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What Is Airbrush Makeup?

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

You may have heard of airbrushing in relation to magazines, and many beauty products boast an “airbrushed finish”, but you may be interested to know what exactly is airbrush makeup? It is a great way of getting flawless makeup quickly, yet it looks completely effortless and enhances your natural beauty – so how can you get it at home?

Airbrush makeup is a technique of applying makeup to the skin using an airbrush system as opposed to the traditional method of using brushes, sponges or fingers. The technique is similar to how spray tan is applied, but on a smaller scale because it is typically only applied to the face, although it can be used all over the body. The coverage can range from sheer to full as it is built up in layers so that you can get the perfect look for different occasions for the same product.

The makeup is applied in such a fine mist that it complements the pixels in an image, giving a flawless, natural-looking appearance that does not seem caked even with full coverage.

It is also favored by professional makeup artists for events such as weddings and proms because not only does it look fantastic in photographs, but it looks beautiful and natural in person too. It can be totally adapted to each person, by building coverage and blending products to find exactly the right match.

Airbrush makeup is not only for professional photography and special events though, it is also a great option for everyday makeup because it is so light, quick to apply and looks so natural. Once you start using airbrush makeup, you won’t want to go back to traditional makeup. It not only gives a flawless appearance, but you won’t feel like you are wearing it and it will last all day.

What Is Airbrush Makeup For Weddings?

Airbrush Wedding

Professional makeup artists favor airbrush makeup for special occasions like weddings and proms because it is long lasting and often waterproof.

It will not smudge or run if you get emotional or hot and will look natural throughout the day.

Airbrush makeup techniques can be used to apply a full face of makeup, even eyeshadows, and will last as long as 12 hours, or even longer. It looks as fantastic in person as it does in photographs and the coverage and tone can be completely adapted to suit each user’s skin.

Airbrush Makeup Machine

An airbrush makeup machine consists of three main parts – the airbrush stylus, the air compressor and the air hose which connects the two. Most are main powered to maintain constant energy to and from the air compressor, although some kits have an optional battery pack for when mains power is not accessible.

While the air hose and compressors do not vary much between kits, the stylus can be bought in various varieties, although most stylus’ for airbrush makeup are very similar. The three features of an airbrush stylus which may very are:

  1. The method of feeding the product into the system
  2. The point at which the product and air combine
  3. The action the trigger has.

The stylus may be gravity, suction or side-fed, but for airbrush makeup, the most common type is the gravity-fed system, as it requires less energy than the other methods. This means the product is put into a reservoir sitting on top of the stylus and is drawn down into the chamber by gravity.

Airbrush Makeup Machine

The point where the product and air combine may be within the air chamber or outside the chamber at the tip of the stylus. Airbrush makeup kits generally use the internal meeting point because it is more suited to gravity fed systems. It also means that the mist of product that is produced from the stylus is finer and therefore lighter. This looks more natural and is less likely to cause blobs of makeup.

In an airbrush makeup machine, the feature which is most often varied is the action that the trigger has. There are two options – single or dual action. A single action trigger will release the air pressure and product in one. If the air pressure can be varied, it will generally be instead controlled by a dial on the air compressor instead. Alternatively, a dual trigger stylus will be able to alter both the air pressure and the product, for example, push it down to release the product, pull it back to control the pressure.

For beginners, a single action stylus would be easier as there are fewer variables, making it an easier technique to master. However, a dual action stylus gives you much more control, meaning you can do shapes such as making a line thinner or thicker in one movement.

What Is The Best Airbrush Makeup System

When we reviewed the top products on the market, we found that overall the Tickled Pink kit is the best airbrush makeup system on the market, however, for specific uses we found some other products to be very good. For example, the Temptu and Photo Finish sets excel for bridal makeup, while the Aeroblend is a great choice for mature skin. Take a look at our full review to decide which is best for you.

Airbrush Makeup Ingredients

How To Do Airbrush Makeup Applications

Each kit may vary slightly, however generally to apply airbrush you will cleanse and moisturize your skin first. Set up the airbrush makeup machine and set the desired pressure. Add a few drops of product into the reservoir at the top of the stylus (usually) and then, holding the stylus 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) away from your face, press the trigger. Apply it in small, circular motions and build up the coverage gradually. If it is not already waterproof, apply the waterproof sealant and then remember to clean your stylus after each use to prevent it from clogging.

Cleaning the stylus is easy, beginning with flushing it through between colors and after the final use. You can get cleaning solution which is included in some kits which you add in through the reservoir and then spray onto a tissue. You can also clean the outside using a cotton ball.

Airbrush Makeup Prices

Airbrush makeup systems vary in price. Undoubtedly the initial outlay is more expensive than that of traditional makeup; however once you have bought it, you will find that you will spend much less on makeup. This is because you use much less product for each use to get the same finish and therefore it goes a lot further, making it a cost-effective purchase in the long run. You will also save yourself a lot of time because applying airbrush makeup is much quicker than applying traditional makeup, and the tool cleaning is much quicker and more thorough too.

Airbrush Makeup Reviews

To help you decide which airbrush makeup set is best for you, we have reviewed the top products on the market. These range from beginner’s at-home systems to professional airbrush makeup kits and all include a range of shades of foundation among other products. They include all you need to get you started with airbrush makeup.


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      Nope! It’ll stay on. I had it done at my wedding and cried during the speeches and the makeup stayed put. I would advise a good makeup remover – you can’t take it off with face wash and water alone. Good luck!!

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