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Airbrush Makeup Vs Regular Makeup, Which Is Better?

Airbrush Makeup Vs Regular Makeup

Airbrush makeup has been used by makeup artists and other beauty professionals for many years, but it’s becoming increasingly popular for everyday makeup, too. There are many differences between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup, with pros and cons for both, so if you are looking at purchasing an airbrush makeup kit, you may be interested in learning about the differences between the two types of makeup application.

The Difference Between Traditional Makeup And Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is applied using an airbrush gun and air compressor, similar to that used for spray tans (like these). It is applied in the form of a very fine mist and therefore it is necessary for the product to be a lot thinner than traditional foundation. Traditional foundation, on the other hand is applied with a brush, puff or sponge in the form of a liquid or powder.

Despite being thinner, the fine mist of airbrush makeup provides fantastic coverage of imperfections, which can be built up from sheer through light to full coverage, while still looking natural and letting your skin breathe. Airbrush makeup gives a professional and flawless finish.

Airbrush Makeup Vs Traditional Makeup

There are many benefits to both types of makeup. We are huge fans of airbrush makeup and we particularly love how quickly you can apply it!

Choosing Between Airbrush Makeup And Traditional Makeup


A key difference between the two is that airbrush makeup application is far more hygienic than traditional makeup, making it an excellent choice for makeup artists. You don’t need to touch the foundation at all, and the airbrush gun (stylus) doesn’t touch your skin. Therefore, you aren’t transferring dirt, oil or bacteria as you apply your makeup. This is great for people who are prone to breakouts, unlike traditional makeup, for which the tools all harbor huge numbers of bacteria.

Top Tip: You can easily clean your airbrush gun by flushing it through with solution and wiping. Many kits include a cleaning solution, but it can also be bought separately.

How Does The Coverage Compare: Airbrush Makeup Vs Traditional Makeup?

The mist from airbrushing lets you gradually build from sheer to full coverage, while consistently looking natural, which is why it is perfect for brides. This is harder to achieve with traditional makeup and so it is more likely to look ‘caked on’.

While traditional makeup often feels thicker and greasier after a few hours, airbrushed makeup feels so light you don’t even feel you are wearing it, no matter whether it is sheer or full. Airbrushed makeup is great for your skin too, as it allows it to breathe and is less likely to block your pores. This is excellent for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Which Products Last Longer?

Firstly, if stored correctly, airbrush makeup, such as foundation, can last for up to 2 years once open, unlike traditional foundation, which has a typical expiration date of 1 year.

Secondly, you will use far less product for each application when using airbrush foundation compared to traditional foundation. This is thanks to the application of fine mist, which means it goes further but still gives you great coverage and flawless finish. Therefore, airbrush makeup will likely last longer than traditional makeup.

Is Airbrush Makeup More Resilient Against Tears, Sweat And Rain Than Traditional Makeup?

Is Airbrush Makeup Resilient Against Tears

Airbrush makeup can be more resilient than a lot of traditional makeup, meaning it can withstand sweat, tears, rain and water better. A silicone-based foundation very resilient against tears, sweat and rain and so again, it’s a great choice for brides. Airbrush products with a water-based formula can be made even more durable by applying a waterproof sealant, which is excellent for weddings and proms, but is gentle enough for everyday use.

Top Tips: If you are planning to wear airbrush makeup for your wedding day, ask your makeup artist about having a trial run. Wedding makeup application should be flawless, just like your hair, so use this opportunity to find the right look.

Use the trial to match your look to your hairstyle, find the perfect color and test out how resilient it is. Get someone to take pictures of you in natural and artificial light, and spritz some water on it, or to give it the ultimate test, wear it to work out, to see how it fairs against sweat, giving you complete confidence in it on your wedding day!

Remember that different formulas suit different skins types. Ask your makeup artist for a personal recommendation. For example, oily skin may suit silicone-based formulas better, while dry skin may suit a water-based formula.

Airbrush Vs Traditional Makeup For Color Matching

A key feature that we love about airbrush makeup is how you can blend shades to find your perfect color match. It is suitable for all ages, skin types and colors.

Most airbrush makeup kits come with a few different shades to suit your skin tone. You can blend shades together to match your skin perfectly and appears natural. Then if your skin color changes, for example, due to tanning, that you can still get a perfect match with the same foundation shades.

How Do They Compare for Contouring?

Contouring With Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is built up gradually in thin layers, making it perfect for contouring. Many kits include a blush, highlighter and bronzer; everything you need to create your look, and it looks natural because it’s all applied in the same way.

The gun releases the product consistently, so the makeup is evenly distributed across your skin. In comparison, contouring with traditional makeup can be a trickier skill to master and requires more tools.

Which Is More Cost-Effective?

Compared to traditional makeup, airbrush makeup kits and replacement parts are more expensive to buy, but the products last much longer, so over time airbrush makeup is much more cost-effective. Also, the airbrush makeup equipment (which you can use for years) is the same price, or less, than a single application of airbrush makeup by a professional makeup artist.

Conventional makeup on the other hand, has less of an upfront cost, but you may need to replace it sooner.

Which Is More Difficult To Touch Up?

Conventional makeup is far easier to touch up than airbrush makeup because it’s easier to blend after you have worn it for a few hours, while airbrush makeup is best left once dry. However, because it is more resilient, you are less likely to need to touch-up airbrush makeup.


In the battle of airbrush makeup vs traditional makeup, there are many features that put airbrushing ahead. We love airbrush makeup and feel it is a valuable part of our beauty toolkit. To find out more about airbrushing tips and techniques, visit our blog.