.

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