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Do Eye Massagers Work & What Are The Benefits

Do Eye Massagers Work

Suffering from dry, irritated eyes is always an unpleasant experience, and one that all too many of us are suffering more regularly, thanks to looking at screens on laptops and phones as part of our daily routines.

Eye massagers have often been touted as a popular solution to this issue, with many fans championing the benefits and advantages that these devices can produce.

But do eye massagers work, and can they offer you long-term relief from dry, tired eyes, improve skin tone and reduce wrinkles? We took a closer look at the top models in order to answer this question, and offer you a solution to help refresh your eyes. Read on for everything you need to know!

You only have to take a look at any eye massager reviews to see how many types of eye massagers there are – this is a broad market with plenty of options.

Types Of Massagers

Some of the most popular types of eye massagers include:

Heat Eye Massagers

These types of eye massagers use heat to boost blood circulation and increase blood flow, reduce pain caused by eye strain, and reduce puffy eyes.

These are popular for helping with blurred vision and can relieve headaches and dark circles, as well as alleviating the effect of eye fatigue.

Infrared Eye Massagers

Rather than emit heat, infrared massagers improve blood circulation using infrared waves and are typically used in beauty treatments, as well as helping to improve eye health and reduce dark circles.

Eye Mask Massagers

Both heat eye and infrared eye massagers are usually of the eye mask design – these often include a remote control to allow you to switch between settings.

The type of massager device that you choose will depend on your preferences and requirements. Check out our eye massager reviews.

How Do Eye Massagers Work

As we have mentioned, the majority of electric eye massagers bear a close resemblance to an eye mask, but they come with a range of features and benefits that offer a soothing eye massage.

How Do Eye Massagers Work


The majority offer stimulating modes which make the most of pressure points on the temples, cheeks, eyeballs and brows to soothe eye muscles, to eliminate dark circles, eliminate eye fatigue and offer a range of anti-aging benefits.

Different Modes For A Blissful Massage

In addition to stimulating pressure points, these devices also use a number of modes, including:

  • Air compression
  • Heat
  • Vibration
  • Options to add relaxing music

Models such as the Renpho eye massager combine all of these elements for a soothing, blissful eye massage.

Each of these modes plays a different role in helping to soothe your eyes – air pressure and heat are great for anti-aging, while vibration and relaxing music are perfect for helping you to unwind.

It is important to ensure that you only use massager devices according to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines, in order to stay safe and avoid the risk of injury or damage to the eye.

Do Eye Massagers Improve Eyesight?

There have often been questions about whether or not eye massagers have the ability to improve the eyesight of the user, and the answer ultimately depends on the reason for your deteriorating eyesight.

A healthy, balanced diet is also important for maintaining good eye health, and this should include plenty of Vitamin A and zinc.

As we have mentioned, eye massage tools are very useful in helping to reduce eye strain, and if this is the reason for your blurred vision, deteriorating eyesight or difficulty in focusing, they can offer benefits in improving your eyesight – they will help your eyes to relax and boost the flow of blood to the area, both of which are great for relieving dry eyes.

There is also research that regular massage can help to strengthen weak eyes, which can offer benefits for improving your eyesight.

Can Eye Massagers Help With Long-Term Conditions?

When it comes to long-term medical conditions, however, such as astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia, eye massagers are unlikely to offer you any real benefits in terms of improving your vision. This is because these conditions involve an eye structure with a different shape, and it is this that causes the impairment in your vision.

While eye massagers do a great job in helping to reduce pressure, alleviate pain and strain, and even offer anti-ageing benefits by reducing fine lines and wrinkles and can even improve skin tone, they cannot change the basic shape or structure of your eye.

This also applies to age-related eye degeneration and conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts – these, and similar issues can only be resolved by glasses, surgery, laser and other interventions, and not by a mere massager.

Speak to a trained professional if you have any concerns about your eyesight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eye massagers are not bad for your eyes, and can offer great relief for eye strain and pain. In most cases, a massager should be safe to use almost every day, though you should rest for a few days if you experience any discomfort.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to consult an eye specialist.

The benefits of eye massagers are numerous: they can help to reduce eye strain, boost circulation around the eyes, and eliminate dark circles.

Many eye massager models are also great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and can help you to relax and unwind after a long day in front of the screen.

Eye massagers help dry eyes by offering relief from pressure and increasing the flow of blood to the area. For particular help with dry eyes, opt for an eye massager with heat – this will boost blood circulation, and help to alleviate dry, tired eyes. You can read more about it here.

For best results, use your eye massager daily, especially after you have been using screens for an extended period of time. Read more about reducing under eye wrinkles here.

You can use an eye massager everyday, provided that you do not suffer any adverse effects. As a rule, massagers can be used for around ten to fifteen minutes a day.

They should be used after you have been looking at computer screens, if your eyes are tired or you are suffering from eye strain, or if you are looking to relax.

Pushing on your eyes can damage them if you use too much pressure but most eye massagers should not be an issue in this area.

The design and pressure of these is intended for use on the eyes, and so you should not cause damage to the eyes, provided that you use your massager as directed in the instructions.


For the question “do eye massagers work?”, the answer ultimately depends on your purposes for using the device. While these are not terribly useful for regaining lost eyesight or addressing age related eye changes, they offer benefits for helping to soothe tired eyes, reduce strain and even offer a number of benefits for anti-ageing.

The benefits will depend on the model that you choose, and the modes that it offers – the best option is to opt for a model that offers multiple functions for great all-round advantages.