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How To Curl Your Hair With A Blow Dryer (Naturally Curly & Straight)

How To Curl Your Hair With A Blow Dryer

Using a blow dryer to style hair can benefit all hair types, whether you have silky or wavy hair. Keep reading to learn all about how to curl your hair with a blow dryer quickly and easily.

Using a blow dryer is less damaging than using an iron to create curls. If you pay attention to how you spin the brush and follow professional guidance, every day can be a fabulous hair day. Your brush and a dryer appear to be simple instruments, but you can make amazingly wavy curls with them.

Curling With A Blow Dryer

You can curl hair with a blow dryer while twisting your hair with a round brush. While doing that, point the dryer at the brush to dry the hair and form the voluminous curls. To avoid frizz, move the blow dryer as you glide the brush down the length of the hair, aiming the nozzle downwards.

Whether you have thick, thin or fine hair, a dryer will be a healthier choice than a curling wand. If you are concerned about the noise, read our review and find the quiet one.

How To Style Straight Hair

How To Style Straight Hair

Style straight hair by using a blow dryer and a round brush to give lift and body throughout your roots. Choose it based on the sort of curls you want. A small round brush will create tighter curls, while a large round brush will create larger curls. Here is how you do it in five steps:

  1. Although it may seem like it’s not so important, washing your hair before you start styling is very important. After you wash it, make sure you use some hair styling mousse, and you can start regular drying until it is around 80 percent dry.
  2. Split your damp hair into sections and you are ready to start styling it.
  3. Roll your brush away from your face vertically. Roll it to the ends of your hair, then back up and continue until the part is totally dry.
  4. When the part of the hair is completely dry, twist it with the brush as you take it out, rather than unwinding it. This will create beautiful curls in the hair for that bouncy blowout effect.
  5. Hold the brush horizontally and pull it straight up as you blow dry the part backward to produce volume and lift at the crown of your head. Finish by running your fingers through your curly hair.

To find out how to blowout hair, check out our article.

How To Style Naturally Curly Hair

How To Style Naturally Curly Hair

Styling naturally curly hair can be easier as your curls just need a few steps to make them shine. If you follow them, your curls will look like you’ve just left the saloon.

  1. Use a curl cream or leave-in conditioner, which will accentuate and smooth out your curly hair. If you need to brush it, do so before applying the product.
  2. Attach the diffuser to the end of your hair dryer, then you can start with the blow drying.
  3. Place the diffuser at your roots. If you need volume, just flip your head and make the process easier. Place strands of hair at the nozzle of the diffuser and move it around your head to help improve the curls.
  4. Blow-dry your hair until it’s 80 percent dry.
  5. To keep the curls you’ve created, let your damp hair naturally dry after using the diffuser.

If you leave the diffuser on your hair until it is completely dry, you risk over-drying it and causing frizz.

Using the best hair dryer with the best hair diffuser will make curling hair impeccable.

How To Diffuse Hair Without Frizz

How To Diffuse Hair Without Frizz

Frizz is a well-known issue for those with waves or curls, mainly because they tend to be drier. We suggest following these steps to add volume, reduce frizz and lengthen curls.

  1. Your wash routine is the first step in prepping your hair. We suggest concentrating the wash on the roots and eliminating knots while conditioning. After rinsing, conditioner can also help tame the most coiled or voluminous hair types.
  2. When styling with hot tools, it’s also critical to protect your hair from heat damage. Apply a heat protectant after towel drying your hair.
  3. Begin diffusing at the root rather than the middle or ends. This will prevent the hair from drying and frizzing while also preventing the roots from laying flat and neglected.
  4. Begin by forming a claw-like shape with your hand and lifting the root slightly from the crown of the skull. Place the diffuser over your palm to protect your scalp from excessive heat.

To avoid shrinkage and keep curls extended, set the ends of the hair on the diffuser and hold them out and away from the head.


Any heat applied to your hair can be detrimental, but choosing a brush and a blow dryer to create curls will be less damaging. That’s why we would choose a hair dryer over a curling tool. Knowing how to curl your hair with a blow dryer is a useful skill to have. Even if you don’t have a curling iron, you can experiment with different curly and wavy hairstyles.